#76: How Caitlin Spears Built Her Coaching Business Around Freedom

Welcome to The Creator's Adventure where we interview creators from around the world, hearing their stories about growing a business.

In this episode, Caitlin talks about her decision to start her own business in order to gain the freedom she craved. After feeling restricted in her previous job, she determined that creating an entirely online business would grant her the autonomy she desired.

Caitlin Spears is a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach.

With her business - Complete by Caitlin - she has successfully guided people worldwide to achieve their health goals using her proven methods, where she helps clients manage weight, cravings, and stress, while boosting confidence and overall wellness.

As a dedicated health coach, Caitlin offers personalized 1-on-1 coaching programs designed to transform your well-being.

Learn more about Caitlin: http://www.thecbcmethod.com


Bryan McAnulty [00:00:00]:

Welcome to the creator's adventure where we interview creators from around the world hearing their stories about growing a business. Today, Caitlyn Spears shares how she teaches her audience of a 150,000 about health, how she's growing her coaching business and how to deal with competition. Hey, everyone. I'm Brian McAnulty, the founder of HEIGHTS platform. Let's get into it.

Bryan McAnulty [00:00:25]:

Hey, everyone. We're here today with Caitlin Spears. She is a certified holistic health and nutrition coach with her business complete by Caitlin she has successfully guided people worldwide to achieve their health goals using her proven methods where she helps clients manage weight cravings and stress while boosting their confidence and overall wellness. As a dedicated health coach, Caitlin offers personalized 1 on 1 coaching programs designed to transform your well-being.

Caitlin Spears [00:00:53]:

Caitlin, welcome to the show. Hi. Thank you so much for having me.

Bryan McAnulty [00:00:58]:

my first question for you today is what would you say is the biggest thing either that you did or you are doing that has helped you to achieve the freedom to do what you enjoy?

Caitlin Spears [00:01:09]:

Yeah. So I think to answer this question for me, when I was considering starting my business, I decided that in order to have the freedom that I knew I wanted coming from a previous job before where I didn't have that freedom, I wanted to create my business to be a 100% online. So I actually take all of my clients online, which has given me this amazing Breadth of fresh air, this amazing freedom to be able to go out and live my life, to be able to go and travel, and still also take care of my clients and reach people all over the world because I think when we sometimes limit ourselves to the area that we're in, we not only restrict our what our freedom, but we also restrict the amount of people that we can reach. which is just an amazing thing of this new era that we that we are in, with everybody kind of going to an online based business, especially post COVID, with Zoom getting so popular. So, yeah, I think that was definitely kind of how I structured my business so that I had the freedom that I knew I wanted.

Bryan McAnulty [00:02:19]:

Awesome. Yeah. I really, love that about this type of business of, like, coaching and courses and, in my case, we're software now, but but all of that because, early on in my business, I kinda realized to myself, like, wait a second. All of my customers are actually, like, not from my hometown. They're not from where I live. And so if that's the case, then why do I have to be here either? Why? I can go and be somewhere else as well. And so I completely agree with that. It's not only your freedom of being able to be somewhere else, but also the ability to make a a greater impact and impact people in other places of the world.

Caitlin Spears [00:02:56]:

Yeah. No. It's been amazing. I'm very, very thankful for this internet era that we're living in.

Bryan McAnulty [00:03:03]:

Yeah. Yeah. It's a incredible time, for, like, the individual career. And I I I don't know. I'm I'm constantly surprised that I think it just keeps getting better, actually, because I feel like there's been periods where, like, I say that, and then it's like, oh, well, kinda everybody missed out, like, the the big, like, boom happened. but now we have things like AI is happening and everything. So I feel like happening again.

