Heights Platform Does Kajabi Have AI Features? How to Create Online Courses With AI

Does Kajabi Have AI Features? How to Create Online Courses With AI

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Thinking of creating an online course? If yes, you know that you need an online course software to create and sell your program.

You probably did some research about the best online course platforms our there already, and now you might be wondering how these platforms use artificial intelligence to help creators like you.

Kajabi is a popular choice for course creation, but does it offer AI features? And are their AI features useful to create a successful online course business?

In today's article, we will look into Kajabi AI tools: what they are, how creators can use them, and what they might miss. We will also compare Kajabi's AI tools with Heights Platform's alternative AI tools, to find out the perfect choice for your needs.

Does Kajabi Have AI Features?

Yes, Kajabi offers a variety of AI tools that can help creators build and sell online courses. Most of the AI-powered tools offered by Kajabi are AI writing features.

This means that however useful, they are not necessarily unique to Kajabi, and can be easily replicated with a free ChatGPT account.

Kajabi AI features are integrated within the platform, making it easy to generate products based on a simple prompt.

Kajabi AI Features

For example, based on the topic of your program, the AI features in Kajabi will automatically generate a lesson outline, a basic landing page for your course and more.

Here is a list of the AI features that Kajabi offers so far:

  • Course outline generator: the AI generates a course outline that breaks down a topic into modules and lessons.
  • Lesson content: the AI writes the text for a lesson inside your course.
  • Landing page copy: the AI writes the copy for a website page based on the topic of your course.
  • Sales email copy: generates the text for a sales email to help creators sell more courses.
  • Sales video script: get an AI-written script for a video promoting your course
  • Social media content: the AI offers ideas for social media posts to promote your online course.
  • Ama (AI chat): an AI chat that can answer various questions about building courses and generate copy.

Are these features useful? Yes, sure.

But are they really worth the investment of subscribing to a Kajabi account? Probably not.

While there is no denying that Kajabi is a powerful online course creation software, its AI features are not groundbreaking.

So, if you are looking for your next learning platform, and AI is a deciding factor, then our suggestion, however biased it might be, is to look further.

Other online course software like Heights Platform have more unique AI tools that cannot be found anywhere else, and can actually really help creators grow their business.

So let's see now how the AI features in Heights Platform compare to Kajabi:

Does Heights Platform Have AI Features?

Yes! Heights AI is an advanced tool powered by artificial intelligence designed to help online course creators, community builders, and online coaches growing their business.

Heights Platform offers many AI tools with a wide range of functionalities that can help creators optimize their courses and engage students better.

Heights Platform AI Features

Below is a summary of the available AI tools for Heights creators:

  • AI Course Generator (Title, Outline, Description + Course Draft): This tool generates an entire online course draft for you in a few clicks. You also get feedback on your course idea as the AI generates a course title, lesson outline, course description, and cover image in minutes.
  • Heights AI Chat: You can chat with Heights AI and ask questions about how to promote your business, grow an online course, and use the Heights Platform. This AI can also generate charts from the analytics inside your account.
  • Heights AI Coach: This AI analyzes your business and generates a personalized action plan to help you achieve your goals. Every week, the AI coach sends you a set of tasks to complete, based on your unique goals and situation (like a professional business coach).
  • AI Lesson Review: Get personalized recommendations for improving your course lessons with just one click. Heights AI can also watch your videos and it considers the topic of your entire course to help you craft better lessons.
  • AI Assistant (Product Editor): With Heights AI Chat, you can easily turn it into your personal assistant by giving text commands to make changes to your product. You can update the price of your online course, publish it, create a landing page for your online challenge, or perform other tasks, and the AI will quickly and efficiently execute your instructions. This way, you don't even need to learn the software!
  • AI SEO Checker: This AI can help you optimize your website pages for better SEO and higher Google rankings. You can create unlimited pages inside Heights.

The AI features offered by Heights Platform help creators get a whole AI team to assist them, and are more complex and personalized compared to the Kajabi AI tools.

Create Your Course With AI

Now let's analyze the key features in Kajabi one by one:

A Review of Kajabi AI Features

Kajabi AI Content Assistant

Kajabi AI Features image

When creating a new product in Kajabi, you have the option to toggle the AI content assistant option to generate various pieces of content and resources based on the overall topic of your course.

