Full Feature List

A detailed look at the features that make Heights the best platform for project-based learning. Create and sell your online courses in a tool designed to help both you and your students reach success.

Course Creation

Get students engaged in your content through the most powerful platform for learning

  • Unlimited Courses and Lessons

    Launch a complete learning platform, not a single online course. Students who enroll get access to your courses, discussion areas, profiles, and project areas.

  • Create Online Challenges

    Online challenges are a great way to engage learners and promote your online business. Easily schedule email sequences that coincide with your lesson release dates, and once the challenge is over, restart it to run it again with the click of a button!

  • AI Features for Creators

    Heights AI can create course drafts for you to jumpstart your creative process. Simply provide a title and our AI will create your outline, description, and even choose a cover image!

  • Content Editing and Lesson Editor

    Heights Platform's editor makes creating and updating your online course content a joy, not a chore.

  • Outline Editor

    The best way to sketch out ideas for your course content is to start with an outline for your courses and lessons. Start building your lesson module curriculum in our outline editor and then add content through the lesson editor.

  • Drip Lesson Content

    Have lesson content release a certain day after a student’s enrollment date to have content drip fed at the pace you want.

  • Multimedia Content Hosting

    Upload Text, Video, Audio, and Multimedia Content. We’ll encode and host your video content for you, as well as audio, images, text and more. Easily upload course and website images by importing from our integrations with popular apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and Instagram.

  • Third-Party Content Embedding

    Add videos or downloadable content that you have hosted on other services. Effortlessly embed videos from Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube, and more by simply pasting the video url. No need to find the embed code or deal with HTML. Heights takes care of that for you automatically.

  • Unlockable Lesson Content

    Allow students to complete lessons in the order of their choosing, or require them to complete a previous lesson to unlock the next.

  • Student Assignments

    Collect answers from students on assignment lessons and project posts.

  • Multiple Lesson Types

    Video Lessons, Audio Lessons, Text/Image Lessons, Content Download Lessons, Assignment Lessons, and Multimedia Embed Lessons.

Creation Features

Marketing Tools

Get more sales for your online course with marketing tools you need built-in

  • Whitelabel Branding

    Upload your logo and create a color scheme to match your brand. On our Pro plan, your brand name shows across your platform, email notifications and student payment receipts.

  • Custom Domains

    Use your included subdomain at heightsplatform.com or connect to your own custom domain name.

  • Web Page Builder

    Drag-and-drop page builder to create your entire public website on Heights Platform.

  • Landing Page Creation

    No need for third party landing page software. Our web page builder can display your course curriculum, your testimonials, and is designed to be extremely quick to setup.

  • Customizable Checkout Page

    Our two-step checkout process is designed to convert visitors into customers. Adjust your checkout page text, refund policy and add testimonials.

  • Affiliate Program

    Built-in affiliate program. Incentivize your customers to refer their friends for a commission.

  • Quick Payouts, No Transaction Fees

    Quick payouts from Stripe and Paypal. Payments you collect go right to your account, not ours, and we don’t collect any transaction fees.

  • Email Campaigns

    Schedule and send email marketing campaigns to specific groups of learners right from within Heights.

  • Complete Blogging Solution

    Run and publish your blog with Heights. No need to use third party blogging software.

  • Course Upsells and Cross-sells

    Upsell additional products either directly after enrollment or from within your program.

  • Sell Digital Products

    Sell coaching, digital downloads, services, and event access from within your platform. Generate revenue by selling additional downloads or consulting services. Heights is a solution not only for selling education, but for selling any kind of digital product.

  • Customizable Support Page

    Add your own support content to further assist your students.

  • Multiple Payment Plans

    Connect Stripe or Paypal, and collect any combination of one-time, installment, or subscription payment plans. Alternatively offer free enrollment.

  • Offer Content Bundles

    Create a bundle of courses, digital products, community channels, and projects to sell at a one-time, installment plan, subscription plan, or pay-what-you-want price. Easily offer content in multiple subscription/membership tiers.

  • Conversion Pixel Tracking

    Integrate your ad account tracking pixels to track conversions from new student enrollments.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    Track visits and activity across your website by connecting your Google Analytics account.

  • Announcements

    Schedule announcements to display to your students.

  • SEO Friendly

    Search engine optimization built-in so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Email Notifications

    Get notified of important events like new student enrollments, and customize the emails that get sent to your students.

  • Cart Abandonment Tracking

    Automatic email follow up with customers who started enrolling in your program, but haven’t completed checkout.

  • Coupon Code Creation

    Create coupon codes to allow students to enroll at a discounted rate or for free. Use coupon links to effortlessly enroll cohorts.

  • Order Bumps

    Customize each product's checkout page and easily add order bumps to increase sales.