Caitlin Spears [00:03:27]:

Yeah. I think there's always something to look forward to with the internet, with AI, with all these businesses going online. We're we're all growing and we're all figuring it out together, but it's really cool to see how industries change, like, the health industry that I'm in, you know, strictly used to be like, you go to a doctor's office and that's it. And now it's so that I'm able to bridge that gap of like, what do you do when you leave a doctor's office? And I can help you even though I'm not in your town that you live in. So it's been really, really amazing to reach that extra group of people that I would have never known before.

Bryan McAnulty [00:04:02]:

Yeah. yeah, definitely. And, yeah, you're right. I think the health industry is, like, a a perfect example of that. I really think there's still, like, so much that can be done in improving, like, not just like what doctors are doing, which ends up a lot of times being, like, putting a band aid on the problem instead of, like, well, how can we, like, be more proactive about this and actually, like, stop the problem from happening? Definitely.

Caitlin Spears [00:04:28]:

Yeah. I spoke actually with one of my friends who's a doctor, and they told me that in medical school, they take 2 weeks of nutrition, and that's it. And it blows my mind that the the, you know, yes, they're brilliant and they're so smart and doctors are amazing, but we're out of their 4 years. They're taking 2 weeks of nutrition. It just doesn't seem, like it's really balanced out.

Bryan McAnulty [00:04:56]:

Yeah. That it's crazy to me that it's like that. but I I don't know. I I'm hopeful that they're like, I understand there's people are specializing in things, but I'm hopeful that there's more more nutrition, as part of that, like, kind of curriculum in the future. Yeah. Absolutely. So can you share some or maybe, like, I guess, like, a pivotal moment or experience that kinda led you to start this health and nutrition business. like, what was the inspiration behind it? Yeah.

Caitlin Spears [00:05:28]:

So I was a model for a decade And I had an amazing, amazing time doing it. I got to travel over the world. I got to do amazing things. But about 2 years ago, I really just wasn't happy. I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I felt like I was set on this earth to do something amazing and to help change people's lives, and I just didn't know what that meant or what that looked like at the time. but I kind of started going through this, like, breakthrough moment of like, I don't wanna do this anymore. What do I do? How do I get out of it? And I just started talking to people around me and, you know, everyone was very supportive of, like, what what are you good at? What interests you? What are your passions and your purpose? And I always loved nutrition and fitness. I actually dealt with my own struggle with an eating disorder when I was younger, I dealt with body dysmorphia and all of these things being in the modeling industry, and I had overcome all of them. And I was living a really, really healthy and happy life. And I was like, I think there's so many people out there who could benefit from what I've learned over the past 8 years. So the more I dug into it, I started just kind of getting involved in that industry. Really, it was, I think, the universe line everything up for me because I spoke it out into the universe. And then the next day, I was offered a modeling job for a gym in LA, LA fitness, and I was like, interest Like, I'm gonna go there and I'm gonna start talking to people. And I did. I went there and I started asking questions, and I met these amazing women who were in the health and wellness space. and they gave me actually the recommendation for the school I ended up attending, which is IIN, the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, and it kind of just like spun out from there. I kind of enrolled in the school and I fell in love and I knew that this is what I was like put on this earth to do was to have a or be a health coach and to help people and to share the knowledge and the tools that I have learned over the past decade and Here I am, you know, a year and a half later, just like really, really having an amazing thriving business that I'm so, so proud of.

Bryan McAnulty [00:07:42]:

Awesome. Yeah. I think there's some great lessons there too in how once you realize that you started taking these steps towards it, And I think that a lot of creators that, hopefully, this is helpful to somebody, like, just starting out who's listening to this who, like, has all these ideas and and thinks they have a passion about something, but, like, gets kinda paralyzed in, like, not knowing, like, well, what what do I do now to turn that into a business? Yeah. And I think it's really important that you you do start to take the actions to it because, like, that reveals everything to you. Like, as you said, like, you started to ask these questions and meet these people. And then

Caitlin Spears [00:08:20]:

that that unveils everything and and gives you the ability move forward. So the the process of of actually taking the action is really important. Yeah. I think, you know, kinda like you said, I think for anybody who's brand new or looking to start a business, it's how many questions can you ask? How many people can you ask those questions? And how many actions can you take after you ask those questions?