From the title, the AI generates:

  • A course outline
  • Opt-in landing page
  • a form collecting your course opt-in
  • course automation
  • email broadcast
  • course lesson text

This AI feature is useful because it helps creators kickstart their courses by skipping the manual part of creating each single lesson and other parts of their business.

Kajabi AI Features image

Once the AI finishes creating the course, outline and landing page, you can go ahead and edit the content as you please.

This feature can be used on both brand-new courses and existing ones. In the latter case, the AI will not delete the content already created, but simply add to it.

Does Heights Platform offer a similar AI feature?

Yes, Heights Platform also offers a feature that creates an entire course from a simple title! It is called the Course Generator. You simply give the title of your course to the AI, and it generates the following:

  • Recommendations and better examples of course titles that can attract more students will be provided.
  • A complete course outline with modules and lesson ideas.
  • A pre-written course marketing description to better attract new students to your course.
  • The AI will automatically generate a complete course draft in your Heights account (including the course description and outline), and it will search Unsplash and find a suitable image for your course.

Key Takeaways:

Both Kajabi and Heights Platform offer an AI feature that generates an online course draft for you, plus multiple other resources and elements that you might need.

Kajabi's AI Content Assistant generates the course outline, lesson text, email broadcast and basic landing page. Heights Platform's course generator offers recommendations on an improved course title, lessons and modules outline, marketing description and a cover image (Heights Platform also generates a landing page automatically, without the need for AI.)

Create Your Course With AI

Kajabi's AMA Chat

Kajabi AI Features image

Another AI feature offered by Kajabi is AMA, an interactive chatbot.

This chatbot can assist you in creating content, researching topics, writing code, and performing various other functions.

All you need to do is describe what you want to achieve, and Ama will provide you with information to help you accomplish tasks related to your business.

You can use Ama to brainstorm new ideas for marketing, copy the content generated by Ama and add it to your course, or use it to write codes for your website pages.

Strangely, Ama cannot tell you how to use Kajabi. This is probably because Ama has no access to Kajabi's knowledge base, making this chatbot not much different from ChatGPT.

Also, Ama has no idea that she is working for Kajabi... we asked her to review Heights Platform, and she offered us a glowing recommendation!

Kajabi AI Features image

Thank you Kajabi!

Jokes aside, the AI-powered chatbot in Kajabi is a useful feature for course creators, to learn about marketing, generating content and code and brainstorm new ideas.

While it is conveniently located inside your Kajabi account, it doesn't offer any more value compared to ChatGPT (which is free).

Does Heights Platform offer a similar feature?

Yes, but better! The chatbot inside Heights Platform, called Heights AI, is not just a copycat of ChatGPT. It uses GPT-4 for its reasoning, but it was trained using Heights Platform's knowledge, including knowing how our software works and all of our content and guidance from years and years of helping creators.

Heights AI can also:

  • Edit products on your behalf! You can give simple text commands to the chatbot, and it will make the changes you request instantly inside your account.
  • Generate charts based on your business analytics
  • Answer questions on how to use Heights Platform
  • Answer questions on marketing, generate new marketing ideas etc...

AI Creator Hub

The AI Creator Hub is a collection of AI tools offered by Kajabi, which includes the following:

Course Outline Generator

Kajabi AI Features image

In this tool, the AI generates a course curriculum that breaks down a topic into modules and lessons.

Simply type in the title of your course and get a list of modules and lessons, which you can use in a new course.

Does Heights Platform offer this feature? Yes, you can generate the outline of a course by using the Course Generator feature!

Course Lesson Generator

Kajabi AI Features image

This AI writes the text for a lesson in your course. You can give the lesson title to the AI, and it generates text for your course lesson.

Although AI can be a great resource to help in brainstorming new ideas, we firmly believe that the content of your course should be original and not generated by AI.

Your course need to offer something unique and valuable to your students.

While AI can assist in enhancing your writing, generating new inspiration, or streamlining processes, creating a course that is entirely AI-generated may not be the best idea.

After all, if students can obtain the same information by asking an AI-powered assistant like ChatGPT, why would they pay for a course that lacks originality?

Does Heights Platform offer this feature? At Heights we believe in the importance of creating unique and valuable content for online courses. We feel it is unethical to provide a tool that generates lesson text from scratch, as we value the individual experiences and insights that creators bring to their courses.

However, we understand that creators may occasionally struggle with writer's block or need assistance in developing their content.

