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Below is a sampling of a few of our favorite quotes and reviews from our customers.


"In my first year with Heights Platform, I achieved my goal to earn 6 figures from my course, and I’ve been able to attract students from around the world.

Using Heights Platform allows me to spend my time building a stronger online community of students. I was able to build my online course in less than 30 days! The platform is intuitive, easy to use, and the quality of the final lesson outcome is amazing.

I stay with Heights Platform because of their commitment to their course builders, their incredibly responsive support team, and the online community they've created. Our student success rate is nearly 100%. and we credit this to the ease of using Heights Platform."


"I have been using Heights Platform for a little over a year.

We were looking for a platform in which I did not need to hire a developer so that we can launch our Pro Dance Academy course.

Because we love Heights so much, we are now in the process of moving all of our training courses and modules that we have basically launched over the past ten years via a WordPress site, over into Heights: because of the functionality, the flexibility, and the capabilities within the Heights system.

First of all, like I said, it's just easier to navigate, build courses, add content and material into Heights. I really love the program outline feature because all of our students are very clear on what the course is going to entail. I am all about being on brand and it's wonderful that I can make sure that Heights Platform and the training modules are in brand with all of our other materials.

The community features are another thing that I absolutely love. We give points to people when they complete courses and they can earn badges. We have different message boards that people can communicate back and forth with so it really builds that sense of community between all of our students.

The geeky side of me really loves the analytics as well. I can see the top preforming students so that we can give kudos to them. Then I can also see the least active students so that we can reach out to them manually and through Heights Platform to just basically say 'Hey, is there anything that you need from us?'. In addition, the support within Heights is very responsive and they are constantly making changes and updates based on our feedback."


"Finally a platform that delivers on every level.

Heights platform is flexible without being confusing. Streamlined without being restrictive. This is software that has either been built by course creators or that has been built after a lot of research into what is important to course creators. The features are exactly what I needed for my business. I have tried just about every platform in the marketplace including 'going alone' on my own servers and nothing has come close to the features, functionality and ease of use of Heights. In addition the customer service is the best I have come across...period.. Real people with a real desire to help you to launch your business. I have an audience of over 150,000 students and the platform is perfect. At the price point it is pitched at Heights is a no brainer for my business.

Overall I am thrilled with my experience and I will certainly be recommending the platform to people on my programs."


"Heights is innovative and easy to use. The very best aspect: The Heights team is SO responsive they make you want to cry or shake other companies and point them at what Heights is doing. Their responsiveness is amazing. Thrilled with their turn around times on questions and requests for support."


"After working with various WordPress plugins and other content management systems, I felt at home with Heights Platform.

Heights has everything you need to launch your brilliant online courses. You can design beautiful landing pages, integrate Heights Platform with other apps, gamify your lessons and interact with your students all within Heights Platform. It even has payment processing built in!

So what are you waiting for?"


"Here's what I appreciate about Heights Platform: It's simple to use.

Probably the thing that I like the most about Heights is the course outline: where you can see all of your courses lesson by lesson. It’s easy to use, easy to edit, easy to see what's going on.

I'm a big fan of Heights Platform!"


"I enjoy using Heights Platform for creating my course, mainly because it’s a very easy to use and an intuitive platform.

I find that it is easy to create modules and lessons that drag and drop. Especially with the drip release, it makes it a lot easier as an author to create my course on this platform."

course creator Anne Victory writing course for authors built on Heights Platform

"I love the ease of implementation of courses. They make it really easy to build and launch your courses. I love Heights. They're easy to use and they are constantly improving the platform. Their newest feature, websites and webpages, is phenomenal and a huge game changer.

Additionally, I can't say enough about their tech support. The CS specialists are superstars and go the extra mile to make sure you can do what you need to within their system. Another bonus is that they're constantly improving their features and adding new ones, so you never feel like you have a dead product."


"I decided to soft launch a new social media marketing program to a few select clients to see how Heights Platform would work. I pre-sold the beta program to 11 people in just 3 days at $199 each netting $2200 not including my up-sells.

I literally launched the course within a few days of signing up for Heights, and started creating the program as we go using the drip method feature."

course creator Paris Hansch become a writer online course Heights Platform

"I don't normally write reviews but.. I'm very happy with Heights so far. It's easy to use, there's a lot of stuff included in the plans (white label is a powerful one) that others don't have. As an entrepreneur it's annoying to be stuck under a recognizable brand like teachable. I was happy with the points feature as I'm all about gamifying my stuff. Customer support is great. I asked for a feature and a few months later they added it, even coming back to personally reply to my original request to let me know."