Bryan McAnulty [00:08:43]:

Awesome. Yeah. Love that. Alright. So you run a 12 week transformative journey for your clients. Could you walk us through the kind of key components of your coaching program and then, like, the result that you kinda offer to your clients?

Caitlin Spears [00:08:58]:

Yeah. So, basically, my 12 week health coaching program is amazing. I love working one on one with my clients. My end goal is that they come in and they leave my program understanding how to take care of themselves for the long run I want them to finally feel good in their own skin. That is my goal for my clients. I want them to feel good every day when they wake up. And I want them to know that health is a life this is a lifelong journey. This is not something that you do for 2 weeks. and then you're fixed, and then you never have to worry about it again. So I want my to teach my clients how to take care of themselves for the rest of their life. So what I do is for 12 weeks, I work 1 on 1 once a week with every single one of my clients, and I run them through a method that I created It's called the Kate Method, and it breaks down into connect, approach, integrate, and transform. between each 4 of these modules, we work through at the very beginning. We spend a lot of time working on, like, mindset and deconstructing limiting beliefs. because if you don't build those foundations on what you believe you can do or what you believe you're capable of or who you believe you are, then you can't be healthy. So I work really, really hard in those 1st few weeks to really get people to understand that they are what they believe they are and that we need to rework how think about ourselves so that we can go into these next, you know, 8, 10 weeks and really look at it from a different lens. So then we kind of once we get that down, we move into the approach phase, which is where we really approach your health from a different lens. We work on things like nutrition and food and macros and micros and why you eat the food that you eat and how it affects you how it gives you energy, all of these things, cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping, all of these things that are so important and so essential to living a long and healthy life. And it's something that, unfortunately, we're not really taught about. All of my clients who come to me, they're like, I don't even know what healthy food is or I don't know why I eat it if it is healthy. Like, what is it doing for me? So I work on that. I work on gut health with a lot of my clients, and then we kind of go into that next phase, which integration where we work on things like physical activity, stress management, sleep, hydration, creating routines because if all of these things are in balance, it's really, really hard to be healthy if we're not taking care of all areas of our life. So we kind of work through physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, we work through it all. And then finally, we go into that transformation phase. where I help you take everything you've learned and integrate and transform that into a life that you love, a life that you're excited about. I help you reset your goals, reset your intentions, and know that when you leave me, you're gonna be able to do this on your own because I've given you the tools and knowledge and strength to go out and do it.

Bryan McAnulty [00:12:00]:

Awesome. Yeah. And I can tell that you're really passionate about it yourself, and I think there's a great point to be made that, like, you said, like, right now, you specifically focus on this one on one coaching. And I I feel that there's a lot of people that they're they're starting business and they see like, oh, some of the this person's doing coaching. This person's doing a community. This person's doing courses. And there's, like, a little bit of, like, the grass is always greener type thing. You think, like, oh, they're so successful with that. Like, that's what I should do. And, like, there really isn't, like, a right or wrong answer. It's like, what do you enjoy to do the most? And so, like, if it is that, like, more intimate, like, personal connection and, like, helping somebody one on 1, like, then maybe coaching is better for you. It doesn't have to be like, oh, I'm gonna make a course business or coaching business. Like, it's whatever you're most passionate about.

Caitlin Spears [00:12:51]:

And I think it, from my perspective, I think that this one on one coaching. If you do that in the beginning, you gain so much knowledge and insight into what it takes to actually reach that transformation that you're promising people or that you are, you know, giving people the tools to reach, So you're able to grow your method and tweak it and change it and know that it's working because you're proving it over and over and over again by being there every single week for these people and seeing the real results so that then if you want to go and launch a course, you're already 75% of the weight there.

