Heights Platform uses third party subprocessors, such as cloud computing providers, to provide our services. We enter into GDPR-compliant data processing agreements with each of the subprocessors listed below, extending GDPR safeguards everywhere personal data is processed.

Name Description Entity Location
Airbrake Application error reporting. USA
Algolia Search API. USA
Amazon Web Services Cloud services provider. USA (*Multiple Data Locations Worldwide)
ActiveCampaign Email newsletter service. USA
CloudFlare Cloud services provider. USA, England, Singapore (*Multiple Data Locations Worldwide)
Continually Live chat support. USA
Google Analytics Web analytics service. USA
Help Scout Customer support. USA
Heroku Cloud services provider. USA
Plerdy Web analytics service. USA
Posthog Product analytics service. USA
OpenAI Large Language Model API. USA
Scout APM Application performance logging. USA
Segment Web analytics service. USA
Sendgrid Email newsletter service. USA
Stripe Payment processing services. USA
Transloadit Media encoding service. USA

*Amazon's Cloudfront service and the CloudFlare service are content delivery networks (CDNs). CDNs serve content across many countries based on the geographic location of the individual so that international visitors to our service can access media content faster. Full list of Amazon Cloudfront locations, Full list of Cloudflare locations.