To address this, we offer a feature called the AI Lesson Review. Rather than generating content for you, this AI tool provides helpful recommendations to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your unique content, ultimately providing a better learning experience for your students. (Read on below for an example of how this works.)

Landing Page Generator

Kajabi AI Features image

This AI writes the copy for a website page based on the topic of your course. While it might be useful for creators to get a better idea of what they can write in their website, and gather inspiration, this tool is quite limited.

It only writes key phrases that are related to the course topic provided, and when we tried it, it only wrote 4 sentences with less than 50 words each.

The text it generates is not a great example of marketing copy, as it is written by AI in generic statements that don't really mean anything.

Does Heights Platform offer this feature? Heights Platform doesn't offer this exact feature because we don't really see the value in AI-generated copy for your website (one of your most important marketing pieces!). Instead, we offer an SEO checker within our web design tool.

Once you have created a website page with Heights Platform, you can click on the SEO Checker and it will offer your recommendations on how to improve your copy based on SEO principles, helping you to craft a more engaging and direct copy that will show your website to people looking for key terms.

Sales Email Copy Generator

Kajabi AI Features imageThis tool generates the text for a sales email, that you can send to potential students to convince them to sign up for your course.

This tool can be useful if you have no idea how to write a sales email, and promote your course. However, also the sales copy generator is a copycat of ChatGPT, which doesn't offer any more value or personalization.

Does Heights Platform offer this feature? No, because you can simply ask ChatGPT to do it for free.

Sales Video Script Generator

Kajabi AI Features image

With this tool, you can get an AI-written script for a video, in which you are promoting your course. This can be helpful for creators who are looking to promote their business with videos, and need inspiration to get started.

But again, it is the same as asking ChatGPT to "write me a script for a video where I promote my course about [topic]".

Does Heights Platform offer this feature? No, because you can simply ask ChatGPT to do it for free.

Social Media Content

Kajabi AI Features image

This tool offers ideas for social media posts that you can create, with the goal of promoting your online course.

It can help creators brainstorm new ideas for posts to publish on social media, as well as understand which image or video they can associate with the caption provided.

Does Heights Platform offer this feature? You can ask Heights AI to generate a social media schedule idea!

Key Takeaways:

The AI features offered by Kajabi as part of their AI Creator Hub are useful if you have never heard of ChatGPT before.

But unless you have been off the internet for the past year, you probably have a ChatGPT free account already, making these tools redundant.

Looking for AI tools specifically designed for course creators that cannot be found anywhere else and actually help you move forward in your business?

Then keep reading below because we will cover which AI features Heights Platform offers!

Create Your Course With AI

Heights Platform's AI Features

Let's take a look at the AI features offered by Kajabi and Heights Platform.

Kajabi provides some valuable tools like the AI Content Assistant and chat, but Heights Platform offers a wider range of AI features.

While Kajabi's AI tools can be replicated through a free ChatGPT account, the AI within Heights Platform is more advanced. Let's explore why.

Heights AI Course Generator

Heights AI course creation AI tool

Heights AI provides a course generator tool that can assist you in creating a draft of your course in mere seconds.

To utilize this tool, you only need to provide the AI with the title of your course. The AI will then generate:

  • Recommendations on Your Course Title: The AI suggests ways to improve your course title for better discoverability and conversion, providing examples of effective titles.
  • Complete Lesson Plans: Heights AI is capable of generating a complete course outline, including a series of modules and lessons based on the title you provide. This AI-generated outline can assist you in brainstorming new ideas for topics to cover in your course and provide you with a foundation to create content.
  • Compelling Course Description: The AI creates a compelling course description to promote your website or attract new students.

Heights Platform AI Features

The course generator tool is a fantastic resource that helps you get new ideas for your course and gives you a head start in creating your content.

It saves you hours of manual work by building the entire course draft for you within your Heights Platform account.

Moreover, the AI will search Unsplash to choose an appropriate cover image for your course, making the process even more effortless.

Heights AI Lesson Review

Heights Platform AI Features

This tool is designed to help you improve the quality of your course lessons.

It has the ability to analyze the text in your lessons and also watch the videos you upload, and based on that, it provides recommendations on how to enhance them.

Heights AI takes into account the entire course topic while analyzing your lesson content. It then suggests what you can add to your lesson, what needs to be improved or better explained, generates a few questions that your students might have, and adds some action items for your students to complete.

