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Detailed insights on course sales, learner performance with Heights Platform online course software

Get Detailed Insights on Your Course Sales, Learner Performance and More

Discover daily analytics about your online course. Heights Platform shows you detailed graphs on new student sign ups, lesson completions, and total lesson views. Learn how many students are active at any moment and how they are performing.

Get insights on which lessons are the most popular, and which may need some attention. So you can understand how to improve your content where needed.

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Comprehensive Analytics on Individual Student Accomplishments

Heights Platform gives you much more than general analytics about your online course. By clicking on each student profile enrolled in your program, you can get precise information about their activity, performance and lesson views.

Understand how each student is performing in your online course, and if they are experiencing difficulties. Send students a private message with solutions to help them reach their desired results.

View each student’s analytics in your online course with online course software Heights Platform
Measure performance of online courses, bundles, membership sites and digital products with Heights Platform online course software

Measure the Performance of Your Online Courses, Bundles, and Digital Products

Get detailed insights on each product you are selling. Analyze the number of sales, total views, conversion rate and downloads for your digital products.

View precise reports on the students enrolled in every single online course, bundle, or digital product you are selling.

Your course creation platform displays graphs and tables with information about revenue earned from each product and total students enrolled.

course creator GeNienne Samuels

Coaches her students on how to become professional cheerleaders


"Because we love Heights so much, we are now in the process of moving all of our training courses and modules that we have basically launched over the past ten years via a WordPress site, over into Heights: because of the functionality, the flexibility, and the capabilities within the Heights system.

The geeky side of me really loves the analytics as well. I can see the top preforming students so that we can give kudos to them. Then I can also see the least active students so that we can reach out to them manually and through Heights Platform to just basically say 'Hey, is there anything that you need from us?'. In addition, the support within Heights is very responsive and they are constantly making changes and updates based on our feedback."


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