"This is the platform that will change your game!

Their support answers your emails quickly. Heights is the future my friend."

Course Creator April Lee

Teaches courses on how to use software


"Easy to Use with an Awesome Support Team.

I love how easy it is to use and setup but the most important feature to me is user tracking. It lets me quickly gauge how involved my students are in their learning journey. I can see who my rock stars are and who is lagging behind and may need more support or motivation.

Overall this software works great. I have rolled it out to ten businesses and each business has a slightly different application. When I do need support (which is rarely now that I know how to use it) the support team is always super responsive."


"I switched to Heights from another tool, hoping for better features, service and support. Got all of it!"

course creator emmanuel takie

Specializes in online courses about technology


"Support is AMAZING

Listen, feature and functionality is really important but when you want to figure a solution for a unique use case, or need help better understanding the system option, its support that comes to the rescue. The support team at Heights Platforms is head and shoulders above any others I've used (and that is over 15+ years in the industry!)"

Course Creator Barak Almog

Creates online courses about business automations


"Heights Platform provides everything I need in a course platform - easy to host a bunch of courses, training programs, webinars recordings, etc, and provide restricted access to whomever I choose, for however long I desire, and so on.

I'm very happy with their pricing plans, the interface, the technical performance, all work very well. I particular I'm happy with the customer service, which is SUPER responsive, proactive and helpful. They keep developing, and seem to really care about their user base. They deserve to succeed.

Not affiliated, just a happy user."


"This software is so user friendly, even for those not tech minded. I have found the ease of implementing my course, second to none. I love that everything is in one platform from landing page to payment to courses. My clients have found it really useful too.

Very happy with the software and support (very quick and helpful response)"

course creator Mariea Watkins

Teaches music monetization and protecting copyright in the music business


"Heights Platform has been a pleasure to implement and work with. My students have remarked how much they enjoy completing courses and the ease of use to access content. As an admin I can rest assured that the content is quickly loaded and easy to upload with minimal to no technical friction. It just works add to this the ability to monetize and customize the learner experience through programs and projects, this is the complete solution to delivering education in easily digestible format. KUDOS to Heights.

It was the one platform positioned for learner experience.Not only have I been able to get my course open, the support is second to none! I am definitely challenged with some technical situations, however, the support has been right there making sure I got it done! My experience has been really good.

Extremely easy to setup and load multiple courses in an intuitive manner."


"I conduct a Team Launch workshop for Agile Teams.

It is very dynamic in nature in that the team chooses the agenda.

While Heights is mostly designed for individual learners, I could not resist the urge to try and use Heights for this as well since it aligns so well with how I think and like to work. AND because it is so feature rich.

So I decided to use this, asking questions of support right away. Which brings me to support.

I usually get pretty frustrated with support teams for software. Your first response from them is usually something so generic as to be useless. Not with Heights. EACH response furthered my understanding of the platform AND provided me with suggestions as to how I might accomplish what I was after. One response was SO DETAILED it was actually too much for me! (How often does that happen?)

Lastly, and this might be what I love most about Heights, the UI is beautiful. You WANT to use the platform. It looks very mature, very well thought out, etc."


"I have used many platforms on my own such as Zenler, Thinkific and more, as well as D2L and Canvas as an instructor at a university.

So far, this is the best and most flexible platform I have experienced.

I really appreciate the AI being embedded into the course already.

The reason I came to Heights Platform was because of the gamification.

I believe your product will finally help me launch my own course. :)"


"OMG - this is a no-brainer!

I've thought about writing a course for quite some time but just never got to it.

I spent just an hour in the system yesterday and figured out much of what I needed to learn...HEIGHTS ROCKS!

A question from support was answered in minutes..."


"The tool I knew I needed, but didn't know would be this good I have spent plenty of time using Heights Platform and I am in love"


"Great price, great features, excellent customer support. Absolutely one of the best and most affordable software on the market, recommend to smaller entrepreneurs starting courses to share knowledge."


"In a word - leadership. It's not just an app. HP will lead you effectively. I've tried a lot of LMS applications. Some I liked the simplicity, some the graphics and UX, but I always had to have some knowledge, skills and experience in creating the system, structure and marketing.

