Heights Platform Alternatives Compared

How do I choose the right online course platform for my business?

This is a common question new creators struggle with before starting their online knowledge business. Choosing the best online course software that fits your needs as a creator is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

The online course platform you choose can significantly impact the quality and deliverability of your next program. To succeed in the online course world and stand out from the competition, you need powerful online course software - like Heights Platform - by your side.

Learn how Heights Platform compares to its competitors in terms of features, price, support and overall user experience.

Heights Platform Alternatives - Feature Comparison

Heights Platform
Starting Price From $19/month From $119/month From $0/month From $0/month + fees From $0/month + fees
Recommended Plan $99/month $159/month $149/month $75/month $119/month
No Transaction Fees
No Hidden Fees
Product Limits Unlimited 3 products (lowest pricing tier) Unlimited Unlimited 50 products (per type)
Sell Digital Products
Create a Community Limited
Online Challenges & Cohort-Based Courses
Student Projects

Detailed Comparisons of Heights Platform Alternatives:

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How does Heights Platform Stack Against Other Online Course Platforms?

Heights Platform is the all-in-one course creation software that helps you grow your online business while ensuring a superior learning experience for your students.

At Heights, we combine all the features you need to power your online knowledge business, set up a website that fully reflects your brand identity, and promotes your online courses to the world. We understand that your students are the life and blood of your business, so we want to help you offer a fantastic learning experience within your program.

Heights Platform Online Course Creation Software Creator Dashboard Screen

How do we deliver a great student learning experience? Features such as gamification tools, badges, points, online challenges, projects and much more are designed to make online learning fun and engaging.

With Heights Platform you will also get access to community features that help you connect with your students on a deeper level, and engage and interact with them while creating loyal, long-lasting relationships.

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Are you ready to start your own business and monetize your hobby or passion?

Starting a business doing what you love is easy with Heights Platform. We understand that as a new entrepreneur you have to juggle many responsibilities and tasks, and you might need a helping hand to get you started.

Our creators love the customer support here at Heights, and we pride ourselves on offering fast, friendly and helpful support whenever needed. We also understand that starting your own business can be economically challenging, which is why we never take any transaction fees or commissions from you: everything you earn is 100% yours to keep, and our pricing plans start at $19/month!

Gamification tools and badges to improve learner engagement to sell online courses with Heights Platform

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