Bryan McAnulty [00:13:29]:

Yep. 100% agree with that. And I think, like, yeah, if you well, I tell people is if you are starting with the course first, that, like, don't think of it as like, oh, this is a course business, which means, like, I get to just make it, and then I'm gonna not do anything. And the money's gonna all come in. like, you should purposely go and connect with everybody who's signing up everybody who's asking questions. Like, if somebody asks you for feedback, or if somebody says, like, that they don't like something or they don't understand something, like, that is, like, you wanna spend as much time as possible, like, connecting with those people and then learning the answers and learning how to help them because that's what's going to improve your course and and everything you can provide to people. going down the road.

Caitlin Spears [00:14:13]:

100%. I agree. It's like always always always. 1, do your market research, and 2, Once you have those buyers, you want them to be return buyers when you launch something else. So make sure that they're actually getting the benefit of your product and that they feel like you're listening to them and making changes because it's gonna make your product better.

Bryan McAnulty [00:14:32]:

Yeah. 100%. Yeah. because, like, the you can you can be good at marketing something and get people to buy something. But in the end, if you really wanna build, like, this long term sustainable business, you have to get people results. And when you get people results, that's when they go and tell their friends, and that's when they you get those great reviews. And then they keep buying from you in the future and and all that. So, definitely important to focus on that. Yeah. I guess with that said, what would you say are, like, the the big struggles that like your ideal clients would come to you with?

Caitlin Spears [00:15:03]:

Yeah. I think a lot of them honestly just don't feel good in their own skin. They are not feeling confident. They're lacking that confidence. They feel unhealthy. They feel like they can't manage their weight. They have trouble being held accountable or being motivated they honestly are confused. There's so much information out there on the internet and, you know, somebody's telling you to try this diet. Somebody's telling you to do this workout. Somebody's telling you you do this, that it's really confusing. And it's really stressful when you have all this knowledge out there and you try everything, but you try it for 2 weeks So nothing never works. So you're just constantly in this cycle of recycling bad habits, and I think that's the number one thing all of my clients have in common is that they just are lost. They feel like they've done everything and they're just confused and they feel like they need someone to just be there and give them the tools they need and to hold their hand and hold them accountable because at the beginning of your health journey, It's really lonely and it's really hard and it's really scary because these are foreign territories to you. These are these are things you don't know about, things that you have to learn about, and Also, it's gonna be really hard in the beginning. So having someone there that has been through it and that is really, really ready to support you, I think, is what most of my clients are looking for.

Bryan McAnulty [00:16:29]:

Alright. What would you say are the biggest challenges that you faced when you started your business and how did you overcome them?

Caitlin Spears [00:16:37]:

Yeah. So being a solo per newer who had never ever owned her own business ran a business, went to business school, went to marketing school, ever. I came into this kind of like fake it till you make it, but not like in a bad way, just like I'm going to read every book, every podcast, I was going to school. I was doing, like, 3 programs at once because I wanted to learn everything that I could the hardest part for me was figuring out how I wanted to structure my business, but I knew I wanted it to be online. but I didn't know how I was going to turn that into paying customers because how were was I going to tell people that I'm an expert when I'm just coming out of school or when I'm just starting the business. So I think is this mentality of figuring out how you can start to build that know, like, and trust with your customers, with, for me, I use social media. I actually before I launched my business, I hired a, business coach for 3 months, who I swear she is absolutely amazing. Janae Rose from the boss method. She offers a build offer sale in scale program where she helps you launch your online business. And that that was worth every penny that I spent because it saved me so much time could have figured things out probably, but it would have taken 12 more months or 24 more months because I would've had to go and try things fail and then try again. Instead, she had this proven method that I was able to integrate into my own business and turn it into a amazing funnel that I now use through my social media to get my clients. So it was this struggle of building that no like and trust with my customers through social media, knowing how to properly reach the right clients on social media because there's so many people out there and I can't help everyone. So it was really niching down and getting specific and then also figuring out the best way for me to funnel them through because I don't have time to take a discovery call with every single person that thinks they wanna join my program. So it was really just systemizing, getting organized, and building that structure from the beginning that was tough, but it's now my business runs like, a well oiled machine, and I'm so happy that I put all that work in for 6 months because it's so worth it.