With Heights Platform, it's different. From the first moment, the application guides you. You don't need to know complicated and complex systems; you just need to follow the process and structure. You just need to be a content creator and HP will provide everything else.

Plus the T-30 Launch Your Online Course in 30 Days course is great. I personally like it.

You want a quality system where integrity can be felt, so don't waste this opportunity."


"As someone who started doing courses, I never found exactly what I was looking for. I've wasted my money on so many platforms and was about to "settle" and make it work. Then comes HEIGHTS!!!

I was a bit skeptical because I've invested and gotten bamboozled, but this is everything I thought I wanted and some stuff I needed that I didn't even realize. It truly is a course-building and membership paradise.

I haven't found a platform that includes challenges, nor have I encountered a platform that allows you to bundle products and they are still counted as 1. There was a lot of thought put into creating this platform and it shows. Every single question I have is answered in record time, and the founder responds too!

I have friends that I've shown the back-end of the course I'm building and they are probably going to make the switch too. If you're on the fence, GET IT NOW! You won't regret it."


"Easy to use for both course creators and students alike.

I found that uploading material and organising units in each of the modules was such a simple process. I love that I was able to transfer my material so easily from a more expensive platform."


"Here's what I love most... THE FOLLOW UP and support by the Heights team!

After a week or so, I got an email asking if there's anything causing me heartburn.

The response has been incredible: fast, honest, and showing curiosity about course creators’ needs."


"Best Platform for Online Courses.

We are using this from last year and love the easiness. Features are awesome. Team is very supportive and always listens to improve further. I have used teachable and many other tools but nothing near Heights Platform."


"My best decision for a course platform.

So far, I have been able to successfully implement all our course projects with HEIGHTS. Especially with Zapier and Integrately there are great ways to integrate other services. The customer support is great and within the last few months, many useful functions have been added."


"Their passion - let alone the speed they've been implementing new features, and the refreshing fact that these guys are listening to us customers with this much care is one of the main reasons that got me off the fence and got Heights Platform for my courses. I already love it :)

Bryan, you and your team are incredible!

Please keep rocking, guys!! :)"


"If other services have left you feeling like you’re just a dollar sign, you’ll feel the opposite with Heights Platform.

Heights recognizes that your students’ success and your success as an educator is paramount to their success as a business.

Heights listens to their customers in a way that no other company I’ve known has.

It’s one thing to say you care about customers, it’s another thing to show them again and again."


"I've looked and tried a wide variety of online training and membership platforms and have really settled on Heights Platform to move forward with my specialized training for the water utility industry. It really has a lot of customization options from landing pages, to student tracking, to setting up course bundles and memberships.

I have gotten stellar customer service in those rare times I have needed it. The developers seem committed to growing and improving the platform so that it does not stagnate."


"My experience has been wonderful. They care, they are quick to respond, and the Heights team has built a great platform that I'm excited to grow into with them."


"Service is absolutely incredible."


"Love the amazing support.

The support is amazing, as is the willingness to entertain new ideas.

I was just starting to look at digital content delivery options from SendOwl, Selz, Shopify, Thinkific, Teachable, etc., etc. when I found Heights Platform. Heights had the best array of features and planned features."

"After picking this up, going through it, and testing out their editor along with putting lessons together... I do have to say that I'm really enjoying what Heights Platform has to offer.

Here are some of my FAVORITE perks so far:

-The simplicity of being able to put courses together.

-The gamification process utilized with badges (to help students take action).

-And most importantly the discussions section where I wouldn't need a separate FB group.

Nowadays, courses tend to come along with a Facebook group but I find that there are way too many distractions there... so it's awesome to see that you can have your very own forum, so to speak, right within your course."


"I have two podcasts, one of them is on emotional abuse and difficult relationships and I decided to take the content out of that podcast and put it into an online course.

Heights Platform has been the perfect distribution channel for this content in a way that I want to present it. Thank you Heights Platform, for creating such an amazing software that just works."

Tammey Grable-Woodford VERIFIED CUSTOMER

"I absolutely love how Heights has taken online courses as we know it and turned it into community.

And I love, speaking of community, that I have a vibrant membership community all in one place. I absolutely appreciate all the thoughts that Heights put into making their platform even better."


"We looked at platforms for a year and a half before we decided to migrate, and you are hands down far and above everything else."


"Hands down the easiest, most user friendly of this type of software that is out there in the market place, its intuitive, easy to use so its fast to implement and get started.

