Heights Platform Best AI Info Product Platforms: Create Info Products With AI

Best AI Info Product Platforms: Create Info Products With AI

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If you've been keeping up with the latest advancements in AI, you'll know that artificial intelligence holds incredible possibilities.

AI can be your partner in generating ideas, exploring new topics, answering complex questions, and even crafting original art, content, and products to sell online.

One way to use AI in your business is to create info products.

In this article, we'll share with you the best AI platforms to create info products, which kind of info products you can create with AI, and how to grow an online business using AI.

What Are Info Products?

Info products, short for information products, are digital items designed to provide valuable knowledge or information to the end user.

They come in different formats, such as ebooks, online courses, video tutorials, webinars, etc...

As the name suggests, the point of an info product is to provide information to others, help them learn a new skill or share new knowledge.

If you're skilled or passionate about a particular subject, like cooking, fitness, or digital marketing, you can create an info product to share your expertise and start making money online. For instance, you could compile your best recipes into an e-book, create an online fitness course, or host a webinar on mastering social media.

People purchase information products to acquire new skills, solve problems, or gain knowledge in specific areas.

These products are extremely convenient both for the creator and for the end user, allowing access from computers, phones, or tablets, and the flexibility to learn at one's own pace.

You don't necessarily need AI to create and sell info products, however, artificial intelligence can help you streamline the creation process: in fact, AI-powered info products are gaining popularity due to their simplicity in creation and distribution.

Artificial intelligence can assist you in content creation, idea generation, data analysis, and even coming up with new marketing strategies.

What Info Products Can You Create With AI?

Before we dive into our favorite AI tools to create digital products, let's see what you can create first:

#1: Online Courses

While people often associate info products with eBooks or guides, online courses are a great example of an extremely valuable info product you can start selling online.

Creating an online course has never been easier, thanks to artificial intelligence!

Online courses offer more value than simple digital downloads, providing a profitable avenue to launch an online business.

These self-paced educational programs consist of video lessons, written content, and supplementary resources, allowing learners to access materials at their own convenience. This kind of business model is well known for its many benefits: low initial costs, high-profit margins and fulfilling work.

A common misconception is that you need official qualifications or certificates to create a course; instead, what matters most is your passion for the subject and your ability to provide value to students.

AI, especially with tools like Heights AI (which we will discuss later in the article), makes the process of creating online courses super easy.

Heights AI, trained by the Heights Platform team, assists in generating course drafts, titles, outlines, and descriptions and even offers coaching sessions, making it an ultimate tool for course creators.

#2: Digital Downloads

Another popular category of info products, easily created with AI, is digital downloads.

These downloadable files, such as eBooks, PDFs, webinars, templates, and worksheets, present an excellent opportunity for generating an additional revenue stream in your business.

AI can assist in creating and marketing these digital products. For example, AI-generated art tools or chat-based AI like ChatGPT can help in crafting images, graphics, or accompanying content.

#3: Membership Sites

A membership site is another great idea for an info product. These sites can offer a variety of products like classes, courses, workshops, downloadable items, live events, and community forums - all reserved for members behind a paywall.

They provide a consistent income source for the creator and the chance to build a connected community.

AI can assist in creating content for these membership sites, especially if you plan to offer courses within the membership.

#4: Online Communities

Online communities bring people with common interests together, and can be a great tool to engage your target audience and grow your business.

These virtual spaces foster discussions, information exchange, and relationship-building.

Heights Platform Community

For community builders, AI, like ChatGPT and Heights AI, can be valuable tools (keep reading below to learn about these tools).

These AI platforms can generate content for community channels, brainstorm ideas, draft posts or announcements, and even assist in customer service through AI-driven chatbots.

Learn more about digital products you can start selling with AI: 7 AI-Generated Digital Products You Can Start Selling Online Today

Best AI Tools To Create Info Products

Now that you know about which AI info products you can start creating, let's see what are our favorite AI tools to help you with creating, brainstorming, and selling info products.

Heights AI

Heights AI is a helpful tool for course creators, coaches and community builders.

This AI tool can quickly generate online courses, provide guidance and recommendations on your idea, and create various marketing elements and content.

Unlike general AI tools, Heights AI is specifically trained in online course creation and promotion based on the knowledge of the Heights Platform team.