Bryan McAnulty [00:19:12]:

Awesome. Yeah. That's great. Yeah. About the point of the call, I think that's, that's an interesting point too. So, like, two things I could say about that is, like, 1, in the beginning, if a couple people wanna do calls with you, even though, like, you're not planning to to offer that in the long term, still do it again because of, like, the feedback thing. You wanna understand as much as possible, but then, like, yeah, as you grow, like, it's just not gonna be possible for you to have, like, a discovery call with everybody. And so, like, for us here with our software business, like, I have a team, but still like a relatively small team. We're about ten people. So, like, we can't do calls with every single person either, but the way we look at it is, like, if somebody's asking for a call, then, like, what did we not communicate well enough like, on our site or in our social media or whatever it is that they they have some lack of understanding that they felt that they needed that, actually. And so, yeah, I think it's it's constantly this journey of figuring out how can you improve your your messaging and and your clarity and everything that you have to to offer with your product? Well, I think for me, I run my business a little different than most people. I don't list my prices.

Caitlin Spears [00:20:25]:

because it's a little bit different operating a one on one coaching versus just like a course that's like, here's the price. Like, here's the course. So I think for me, those calls are really essential because I only want to take a call with people who are I know they're ready. I'm like, these people are he and they're ready and willing because one on one coaching is a commitment.

Bryan McAnulty [00:20:45]:

Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. You wanna be able to to qualify the the right people. So, yeah, I mean, it's hard to to build, like, this strong brand and online presence. So you mentioned social media, I think. But, like, what what strategy specifically or, like, what social media channel works for you to promote complete by Caitlin?

Caitlin Spears [00:21:06]:

Yeah. gain gain new clients for that. Yeah. It's mainly my Instagram. my Instagram, I have quite of, like, I have a 150,000 followers. I have a very, very engaged following, which is amazing. And I also have 85% women following me. age, like, 24 to 45. So I have a great, like, engaged target audience that follows me And that has definitely helped me to grow my business because the people that are following me are actual potential clients. and the way that I do that is by really, really focusing on the content that I'm posting targeting those people to bring them in. And as they come in, they stay with me for a little bit and they get to know me, then they get to like me, and then they get to trust me, and then they wanna work with me. because they're also seeing that I'm getting these results for people. So they're like, oh, well, maybe I should reach out because I've been really struggling with this, and it sounds like she helps with the exact thing that I'm really struggling with. So that funnel that I've created through social media has really helped. I go live a lot, which really helps me connect with my community I, you know, regularly post 5 to 6 times a week. I'm very engaged. Like, my business is me, so I show up I I also connect through TikTok. I've had plenty of people come to me and say I found you on TikTok. I actually had one girl tell me she found me through my dog's Instagram. So there's so many ways for you to connect with clients. I moved to Miami 8 months ago, and I now have in person clients in my me that I still take via zoom, but they are here locally that I've, connected with through word-of-mouth. So I think it's like the more your business crows, the, like, more areas that you're able to connect with people, whether that's social media or that's marketing or that's in person, like, whatever that looks like, there's so many ways to connect people.

Bryan McAnulty [00:22:59]:

Awesome. Yeah. That that's a a great way to put it. And I think it's really important about the point of, like, telling everybody because I feel there's a lot of entrepreneurs out there who, like, I call it that, like, you're sitting on gold, but, like, you didn't tell anybody. Like, you have this great product Yeah. But you have to let people know about it because if you're competitions, letting people know about what they're doing, then they're gonna win even if what they offer is not quite as good. So you have to tell people about it, whatever the way that is for you. And I think in your case, though, like, you're not just telling people about it. Like, you're showing people because you're showing, like, these are the results I got for my clients and my customers. And like you said, like, that's really what builds the trust of, like, wow. Like, Caitlin is really doing this. Like, this is what I want too, and then -- Yeah. -- they wanna become a customer.

