Heights Platform vs Podia

Heights Platform Podia Alternative. Online Course Creation Software Comparison.

Heights Platform is the all-in-one solution for your online knowledge business. Powerful gamification tools make Heights Platform the perfect online course software for delivering engaging content that gives you a competitive advantage as a course creator.

Heights Platform offers you complete flexibility in designing, structuring, and selling your program. Create an online course, membership site, challenges, coaching programs or digital products by your own rules and get solid analytics on your students' progress and engagement.

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Create a Business By Your Own Rules

Both Podia and Heights Platform let you create online courses, sell digital products and memberships. One of the features that sets Heights Platform over the competition is its flexibility to creators.

While other course platforms offer you some flexibility with how you structure your online courses, with Heights Platform, you can truly create a program according to your own rules.

Structure your products into bundles, organize them as it better fits your business, creates multiple discussion boards to engage with your students, set multiple payment plans for different products, fully customize the branding of your programs and much more.

Heights vs Podia - Feature Comparison

Heights Platform
Pricing From $19/month From $0/month + 8% Fees
Free Trial 30 Days 14 Days
Unlimited Courses
Online Challenges
Sell Digital Products
No Transaction Fees On paid plans
Additional Authors $11/month $20/month
Bulk Student Enrollment
Custom Domain
Branding Customization Limited
Student Projects
Completion Certificates All plans + Multiple Design Templates Min $75/month plan - Only 1 Design
Bundles Available on Basic $39/month Min $75/month plan
Sales Analytics
Student Progress Analytics
Built-in Blog
Affiliate Program
Email Marketing
Email Contacts Up to 100K in the Academy Plan Up to 50K in the Earthquaker Plan
Landing Page Builder

Create Online Challenges

Heights Platform is the only online course software that offers a unique online challenges feature.

Online challenges are a type of online course with a calendar start and end date. With challenges, you can also set a release date and expiration date for each lesson inside the challenge so that students go through the content together and feel more accountable to complete the lessons.

software to create online challenge cohort course

You can activate comments under each lesson, upsell other products, send automated emails with each lesson release and restart a completed challenge with the click of a button!

A Unique Way to Promote Student Progress: Projects

Another tool unique to Heights Platform that sets us apart from the competition is Projects. You can create projects as part of an online course to further engage students and incentivize them to apply their knowledge.

You can think of projects as a "special assignment" you give to your students at the end of an online course. What makes projects unique and better than quizzes or tests is the fact that students can share their results with others, get feedback from you and fellow students, see other students' project posts and become even more motivated to engage with your content.

create student projects in Heights for online course engagement

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The Importance of Gamification

When Podia lacks in gamification tools, you can be sure that Heights Platform has them all. From giving out points to students who complete each lesson to assigning badges, measuring students' progress, etc.

Gamification is an essential part of online learning, and it can make all the difference in the success of your course. Students going through your online course will be rewarded for each simple progress and feel more motivated to continue learning and even purchase from you again.

Gamification tools and badges to improve learner engagement to sell online courses with Heights Platform

Detailed Reports

You cannot run an online business without having access to detailed analytics and reports about your business performance.

Heights Platform offers you extremely detailed analytics about your students' performance, engagement, your online course sales and even reports about which lessons in your course are more successful than others.

You will understand which lessons in your programs perform better, which ones get more views, more engagement, and which ones need some improvement.

Comparing the Heights Platform analytics feature with Podia's one, Heights Platform surely offers you more detailed insights about your program's engagement and business performance.

Course Creator Tammey Grable-Woodford

Creates courses about business growth

Tammey Grable-Woodford VERIFIED CUSTOMER

"I absolutely love how Heights has taken online courses as we know it and turned it into community.

And I love, speaking of community, that I have a vibrant membership community all in one place. I absolutely appreciate all the thoughts that Heights put into making their platform even better."

Full, White-Label Branding

If you need to customize your online course platform to reflect the same styling of your business and brand, then Heights Platform is the way to go.

Heights Platform gives you total flexibility to structure and design your online course. You can completely change the color of your program's themes, upload your logo, customize fonts, and much more.

While Podia offers some design and customizing features, Heights Platform is the best choice if you want to fully customize your program to match the style of your round.

Heights is The Best Alternative to Podia

Both heights platform and podia are well known for their great customer support. At Heights Platform, we pride ourselves to offer our customers timely, friendly and helpful support. Check out what our customers are saying about our support!

Heights Platform customer reviews and support

So which is the best platform? That is up to you! Both Heights and Podia are great choices for online course creators: depending on your needs, you should decide which platform is best for you.

Heights Platform was built with the idea of offering all the tools and resourced to help your students learn and gain value from your online programs. Heights makes it easy for you to create and sell online courses and gives you the flexibility to craft an entire business the way you want.

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