Heights Platform Does Podia Have AI Features? How to Create Online Courses With AI

Does Podia Have AI Features? How to Create Online Courses With AI

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Are you thinking of starting an online course business, and you are looking for the best online course platform out there?

Then you are in the right place! Starting a business in 2024 means that you can leverage the power of AI.

This is why many creators are now looking for an AI-powered learning platform to host their courses.

Today, we will have a look at Podia, an online course platform, and whether or not it offers any AI features. We will also show you other course platforms that offer AI tools for their creators, and how you can use them to grow your business.

The other platform we will analyze is Heights Platform, an AI powered learning platform that stands out from the rest, thanks to its renowned AI tools.

Does Podia Offer AI Features?

No, Podia doesn't offer any AI features as of today (April 2024), and it doesn't look like they are planning to add any AI tools any time soon.

If you are selling online courses in 2024, you need an online course platform that offers built-in artificial intelligence features to help you build and grow.

Podia AI features

While Podia doesn't have any AI tools, there is another platform that creators choose for their cutting-edge AI capabilities.

This platform is Heights Platform, which offers a suite of AI tools as part of their Heights AI. So let's have a look at which kind of AI features you can expect from Heights Platform.

Which Online Course Platform Has the Best AI Tools?

Heights Platform was the first online course and community software to integrate artificial intelligence tools into their program.

They offer a number of key features that help creators build and scale their businesses with artificial intelligence.

Heights Platform AI features for course creation

What makes Heights AI stand out from other online course platforms is the nature of its AI tools. We have analyzed the AI features offered by not only Podia, but also other course software such as Kajabi, Teachable and Thinkific.

These platforms do offer some AI features, but they are really basic and not useful for creators. Most of the AI features offered by the software listed above are copycats of ChatGPT, and are limited to generating text (which sounds unnatural and is obviously AI-generated).

At Heights Platform, we realized that course creators have different needs. Instead of rephrasing text, creators want to grow their business, make more sales, improve the quality of their courses and speed up their content creation processes.

Heights Platform AI features for course creation

That is exactly what our AI tools help you to achieve. In fact, each AI feature that you can find inside Heights AI, has a different purpose and goal.

To help you increase productivity, we have created an AI that edits products for you, like a virtual assistant!

To help you grow your business and make more sales, we have created an AI that analyzes your situation, asks you questions about your business, and sends you a weekly action plan, full of tasks you can complete to reach your goals. Like your own business coach!

To help you create better course content, we built an AI that reviews your course lessons and can even watch the videos you upload to provide accurate and valuable recommendations.

To help you save time and focus on what you love, we have created an AI that eliminates manual work and builds a course draft for you inside your account, together with recommendations on your course idea.

Heights Platform AI features for course creation

These are just a few examples of all of the AI tools you can access in Heights Platform. Here is a list of all the AI features we offer:

  • AI Course Generator (Title, Outline, Description + Course Draft): This AI tool lets you create an online course draft in a few clicks. By simply providing your course title, the AI generates feedback on your idea, a ready-made lesson outline, a course description, and even picks a cover image.
  • Heights AI Chat: You can chat with an AI trained by the Heights team and get help creating and promoting your courses.
  • Heights AI Coach: This AI tool is supposed to replace your business coach, as it sends you weekly tasks to complete to grow your business. It tracks your progress, asks you questions autonomously, and then sends you a personalized action plan to help you achieve your business goals.
  • AI Lesson Review: This tool reviews your online course lessons and offers recommendations on how to improve them. It can even watch your lesson videos!
  • AI Assistant (Product Editor): This AI acts as your virtual assistant by executing text commands. You can ask it to edit your products (ex: "set the price of my course to $500") and it performs the action immediately on your behalf. This way, you can skip the software learning curve!
  • AI SEO Checker: This AI tool helps you optimize your website based on SEO principles so your web pages can rank higher on Google.
Create Your Course With AI

Heights Platform's AI Tools

Now, let's look into the AI features offered by Heights Platform in detail.

AI Course Builder

Heights AI course creation AI tool

Heights AI has a course generator tool that can help you create a course draft within seconds.

To use the tool, you only need to provide the AI with the title of your course. The AI will then generate suggestions on how to improve your course title for better discoverability and conversion.

It will also offer examples of improved titles, create complete lesson plans including a list of modules and lessons based on the title you provide, and generate a compelling course description suitable for marketing your course on your website or attracting new students.

This course generator tool is an excellent resource to find new ideas for your course and provide a starting point for your learning materials and content creation.

It will then build the entire course draft for you within your Heights Platform account, saving you hours of manual work.

Additionally, the AI will search Unsplash to select an appropriate cover image for your course.

