Introducing Your AI Coach

Autonomous, step-by-step guidance to make your course and community business thrive

Heights AI Coach - The autonomous AI coach for creators. | Product Hunt

Learns Your Goals

Learns what you are building

Personal Guidance

Assigns tasks, gives recommendations

Available Anytime

Coaching sessions whenever you want

Private by Design

Every creator has their own private coach

Constant Support,

Little Input Required

Imagine having an AI mentor that works tirelessly behind the scenes, analyzing your unique situation 24/7 and providing step-by-step guidance without much input required from you.

Your AI Coach autonomously monitors your progress, constantly checking your situation and planning a growth strategy tailored to your needs.

It leverages its deep understanding of course creation and business growth to create personalized tasks that propel you forward.

And the best part? It's all seamlessly integrated into your Heights Platform account, free with the Heights Pro Plan.

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Get Personalized Guidance

for Your Unique Goals

The AI Coach lives right inside your Heights Platform account. After a quick chat to understand your goals and challenges, the AI assesses your situation and creates a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.

You can share your pain points, what's working and not working for you, and what you want to achieve.

The AI Coach takes all of this information into account and proactively sends you weekly tasks, tips, and suggestions on how to grow your business.

Business Coaching Without the Hassle

or the Cost

Building a business from zero is hard, especially if you are on your own. It's common to think, "what to do to find my next customer".

Say goodbye to the frustrations of finding the right coach and the huge expense that comes along with it.

Heights AI Coach is included completely free with the Heights Platform Pro Plan. That means you can access personalized guidance and support 24/7, without breaking the bank!

Start Free for 30 Days

Start free for 30 days. No credit card required.

The AI Sends Your Weekly Tasks Automatically

Unlike other AI tools that require constant input, the AI Coach by Heights Platform acts as an autonomous agent that generates new tasks for you to complete each week.

You simply have a quick chat with your coach to update them on your goals, recent achievements, and any obstacles you're facing.

This helps the AI Coach come up with even better and more relevant tasks for you!

Each week, you'll receive a personalized dose of guidance with step-by-step tasks to help you reach your business goals.

Heights AI Coach Dashboard

Private by Design

Your Information is Safe With Us

We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality when it comes to your business.

Your AI Coach is yours alone. Your information will never be shared with another creator's AI Coach.

We will not use your information for AI language model training data.

Your coach is an AI, but our team is here to help. The only individuals who can access your progress are the trusted members of the Heights Team, who may use it to provide support and pass notes to your coach so it may provide you with more relevant recommendations.

AI Built by Course Creation Experts

Heights AI Coach has been developed by the Heights team, who have helped thousands of creators like you build and grow their businesses.

Plus, your own AI Coach communicates with our team to ensure that you receive the best recommendations and insights.

The Heights team can send specific notes to the coach, enhancing its ability to guide you effectively. With this dynamic collaboration, we are dedicated to supporting your success every step of the way.

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The Partner That Keeps You Accountable

+ Tracks Your Growth

Showing up every day to work on your business is the key to success. Heights AI Coach sends you weekly reminders to complete your tasks and check in with your coach!

You can visually check your coaching streak and revenue growth to keep you motivated to work on your business.

Don't go alone on your path to success. Let the AI Coach be your trusted partner in achieving your business goals quicker.

Heights AI Coach analytics and accountability

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Heights AI Coach - The autonomous AI coach for creators. | Product Hunt

Included Free

Part of the Pro plan, no additional charge

Weekly Tasks

New assignments every week

Always Learning

Constantly improving and learning what you build

Built for You

Advice for your unique goals

Your Accountability Partner

Get weekly reminders to stay on track

Part of Our Expert Team

Loops in our team when extra help is needed

One AI Coach Per Creator

Every creator gets their own personal coach

Business Growth Tracking

Visualize your progress

How Other AI Features Work in Heights:

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Paul Colaianni

Heights Platform simply never stops delivering. I've been with them for over three years now. An AI coach is the perfect companion for my current and future courses. I'm already getting a ton of value from it.

Bobby Kennedy

This is MIND F'ing. BLOWING. At first glance, I thought your team had composed this. Wow.

Francesca Anniballi

I just want to say I love Heights Platform, and the fact that you are always coming up with new beautiful features! I love you, the Heights Team, even more for all your kindness and support.

John Vasta

I just had a play with the new AI coach and wow its really amazing, I wish I had this when I first started building my courses but its here now, I am going to review all my past work and update progressively over time, you guys rock!

Barak Almog

I'm HP user for 3 years now, and gotta say it's nothing short of an inspiration to see you guys grow like you do, especially the last 12 months. Can't wait to see what next years will bring :) 5 stars + warm recommendation!

David Kelber

Kudos to the Heights Team for going above and beyond again!

Kimberly Erwin

Their ai Coach is a game-changer. I was reviewing ai course creators and this is the only one so far that does what it says it will do with little learning curve.

Jarrett Williams

Refreshing to see AI used in a way that is actually helpful, crazy to see it's capabilities continuing to expand.


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