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Heights Platform Course Builder Program Mentor Dashboard

Your program performance at your fingertips. Track progress of your students and gain insights into your content.

The mentor admin interface is integrated with the platform so apart from private pages like your dashboard and editor, you see what your student's see, giving you confidence in understanding the inner workings of your program.

Receive payments from students effortlessly using your own Stripe account. Heights Platform doesn't charge any transaction fees.

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Heights Platform student profile analytics learning

A successful education program's courses have students with a high success rate. Understand how each of your students are doing by viewing their lesson progress, recent activity, and time online.

Our optional points and badges systems reward student progression, and our project mechanic enables students to put their new knowledge into action and gain feedback and inspiration from their peers.

We put systems in place to keep students engaged and absorbing your content. You can start with a single course and a few lessons, and easily expand your program into as many courses as you need, with the option to drip feed new content and create additional projects for students to complete.

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Heights is everything you need to start your online school:

  • payment processing
  • content management
  • white label branding
  • analytics
  • hosting
  • a landing page
  • lead tracking support