  • Your Online Presence

    Connect to your existing website, or use as an all-in-one website to have heights be not only your learning, community, and digital product platform, but also your entire online presence.

Selling Features

Learning Tools

Designed to help your students get results through our project-based learning approach

  • Create Communities

    Build a community. Create and sell access to unlimited discussion channels and topics, and assign moderators. Sell access to channels or keep them free for all members.

  • Create Projects

    Our unique Projects feature lets students show how they put what they learned in action. Students can comment on and vote on each other's project posts and can post their own once they've progressed through your courses.

  • Gamified Learning

    Customizable points and badges system with many built-in badges included.

  • Multi-Device Support

    A complete experience whether on mobile, tablet or desktop. (Progress stored online so students can resume across devices).

  • Student Profiles

    Admins and optionally other students can view student profiles to see recent activity, badges earned, lessons completed and more.

  • Language Localizations

    The student experience in Heights Platform is available in 20 languages. You can also customize and modify the wording used for areas of your program experience.

  • Student/Mentor Messaging

    In addition to discussion forums, students can directly message their mentor for feedback.

  • Student Analytics

    Detailed program wide and individual student analytics. Get individual insight into a student’s activity and performance.

  • Notifications and Events

    Social event and activity feeds. Keep your fingers on the pulse of your learning program.

  • Completion Certificates

    Design and issue course completion certificates to learners.

  • Designed Around Results

    Heights Platform is designed as the best platform for project-based learning first and foremost. Our platform is continuously optimized to help ensure more of your students achieve results.

  • Effortless Setup

    Simple settings based on what we’ve found works best. Focus on teaching your expertise, without needing a professional instructional designer.

Community Features


Managing your platform should be simple, we automate many tasks to help you focus on growing your online course business

  • User Roles

    Create user roles in our Academy plan to allow groups of users to have access to a specific set of courses.

  • Student Management

    View, edit and disable student profiles. Grant badges and adjust roles.

  • Multiple Currency Support

    Collect payments from students in over 130 currencies using Stripe and PayPal.

  • Student Lifecycle Management

    Automated student enrollment and cancellation. No need to manually cancel subscriptions on deleted student accounts, or manually send out a welcome email after receiving a payment.

  • Own Your Data

    You retain full ownership of your content. Set prices you choose. Heights Platform doesn’t charge additional transaction fees, no matter which plan you are on.

  • API Integration

    Developers can integrate with our API to connect to even more services, though most of the time this won’t be needed because we also integrate with Zapier.

  • Zapier Integration

    Provide support through tools you use, issue course completion certificates, add students to mailing lists and more with hundreds of integration possibilities.

  • Invoices and Receipts

    Automatic student payment receipt emails with the option to manually send out copies later on if needed.

  • Additional Authors

    Add additional authors to your platform to build and edit your online course content. Each author can be assigned unique permissions.

  • Account Settings

    Easily enable and disable features as you need them. Don’t need badges and points yet? Turn them off. Same goes for community member list and discussion areas. Add features as your platform grows by checking off simple settings.

  • Like an Entire Team in Your Pocket

    No need for a developer, designer, or IT team. Heights is designed to help course creators of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to large organizations create the best learning platforms with ease.

Analytics Features

Support & Security

Your online course business backed by unparalleled support and infrastructure

  • True Expert Support

    Fast and friendly expert support, 6 days a week. Whether you have questions about using Heights Platform, or online course creation strategy in general, we are here to help you succeed!

  • Instant AI Support and Feedback

    The Heights AI is trained on our team's knowledge to help provide feedback on growing your online knowledge business, as well as instant answers to questions about how to use Heights!

  • Ongoing Training and Private Community

    Access to Creator Climb, our private community built with Heights. Frequent content updates teaching how to succeed in the online course business.

  • Guided Setup

    Optional personalized setup consultation for members of our Academy plan.

  • Knowledge Base

    A comprehensive knowledge base with topics accessible from the top right corner of each page inside Heights (100+ articles and video tutorials).

  • GDPR Compliant

    We believe privacy is a human right. Your student’s information will never be sold.

  • Secure Payment Collection

    PCI compliant payment collection for you and your students.

  • SSL Certificates

    SSL is built-in to keep you and your students secure. We provide free SSL certificates for your subdomain and your custom domain, and we automatically renew them as needed.

  • 99.99% Uptime

    World class managed hosting. No configuration, no IT team needed.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Monitoring around the clock to keep your learning program running smoothly.

  • Feature Upgrades Delivered Instantly

    No need to worrying about installing updates. Heights is a fully managed service. When we release a new feature it is available in your account instantly.

  • Content Delivery Network and Video Encoding

    When you run your website and learning platform on Heights, you get more than simple website hosting. Our infrastructure includes a worldwide CDN and video encoding service to ensure your content loads quickly no matter where your learners are in the world.

Pricing & Plans