AI Lesson Reviewer

Heights Platform AI features for course creationThis tool can review the content of your course lessons! It can read the text in your lessons and watch the videos you upload to provide recommendations on how to improve them.

The AI considers the subject matter of the entire course when analyzing your lesson content.

It will suggest what you can add to your lesson, what needs to be improved or better explained, and it will also generate a few questions that your students might have.

Furthermore, the AI will suggest some action items for your students to complete. These action items are generated based on the video and text content within your lesson.

Heights Platform AI features for course creation imageYou can simply click to insert the items that you like in the lesson text! You can also edit and make any changes to the action items you choose.

We have discovered that adding one or more interactive elements, such as action items for your students within the lessons is extremely helpful.

Heights AI Chat & Product Editor

Heights AI course creation

Heights Platform offers an AI Chat feature that can be found on the right side of the screen by clicking on a pop-up button.

The AI Chat has three main functionalities that can help you in various ways:

  • Chat about course creation and marketing: The AI is trained by the Heights Platform team, who have years of experience in assisting online course creators in growing their businesses. You can ask the AI about digital marketing, building an online course business, building a community business, attracting new students, and more.
  • Answer questions about using Heights Platform: The AI has access to the product knowledge base and can assist you with any technical queries, which is particularly useful if you are new to Heights and want to avoid the learning curve.
  • Edit products on your behalf: The AI can also serve as your personal assistant by executing various tasks on your behalf. You can ask it to publish your course, change its name, set the price, publish your landing page, and more. The AI confirms changes before applying them, making it a convenient alternative to hiring an assistant for your online course business.

Heights Platform AI features for course creationUsers can interact with the AI in a conversational manner, asking questions about course creation, marketing strategies, or how to use the platform.

You can also give specific commands to the AI, such as "Set the price of my online course to $200 and make it live," "Publish the landing page for my photography course," "Write a description for my Yoga course and use it as its description," and "Change my membership title to 'Intro to Playing the Piano'."

Heights AIThe AI can even generate charts about the analytics in your program, allowing you to ask questions like "Show me the student sign-ups for the last 6 months" or "How many people completed lessons from September 2023 until today?"

Heights AI Coach

Heights Platform AI features for course creationThis is one of the most exciting AI tools available on Heights Platform.

The AI Coach, as the name suggests, acts as a business coach, guiding you in growing your course business on a weekly basis!

This tool is designed to help creators manage and grow their businesses.

The AI Coach provides personalized mentorship 24/7 for free, which is an excellent alternative to expensive, in-person coaching.

Heights Platform AI features for course creationThe AI coach analyzes your business and provides tailored strategies for success. It also asks you questions about your business goals and biggest challenges to monitor your progress.

The coach is linked to your Heights Platform account and tracks your progress every week, sending you an action plan containing personalized tasks that you need to complete to reach your desired goals.

It is important to note that the coach is entirely private, and your information remains confidential. Each creator has their own AI Coach, which guarantees individualized attention and privacy. Additionally, we do not use your data for training AI language models.

Heights Platform AI features for course creationTo begin your coaching, you'll chat with the AI about your current business situation, goals, and struggles.

After the first coaching session, the AI generates a tailored marketing plan just for you. But it doesn't stop there.

Every week, you'll receive personalized advice and a set of tasks designed to propel you towards your objectives and business goals.

Heights AI SEO Checker

Heights Platform AI features for course creationDid you know that with Heights Platform, you can build an entire website with unlimited pages?

One of the great features of our platform is the Web Page Builder.

Once you have created a web page, you can get AI-generated SEO recommendations at the click of a button!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for your website to appear high on Google's search results and be easily discovered by potential clients.

Our SEO tool analyzes various aspects of on-page SEO, such as the structure of your text, heading hierarchy, keyword research ideas, recommended keywords, content optimization, internal links, word counts, and more.

By using our built-in SEO tool, you will be able to improve your website's SEO and get more traffic and leads.

Use AI To Grow Your Online Course Business

AI is a powerful tool for any online business - whether you're selling courses, digital products, or coaching programs.

If you want to leverage the power of AI in your business, you need a course platform that offers built-in AI tools.

Today we looked into Podia, and saw that they do not offer any AI features.

So which online course platform is the best choice in terms of AI tools?

Compared to other online platforms, Heights AI offers a unique set of AI tools that are genuinely useful for creators and cannot be found anywhere else.

These tools, such as the AI course generator, AI coach, lesson reviewer, chat, and more, can significantly enhance the course creation process and help creators increase your productivity so you can focus on what you do best: creating unique content for your students.

Try Heights AI by creating your free Heights Platform account today. You don't even need to provide a credit card!

Create Your Course With AI