I struggled for many years to find a product that would allow me to put the ideas in my head of how to make my product a user friendly, visually pleasing user experience for my clients, Heights does all that for my students.

I've been using Heights for over a year now and I find it to be the best course creation program out there on the market. Heights will save you a lot of time, and heartache, and you'll end up with a really professional product that you can actually manage and create yourself."


"Heights Platform was a breath of fresh air after using some of their competitors - it was so easy to get up and running, the built-in messaging system makes it easy for me to offer support when my students need it and the responsiveness of the Heights Platform team is incredible with new features rolling out regularly!"


"I sell 3D printing courses. I like Heights Platform for three things: the ease of use of the platform (if you want to make a new lesson, you only have make 3 clicks and you have it for your students), the development (because you are continually involved on it), and the support."


"We migrated about a year ago to Heights and the whole transition for us, moving from a WordPress-based LMS, has been very seamless.

It's been a great system for us and the team has always been very supportive. We really appreciate Heights."

Sophia Bailey-Larsen VERIFIED CUSTOMER

"My course is something I put together awhile ago, and so it was feeling a bit outdated. I needed a new platform to really show it in a good light.

I've been using Heights because they have so much support and a really fantastic platform to showcase what you do."

course creator humbleseed yoga humbleseed yoga online course Heights Platform

"Heights is THE Learning Platform for my Programs!

Heights Platform is an amazing product developed by an even more amazing team of people. My favorite feature is the flexibility of offering packages with their Bundle Options. They have created the ability to package your courses and programs in many ways, allowing you to maximize the effort you have put into building your courses to fill many needs. This was a GAME CHANGER for me! The ease of use has to create programs in no time. It is so easy to see how the course will unfold for your students.

Heights Platform is continually adding more features and benefits to their offering. And when they do a release, they bring VALUE!

Everything is designed with great thought to promote an environment for learning. And their focus on continual improvement to bring value to their customers goes beyond what I have ever seen from a software provider.

My personal experience with Heights Platform is a stellar relationship. The ease of using the program makes it easy to get going. Their online help is extremely helpful and I often find the answers to my questions in the help. However, the service is award winning in my opinion.

Bryan and his team are truly dedicated to serving this space, and it shows!"

Course Creator Esther De Boer

Creates online courses about personal development


"Heights makes it so easy to create, edit and move around my lessons and courses

It's super easy to use. I update my videos and lessons regularly and reorder them or move them in and out of bundles and it's all super easy. Support is always super quick with a helpful answer."

course creator Robert Agar Hutton

Built a Tai Chi Membership for Health and Fitness


"Bought an alternative platform and spent 2 months trying to set it up - set up and started selling membership subscriptions in Heights in 2 weeks straight.

It has enabled me to fulfill my desire to have an online membership site via which people can learn the art of Tai Chi for health and fitness."

course creator Kevin S Tsai dance bachata online course Heights Platform screenshot

"Everything you need and more.

I need to make courses and Heights is very easy to use and they keep releasing new, exciting updates often. Most companies sort of get comfortable and stop growing their software but I'm very pleased to see Heights constantly improving."

Course Creator Mike Wille

Creates online courses around multiple topics


"Very full featured course software.

Heights makes it really easy to provide a full course or even suite of courses. I like that they don't take a cut of your sales. The software is very full featured and allows people to buy subscriptions, upsells, etc.

Being able to have control over your platform is much better IMO than using something like Udemy where you might get more exposure but your course must be sold at bottom dollar pricing. I'd much rather have my own domain and sell courses at the premium you should be able to command."

Course Creator Phillip Gerard

Helps his students to lose weight and maintain their figure


"Great! Customisable themes, course layout and the interface looks clean."

Course Creator Zakia Ringgold

Creates online courses about how to make your own soap at home


"Heights has been a pleasure to implement and work with. My students have remarked how much they enjoy completing courses and the ease of use to access content. As a system admin I can rest assured that the content is quickly loaded and easy to upload with minimal to no technical friction. It just works add to this the ability to monetize and customize the learner experience through programs and projects, this is the complete solution to delivering education in easily digestible format. KUDOS to Heights.

It was the one platform positioned for learner experience.

Extremely easy to setup and load multiple courses in an intuitive manner."

Course Creator Nathan Lively

Creates online courses about sound design


"Heights is growing. I like that it was fast to set up, had most of the core features I needed, and I could connect it to Zapier."


