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The Creator’s Adventure

Welcome to The Creator’s Adventure, the show where host Bryan McAnulty interviews creators from all over the world to hear their stories and discover their secrets to success. Learn how these creative entrepreneurs transformed their passions into successful online businesses.

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Every week we interview a new creator from a different background, industry and location. What do they have in common? All of these successful creators managed to take their passions and hobbies and turned them into profitable online businesses. They started their adventure from zero and worked their way up to the success of today.

This show uncovers their journey, tips and tricks to success, failures and pitfalls — so you can learn from their examples and start your own online business following your passion.

Listen to the stories of successful artists, musicians, online coaches, designers, course creators, digital experts, fitness gurus and much more. How did these creators manage to conquer their niche?

The Creator’s Adventure is a place of learning and community.

Join us live every week to ask questions to our guests when new episodes premiere.

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About the Host

Bryan McAnulty is the founder of Heights Platform: all-in-one online course creation software that allows creators to monetize their knowledge.

His entrepreneurial journey began in 2009, when he founded Velora, a digital product design studio, developing products and websites used by millions worldwide. Stemming from an early obsession with Legos and graphic design programs, Bryan is a designer, developer, musician, and truly a creator at heart. With a passion for discovery, Bryan has traveled to more than 30 countries and 100+ cities meeting creators along the way.

As the founder of Heights Platform, Bryan is in constant contact with creators from all over the world and has learned to recognize their unique needs and goals.

Creating a business from scratch as a solopreneur is not an easy task, and it can feel quite lonely without appropriate support and mentorship.

The show The Creator’s Adventure was born to address this need: to build an online community of creative minds and assist new entrepreneurs with strategies to create a successful online business from their passions.

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