Heights Platform AI Features

We have found that adding action items for your students within the lessons is highly beneficial.

The AI generates action items based on the video and text content within your lesson. You can easily insert these items into the lesson text by clicking on the option.

Furthermore, you can edit and modify any changes to the action items you choose.

Heights AI Chat & Product Editor

Heights AI course creation

Heights Platform offers an AI Chat accessed via a pop-up button on the right side of the screen. The Chat has three main functionalities:

  • Answer your questions about course creation & marketing: The Heights Platform team has trained this AI, and they have years of experience in assisting online course creators with growing their business. You can ask this AI any questions that are related to digital marketing, building an online course business, building a community business, attracting new students, and more.
  • Answer questions about using Heights Platform: The AI can assist you with any questions you may have about using Heights Platform. It has access to the product knowledge base and can help you with any technical queries. This is particularly useful if you are new to Heights and want to avoid the learning curve.
  • Edit products on your behalf: You can use text commands in the chat to instruct the AI to perform different tasks for you. For example, you can request the AI to publish your course, modify its name, set the price, publish your landing page, and more.

Heights Platform AI Features

The strength of Heights AI lies in its ability to understand and perform tasks, which makes like a virtual assistant for you.

You can communicate with the AI in a conversational manner and ask questions about topics such as course creation, marketing strategies, or platform usage.

Furthermore, you can provide specific commands to the AI, like:

  • "Set the price of my online course to $200 and make it live."
  • "Publish the landing page for my photography course."
  • "Write a description for my Yoga course and use it as its description."
  • "Change my membership title to 'Intro to Playing the Piano'."

Heights AI always asks for your confirmation before applying any changes to your program and providing instant answers.

Heights Platform AI Features

In addition, the AI can generate charts with detailed analytics about your course.

You can ask it to show you the number of student sign-ups in the last 6 months or the number of people who have completed lessons from September 2023 until today (for example!).

Heights AI Coach

Heights Platform AI Features

Heights Platform offers an exceptional AI-powered tool called Heights AI Coach.

This tool is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses. The AI Coach provides personalized mentorship 24/7, eliminating the need for costly coaching.

The AI coach analyzes your business and delivers tailored strategies for success.

Heights Platform AI Features

It also monitors your progress by asking you questions about your business goals and biggest challenges.

The coach is connected to your Heights Platform account, and every week, it tracks your progress and sends you an action plan. The action plan contains personalized tasks you need to complete to reach your desired goals.

It is important to note that the coach is 100% private.

Your information remains confidential and is not shared by different creators' AI coaches.

Each creator at Heights Platform has their own AI Coach, which guarantees individualized attention and privacy. We do not use your data for training AI language models.

Heights Platform AI Features

After a brief discussion with your coach about your goals and challenges, the AI generates a tailored marketing plan just for you.

Every week, you get personalized advice and a set of tasks designed to propel you towards your objectives and business goals.

Heights AI SEO Checker

Heights Platform AI Features

Heights Platform offers an AI-powered tool to help you improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website pages.

With the Web Page Builder feature, you can create an entire website with unlimited pages!

Once you have designed a web page, you can receive SEO recommendations with just one click.

SEO is essential for your website to appear high on Google's search results and be easily found by potential clients.

Our AI-powered SEO tool analyzes various aspects of on-page SEO, such as text structure, heading hierarchy, keyword research ideas, recommended keywords, content optimization, internal links, word counts, and more.

Create Your Online Course With AI

If you are planning to sell e-learning courses, digital products, or coaching programs, AI can help you.

In this article, we compared Kajabi's AI features with the artificial intelligence tools offered by Heights Platform.

Both Kajabi and Heights Platform offer AI tools that can benefit course creators.

However, the crucial difference is the effectiveness of these tools. Kajabi provides some interesting AI tools, such as the AI Content Assistant and AI Chat (ama).

Although many of the tools offered by Kajabi are also available in Heights, Heights AI goes a step further by offering AI tools that are genuinely useful for creators and cannot be replicated anywhere online.

Tools like AI-generated courses, AI coach, lesson reviewer, chat, and more can significantly enhance the course creation process, and help creators to increase productivity and focus on what they love doing the most - creating unique content for their students.

You can try Heights AI by creating a free Heights Platform account. No credit card is required!

Create Your Course With AI