"A Worthy Competitor To Kajabi.

The user interface is simple to use and intuitive. There are numerous video guides, training material and the excellent T-30 course, which teaches you how to create and launch a new course. A fantastic and extremely responsive customer service team.

It's simply fantastic. I am very happy."


"On this platform you feel like family, I prefer to grow with them and not go with one of the great ones where you are just another number, and they do not worry that everything goes well with your course.

It is very easy to set up. I really like the customer service, they answer fast. It is very easy to use as a student and to program as an administrator."


"I would highly recommend the Heights platform to any creators looking to share their skills. The platform is very easy to use and has a highly professional look and feel. I searched long and hard for the perfect teaching platform to use, and Heights clearly took first place. Not only do the features they offer far surpass other platforms I've researched, but Heights has proven to me that they truly value their creators. Their customer service is second to none. I've always received quick, kind and thorough answers to all of my questions. They have always come across as really wanting you to succeed, and this can be seen in their reasonable pricing structure as well. While other platforms can claim 50% of the proceedings of each class sale, Heights respects all the hard work you put into course creation and allows you to retain full ownership. They only charge a reasonable monthly fee with no hidden charges.

Udemy: Udemy takes 50% of the proceedings of each class sale. However, this can jump to as high as 75% if students sign up through Udemy paid ads.

Skillshare: Skillshare only pays total minutes watched per month. The pay rate per minute is low, and there is no check system that the minutes watched number is accurate. Also, if students watch videos in 2x speed, the pay rate will be cut by half. For example, a 20 minute video would only be classified as a 10 minute video.

Patreon: Patreon is a platform similar to Heights in that it also offers a monthly fee pricing structure. It charges a percentage of whatever your monthly sales are. In order to have the bare minimum of features for offering good class selection, creators would at least need to choose Patreon's Pro tier, which takes 8% of your monthly proceedings with additional hidden fees. Patreon's pricing winds up being much higher than Heights with far fewer included features. For example, if you had 100 students paying $10/month on Height's Basic Plan, it would be $40/month. If you had 100 students paying $10/month on the comparable Patreon Pro Plan, it would be $80/month. Also, I found that Patreon's customer service is lacking..


"Fantastic Learning Platform. Easy to use, great price point, and useful updates."


"Not just a hosting app for online courses, it's also a tool for design your online courses.

I love the interface and the clarity in which it is laid out, It currently helped me to make a better course since it has tools to do a mind map of the learning experience for my alumni."


"I like having a team of people focused and working to make my students experience better. So a dedicated platform is better than a plugin where I have to do that myself.

I like the gamification elements in Heights. I want the experience to be fun, and to have the ability to motivate my users to continue using the product as a built-in feature. I like the customisations and robustness of the dashboard.

My experience when reaching out to support was great, and I've enjoyed building programs on the platform and watching my audience go in and use it."


"There are functionalities and processes baked into the software to persuade the user to actually complete the learning and apply it.

For example, the "Projects" feature is perfect to get a person to apply their learning in real life. Also, with the "Badges and Certificates" feature, you can reward different triggers that people have to motivate them to completion.

Another "Pro" is the different formats with which your material can be presented and monetized. For example, the "Challenges" feature is designed to be able to easily reset and re-launch challenges with a few clicks. Pre-sells are easily implemented with the rolling launch concept. Individual landing pages for products and product bundles also make them easy to market."


" I'm so glad to have an affordable robust tool to manage my courses and community OUTSIDE of social media. This is a game changer. "


"All in one platform.

I love how easy it is to integrate all needed features, including course design and payment."


"I absolutely love Heights Platform. It's simple where it needs to be - but has all the complexity to help create amazing online learning courses"


"Game changing platform for course creation.

The software is ridiculously easy to use, right out of the box. The dashboard is well designed and incredibly simple to navigate. You can switch into different views to experience the course as a student too, which really helps as you build your lesson plan.

The course looks professional once completed, with the added bonus of being able to customise the look and feel of the course, to match your branding.

You can set up a discussion board too, and create and sell additional resources to compliment your course, and it all works seamlessly to create a sense of community for the students. I love the points system, which you could potentially use to offer discounts on future courses or products.

The support for the software is second to none, and the team at Heights obviously care about their customers, and work to support your course's success."

Anonymous Reviewer VERIFIED CUSTOMER

"Heights Platform is extraordinary. There are numerous video tutorials and a comprehensive support area for specific questions.