Caitlin Spears [00:23:50]:

Yeah. And I think, you know, your first client's the hardest, but I like to say, like, we're usually our first client. Like, you're usually the walking, talking, testimonial. So use that. I think use that as when you are launching something and you haven't had any clients use yourself as, look, I did this. Like, I made it, and I know that this works because I've perfected this over 8 years of, like, going through exactly what you're going through, and I know I can help you. So I think, like, don't get nervous that you've never had a client in the beginning because that's really what scared me but it's like you are your first client. So you've already you've already gotten through the first client jitters. Just keep going.

Bryan McAnulty [00:24:29]:

Yeah. Yeah. That's a good point too. Like, what what other advice would you give to somebody who maybe, like, maybe they're even in a similar field. Like, they're passionate about health and wellness and they wanna follow, like, a similar path and get into the coaching industry. What what advice would you give to somebody starting out?

Caitlin Spears [00:24:46]:

Yeah. I think I would say to ask for help and join as many, like, joining that mastermind program, that business coaching program, like, those help to excel me so much faster than anything else that I'm that I did. Like, go out there, get involved start networking, build those connections because that is going to help you launch your career. That is also going to help you grow where you're at because you're around people who are forty steps ahead of you and you're sitting there and you're taking in what they're saying and you're learning, you're getting that knowledge all of that, I think, is the most important thing, especially when you're first starting out, is to just surround yourself with people that are in similar spaces, but that are forty steps ahead of you. Go to those, like, motivational speeches. Join those mastermind programs. Jump in those programs where it's a, you know, a business coaching program or a launching, but make sure that you're doing your research, like, obviously, make sure that who you're going to be in those masterminds with aligns with who you are, your values, your goals, but I think that was the most beneficial thing for me, and I'm still in groups. I literally this morning went half the morning with a group of female entrepreneurs and just kind of like talked business, and we really help to like answer each other's questions and motivate each other because it's tough. It's tough owning your own business. and you're doing it all on your own. And so make sure you build those connections.

Bryan McAnulty [00:26:18]:

Yeah. that's a great tip. I think like, as a bunch of solo entrepreneurs, like, it can be lonely, but you gotta realize, like, we all value, like, the community, the coaching, and all of that. So, like, you should probably be doing that yourself. Like, you don't have to do it alone. You can be involved with these other people who are doing something similar. And, like, not only is that, like, motivational and inspiring, but, like, yeah, it can really help move you along the path a lot quicker by being able to learn from that person who's ahead of you, like, what are the things that you should not do? So you don't have to make those mistakes yourself.

Caitlin Spears [00:26:56]:

I think one more thing I just wanna say is to anybody who's going in, don't think that your field is oversaturated. because I think a lot of times, get into our own head about, oh my gosh, there's so many people out there that have already done this. Like, it's so saturated. What can I bring to this? you are so different and your perspective alone is going to be so different than somebody else's. Do not compare yourself. There are what 7,000,000,000 people on this planet. There are so many people that need what you have and what you can bring to the table. So stop comparing yourself instead look at it look at it, like, you can go and be at the same place they're at, but in your own way, in your own direction, everything you do is unique to you. So there's never not enough space.

Bryan McAnulty [00:27:41]:

Yep. Completely agree with that. In fact, I had another interview earlier today. We're talking about the same thing. but, like, it definitely is worth repeating. Like, even in in every episode, I could say something like this that yeah, like, don't worry about your competition because, like, you have this unique message. Like, the way I compared it before it was, like, if somebody's selling, like, this, like, little widget on Amazon and it's the same thing that somebody else got manufactured, like, it's the same product. is harder to compete with that. But, like, with coaching, with courses, community, your unique message, like, no one can copy that. It doesn't matter if it's the same like, niche or whatever. Like, everybody has something different to offer. And, the 7000000000 people, like, comparison, I think, is really powerful, but it's even more powerful because I I just heard that now it's like eight billion people in the world. We just just crossed 8,000,000,000. So even even more people out there. So definitely, definitely don't feel worried about that.

