Heights Platform vs Kajabi: The Best Alternative to Kajabi

Heights Platform Kajabi Alternative. Online Course Creation Software Comparison.

Looking for a Kajabi alternative? We understand that choosing the right online course platform can be an overwhelming process, and for good reason!

If you are a course creator, this is a decision that should not be taken lightly: after all, the success of your online business can depend on what platform you choose.

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Both Heights Platform and Kajabi are great tools for course creation: they share all the most important features you need to create awesome online courses and digital products.

However, you might choose one platform over the other depending on your specific needs and what kind of business you want to start. In this comparison we offer a Heights vs Kajabi review based on course creation features, marketing tool and more advanced features.

Heights Platform's course creation software is the best alternative to Kajabi and a great choice if you are looking to create engaging online courses that help students learn, while having the flexibility to build a powerful business by your own rules. Kajabi on the other hand focuses more on marketing aspects and allows creators to build their own sales funnels within the platform.

But let's have a closer look at the features that you need to look out for in your next online course platform alternative to Kajabi:

Build Unlimited Courses and Digital Products

Heights Platform is the alternative to Kajabi that allows creators to build unlimited courses, membership sites, challenges and digital products in any pricing plan!

Having the ability to create unlimited products and not having to worry about reaching a limit is extremely important. If you are just starting out, you might be content with creating only one online course, that's ok! But as your business grows, you need to count on a platform that can fit your needs.

While Heights Platform has no limits on how many products you can create and sell, Kajabi only allows 3 products in the lower pricing tier. This might seem enough for you, however, keep in mind that by "product" Kajabi includes not only online courses, but communities, digital downloads and so on...

So if you plan on using Kajabi to sell one online course, offer a community aspect and have a couple of digital downloads for your students, you are already over the limit and have to upgrade to the next tier for $199/month.

Heights vs Kajabi - Feature Comparison

Heights Platform
Pricing From $19/month From $119/month
Free Trial 30 Days - No credit card needed 14 Days - Credit card needed
Unlimited Courses
Online Challenges
Sell Digital Products
No Transaction Fees
Custom Domain
Branding Customization Limited
Student Projects
Completion Certificates Limited Design Customization
Product Blueprint
Student Analytics
Climb Outline (Course Builder)
Student Direct Messages Only With Communities
Hidden Products
Built-In Blog
Affiliate Program
Email Marketing
Email Contacts Up to 100K in the Academy Plan Up to 100K in the Pro Plan
Website Theme Builder Color Themes + further customization with CSS
Landing Page Builder
Pipelines, Sales Funnels
Live Streaming Coming Soon!

Run Online Challenges to Promote Your Business

A feature that makes Heights Platform stand out from the competition and a great alternative to Kajabi is the ability to create and run online challenges.

Whether you know them by the name "challenges" or "cohort-based courses", they are a type of online course with a calendar start and end date.

software to create online challenge cohort course

Challenges are a fantastic way to increase engagement, keep your students accountable, and even upsell other products in your program. Since challenges are time-sensitive courses, students go through the content together and are more prone to interact with each other and be engaged with the content.

Set a release date and expiration date for each challenge lesson, activate comments, upsell other products, schedule automated emails with each lesson release and restart a completed challenge with the click of a button!

Foster Student Engagement with Projects

At Heights we deeply care about your students' engagement and their ability to learn, which is why we created Projects.

Unique to Heights Platform, projects can be set as part of an online course to further incentivize students to apply their newly acquired knowledge.

Projects are a way for students to really understand the value of your online course and translate their knowledge into practice while interacting with the creator and fellow learners.

create student projects in Heights for online course engagement

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The Cherry on Top: Gamification

If you care about your students enjoying your online course, Heights Platform can help with that!

Our built-in gamification features include giving out points to students when they complete a new lesson, automatically generating badges and rewards and measuring students' progress.

Gamification tools and badges to improve learner engagement to sell online courses with Heights Platform

Gamification tools can make your online course not only valuable, but fun and engaging! Kajabi doesn't have built-in gamification features like the points and badges Heights offers, but provides detailed analytics about students' progression through your courses, similar to Heights' student analytics.

Course Creator Tammey Grable-Woodford

Creates courses about business growth

Tammey Grable-Woodford VERIFIED CUSTOMER

"I absolutely love how Heights has taken online courses as we know it and turned it into community.

And I love, speaking of community, that I have a vibrant membership community all in one place. I absolutely appreciate all the thoughts that Heights put into making their platform even better."

Customer Support

At Heights Platform we pride ourselves to offer our customers timely, friendly and helpful support. Check out what our customers are saying about our support!

Heights Platform customer reviews and support

Heights is The Best Alternative to Kajabi

So which is the best online course platform and the best alternative to Kajabi? That is up to you! Both Heights and Kajabi are great picks for creators: depending on your priorities, you should be the judge of which platform to choose.

Why is Heights the best Kajabi alternative? Heights Platform was built with the goal of offering all the tools to help your customers learn and gain value from your online course. We want to make it easy for you to create and sell online courses, without having to worry about learning complex marketing funnels.

If teaching online is not your priority and you'd rather look for a more general tool to promote your digital products, then Kajabi might be the better option for you.

On the other hand, Heights is the Kajabi alternative that offers all the marketing features you need (affiliate marketing, email marketing, custom domain, landing page builder, blog, and more marketing features) without overwhelm and allows you to focus on your craft as a creator and share your knowledge.

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