Outstanding customer service and technical support! In less than two hours, I received a response that resolved my setup issue. This is simply astounding. The Heights crew is definitely customer-centric and there for you throughout the entire process.

The platform is fairly intuitive and contains built-in guides that provide a level of help through the platform's functions and capabilities. For example, if you are in the course editor, a virtual assistant will walk you through that page.

The payment capabilities are incorporated into the platform, saving you a great deal of time and effort with setup and integration.

Heights is a great platform that is strongly recommended for beginners and experienced online course creators alike."

Anonymous Reviewer VERIFIED CUSTOMER

"Heights is a fantastic course platform! (I've used several, and I'm so happy I found Heights!)

It had all the basic functionality I needed when I first bought it, and it has continued to add great features (most recently badges and certificates, plus simplifying some processes. What I love most is all the tools to encourage engagement and community (message boards, projects, and so much more), plus its flexibility.

Its bundles' feature is complex and a bit of a learning curve, but it allows a course creator to combine courses (or challenges or even a membership option) in multiple ways. You can set individual or installment prices, arrange upsells, and basically re-arrange lessons as needed.

The basic course functions are solid: a simple tool for arranging and outlining lessons, a way to edit each individual lesson, add a video and/or audio file, a pdf, or just written instructions and easily edit, preview, and save your work. It's a great place to host your courses or entire program!"


"Great System, Great Value.

I spent quite a while looking for a course management system that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Heights is an awesome option. It's easy to navigate and does everything I need that the more expensive systems offer.

The support is AWESOME!!! Every time I get confused or have a question I get an in-depth response within 24 hours. I hope they stay this way as they grow because the top-notch support is a HUGE plus. I've not used it yet, but I like the ability of having a discussion forum in the software. I will use it in my next launch to avoid having to rely on and maintain a social media group or separate membership group.

I'd absolutely (and have) recommend Heights to a colleague."


"The text editor is as simple as word or Wordpress. If you like what you do, then you'll definitely enjoy teaching it through Heights Platform."


"Great up and coming eCourse Selling Software.

I love the support and customization that this site offers.

Every time I'm a little confused, support is responsive within hours. That's absolutely invaluable."

"The Views. The ability to bounce around between Outline, Editor, Teacher and Student views is just awesome. You no longer have to guess what the experience is going to look like for your end product as you're designing away. One of the things that I do every step of the way is test the UX and flow of a lesson, such that I place myself in a student's shoes and make sure that the instructions and material are clear and concise. Heights really nurtures that and embraces and facilities the need to do so.

They don't just hand you the tools to make a great e-learning tool and say "Here you go, good luck!" They take it one step further with things like a landing page builder, support page, announcements, digital products and more!"

"You can tell the founders are coming from a place of real integrity to provide a quality educational experience to the user. I contacted them (about a small issue that was my fault) and they got back to me super-fast with the answers that I needed."

Love for Our Creator Care Team

"Thank you! Your customer service is one of the best I've come across - thank you for always fixing the problems I have and explaining how/why along the way."

"I'm very impressed by the care that seems to be going into Heights Platform, and the support that I'm receiving."

"I love the way you guys follow up to guide me through new features when they are released. I am so happy with how you guys take care of clients!"

"I'm really happy and impressed with Heights’ structure and your amazing customer service!

Nowadays, with so many platforms and people offering services and products, the work you are doing with your company is a great leap in terms of differential and good quality service. Congrats!!

I'm happy to be part of your project, I truly believe we should always and only put our energy, time, attention and money in projects, ideas and initiatives like yours! Thank you for Heights."

"Superb, fast & clear answers to my questions, making every thing clear :-) - Not just great, but 5 stars!"

"Heights Support is AWESOME. Super Responsive and always SPOT ON!"

"Wow, sometimes your support leaves me speechless. Thank you! I'm always amazed at how much you care about your users' needs."

"Excellent service right off the bat! Thanks again!"

"Awesome, super fast response. Helped me solve my problem in under 24 hours. Support is as great as the product."

"Thank you soooo much for the quick response and detailed information. Best customer service EVER!"

"Your responses are great, thorough and empathetic as always."

"Thank you so much - absolutely brilliant support!"

"I really like the way you respond to your emails. Makes me feel that you really care and understand the situation from our perspective. That's a surefire way to keep your customers I tell you. ;-) Thank you again for making Heights. I hope to use it in the many many years to come!!!"

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