Heights AI course creation

Here's how you can use Heights AI :

  • Generate an online course instantly with a powerful title, lesson outline, description, and cover image - all created automatically within Heights Platform.
  • Chat with the AI to ask questions about course creation, marketing, and using Heights. The AI provides answers and support on various aspects of building and promoting courses.
  • Use the AI to edit your products by giving text commands. For example, you can ask it to change your course price, publish your course, enable landing pages, and more.
  • Enhance your website's SEO with AI. In Heights Platform, you can build your entire website with unlimited pages. With a simple click, the AI checks your webpage for SEO and suggests improvements based on SEO principles. This helps your page rank higher on search engines like Google, making it easier for your ideal customers to find you.
Heights AI course creation AI tool

With Heights AI, it is extremely easy to start your course business! After giving your course title or idea to the AI, this course creator tool generates a course draft, offers suggestions for your title, creates a full lesson outline, and crafts a compelling course description.

Your course draft is automatically generated within your Heights account, complete with a great cover image chosen by the AI. After this, all that is left for you to do it populate the course lessons with your unique insights and start selling!

Heights AI Coach

Launching your own business can be tough, especially if you're going it alone. It's normal to feel a bit lost in the process.

Meet the Heights AI Coach – your personal AI mentor here to help your business thrive at any time.

Wondering how it works?

This AI is part of your Heights Platform account. After a quick chat to understand your business goals and challenges, it creates a personalized strategy just for you.

Different from other AI tools that need constant input, the Heights AI Coach acts independently, giving you new tasks every week.

Share your business struggles, successes, and goals. Based on this, the AI Coach sends you weekly tasks and advice for growth.

It keeps learning about your business, offering personalized guidance without requiring much from you. By tracking your progress and goals, the coach suggests a strategy just for you.

Best part? The Heights AI Coach is free with the Heights Platform Pro Plan. Get tailored advice and support 24/7 without breaking the bank!


The tools we have seen so far (Heights AI and Heights AI Coach) are awesome AI tools specifically designed for online course creators, coaches and community builders.

If you need something more generic, then you probably already know about ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can be used in so many ways, including helping you to start an info product business model. Being mainly a text-based AI tool, ChatGPT is a great platform to edit, rephrase, and generate copy for your business.

But it can also be a great ally in coming up with new strategies for marketing, brainstorming business model ideas, understanding your customer persona, and so much more.

If we take the info product business model, ChatGPT can help you in a variety of ways. If you are selling courses, you could use ChatGPT to help you brainstorm lesson ideas and help you write course copy and marketing materials (although we recommend using Heights AI for this, as it is specifically developed for course creators).

If you are writing an eBook, ChatGPT can help you proofread it, correct your grammar mistakes, improve your writing tone, summarize big chunks of text and even come up with new topics you could write about.

If you are creating a worksheet or templates, ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas about it, help you understand what your target audience is looking for and more.

If you are building an online community, ChatGPT can help you come up with new topics to share in the community, ways to keep your members engaged, generate posts and more.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! We could write about this all day, so if you want to learn more about how to use ChatGPT to create digital products or help you in your business, check out this other article from our blog: Best Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Solopreneur Business [+ ChatGPT Prompts]

Adobe Firefly

Adobe has introduced a new AI tool called Firefly, allowing users to easily edit images by typing commands.

With Firefly, you can create images, add text effects, and edit videos.

Notable features include generating image variations, adjusting light and mood, changing backgrounds, converting pictures into vectors, and modifying videos with text prompts.

Adobe designed Firefly to assist creatives in enhancing their skills and unleashing creativity by saving time and reducing manual effort.

Dall E and Midjourney

OpenAI's DALL-E and Midjourney stand out as AI image generators. The latter is mainly known for crafting fantasy and dream-like pictures.

By providing a written prompt, users can prompt Midjourney and DALL-E to generate images within minutes.

Midjourney AI

The AI of these tools is versatile, capable of producing images in various artistic forms, ranging from hyperrealistic to abstract, and even designs and graphics.

Like other AI image-generating tools, these tools offer a significant time-saving advantage for creators, sparing them from the extensive manual labor required by traditional tools like Photoshop.

DALL-E is fairly intuitive to use. In the case of Midjourney, creators interact with the bot through a chat application such as Discord.

You communicate with straightforward text commands for both AI image generators, requiring no coding expertise to produce visually appealing images.

Start Your Info Product Business Today With Heights AI

The world of digital product creation has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence.

Info products, such as courses, digital downloads, membership sites, and online communities, have become more accessible and easy to create with the assistance of AI tools.

Among these AI tools, Heights AI and Heights AI Coach are the best choices for online course creators, coaches, and community builders. Heights AI simplifies the course creation process by generating drafts, titles, outlines, and descriptions, while Heights AI Coach acts as a personalized mentor, offering tailored guidance and tasks for business growth.

Whether you're venturing into online courses, digital downloads, or membership sites, Heights AI can help! Try it out for yourself by creating your Heights Platform free account today! (no credit card needed).

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