Caitlin Spears [00:28:42]:


Bryan McAnulty [00:28:44]:

So, complete by Caitlin's mission to empower individuals worldwide to feel strong, healthy, confident, How do you see your business kinda evolving in the future?

Caitlin Spears [00:28:55]:

Yeah. So I'm actually already at a scaling phase of my business because I'm just really, really busy, and that's amazing. And I love having my one on one coaching clients and It's great, but, you know, I can only reach so many people because I'm only one person and I only have so many hours in the day to coach. and I also have to have my own life. You know, I can't just be coaching 5 days a week, 8 hours a week. I also have to run the business. So, yeah, so I'm in this point of scaling my business and right now I actually have this really, really amazing partnership that I'm entering into where I'm launching a course that is going to include the method that I teach my clients. Obviously, it won't have the one coaching, but it's going to have something amazing that I believe is really, really going to set it apart, which is coming from this partnership that I just signed. Obviously, I can't announce what the partnership is yet because we haven't announced it, publicly. but it is going to be huge, and I think it's going to change the way that people look at courses because I think it's going to give it that extra layer of one on one attention without having to have having to pay 1000 of 1000 of dollars for a one on one coach. So I'm launching that we're beta testing it in September. We're launch pre launching in October, full launch November December. So really, really excited about scaling my business and just the possibility of reaching so many more people, you know, with a course that I it has this method in it that I believe in. I've I've tested it out. I've tried it with dozens dozens of people now. So I feel like I've really, like, perfected it. Obviously, I know I'll change it as I grow and as I evolve and as the method, I feel like it needs change. But the cool thing is is now I can reach, you know, so many more people who might not can afford that one on one coaching, but they still want to get those results.

Bryan McAnulty [00:30:53]:

Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. I I think that's a a great way to, like, utilize a course as someone who, even if you prefer the coaching, where, like, I've seen this for a lot of, like, fitness coaches where, like, they still, like, love doing, like, the one on one coaching, but, like, there's certain, like, basics that you can get out of the way and have somebody learn by taking the course, and then they're, like, more ready for you to be able to provide that transformation where, like, that's where you can provide the real value as a coach anyways as well. so, yeah, that sounds great. one question I have is that I like to ask every guest if they have a question to ask the audience. So if you're gonna ask our audience anything about, like, something you're curious about or something you kinda just want them to be thinking about, what would that be?

Caitlin Spears [00:31:42]:

Yeah. I think, you know, let's stay in line with my health and wellness, business. If there was one thing that you really wanted to focus on you're pertaining to your health? Like, what would that be? What is one big health goal that you have for yourself this year that you really wanna reach in these last, what, 5, 6 months of the year.

Bryan McAnulty [00:32:06]:

Awesome. Yeah. Great. Great thing to think about. Alright. And then Caitlin, before we get going, where else can people find you online?

Caitlin Spears [00:32:14]:

Yes. So I am at Caitlin Shea Spears. on all social media platforms, and that is my complete by Caitlyn social medias. I am also at, the CBC cbcmethod.com. That's my website. And, yeah, Caitlin Chase Spears on all platforms. Alright. Awesome. Thanks so much, Caitlin. Thank you so much. This has been great.

Bryan McAnulty [00:32:41]:

I'd like to take a moment to invite you join our free community of over 5000 creators at creatorclimb.com. If you enjoyed this episode and wanna hear more, check out the HEIGHTS platform YouTube channel every Tuesday at 9 AM US Central. To get notified when new episodes release, join our newsletter at creators adventure.com. Until then, keep learning, and I'll see you in the next episode.

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