Why is Heights the Best Platform to Create Your Own Online Community?

Build and create an online community of engaged customers using Heights Platform online course software

Engage with Your Audience

At Heights Platform, we want our creators and their learners to succeed. That's why we place such a high importance on tools that allow you to build a thriving online community.

Creating community whether free or paid, is an essential part of building a successful and immersive online course that offers value to its members.

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Discussion Boards for Learner Interaction

Our course creation platform offers complete community building tools across every pricing plan. Built-in community channels are a place where students can share their thoughts about your online course, ask questions, provide feedback and interact with you and each other.

Members who share their thoughts and feelings with each other through your community will be more likely to complete your course and get value from your teachings.

Heights grows with you. Turn social and community features on when you are ready for them. Create unlimited free and paid community channels.

Heights Platform Course Builder Program Creator Dashboard
Example of Heights Platform online course software creator building an online community with discussion boards

Online Courses that Inspire Learning Like No Other

Do you want to see a real-life example of how our creators built an online community with our discussion boards?

Check out our creator case studies, and learn how Barb McGrath managed to build a thriving online community with hundreds of students sharing their positive experiences with her online course.

Course Creator Tammey Grable-Woodford

Creates courses about business growth

Tammey Grable-Woodford VERIFIED CUSTOMER

"I absolutely love how Heights has taken online courses as we know it and turned it into community.

And I love, speaking of community, that I have a vibrant membership community all in one place. I absolutely appreciate all the thoughts that Heights put into making their platform even better."

evergreen enrollment, lesson drip release, and scheduled launch features to sell online courses

Personalized Launch Settings to Streamline Enrollment

Choose how to launch and sell your online course. Keep enrollment open at all times, select a future launch date or run rolling launches, where you can promote multiple launch dates throughout the year.

With a set launch date, a larger group of students can start your online course at the same time, making it easier for you to build a thriving online community around your program.

By starting your course at the same time and going through it together, students can interact with each other, share their questions, experiences, and get to know each other as they learn.

Selling Evergreen Online Courses Versus Scheduling Multiple Launches

Gamification Tools that Students Enjoy

Heights makes it easy for you to reward students' accomplishments with badges and points.

Whenever a student completes a lesson or course, they are automatically rewarded with a customizable number of points or a personalized badge, fostering a greater sense of achievement.

Receiving a reward after completing small tasks, such as simply completing a lesson, can motivate your students to log into your community everyday.

Gamification tools and badges to improve learner engagement to sell online courses with Heights Platform

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