Heights Platform Best AI Tools For Online Course Creators, Designers and Entrepreneurs

Best AI Tools For Online Course Creators, Designers and Entrepreneurs

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the talk of today. 2023 has seen some major advancements in the field of AI, and it seems like this trend is here to stay, and it will only get better with every passing day.

Many people are scared about the implication that AI can have on our role in society. However, especially for creatives, artificial intelligence can be a fantastic tool to help us save time, automate manual tasks and improve our quality of life.

With so many new companies and tools taking advantage of AI, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

As a content creator or a creative entrepreneur, what are the best AI tools for creators you can start using today to take your business and craft to the next level?

Keep reading below to find your next favorite AI content creation tools for creators: whether you are a marketer, graphic designer, online course creator, content creator, social media influencer, writer, video creator and so on...

Best AI Tool for Course Creators and Coaches

Heights AI

Heights Platform AI online course creation

The Heights AI is an artificial intelligence tool for course creators, powered partly by Chat-GPT APIs, designed to assist creators in building and growing their online course business.

This AI course creator tool can help online course creators generate an online course in seconds, offer recommendations and guidance, generate marketing elements and coach creators on how to build a thriving online business or use Heights Platform.

Unlike other general AI tools that simply generate or summarize text, the Heights AI has been specifically trained on everything the Heights Platform team knows about online course creation and promotion.

Here are the main ways to use the AI in Heights Platform:

  • Generate an online course and get feedback on your idea (complete with a powerful online course title, lesson outline, course description, and even a cover image! All automatically built for you inside Heights Platform!)
  • Chat with the AI and ask questions about course creation, marketing and how to use Heights! The Heights AI chat can answer a wide range of questions related to building and promoting an online course, as well as provide coaching and support on how to use Heights Platform.
  • The AI can edit your products! Let the Heights AI become your own personal assistant. Simply give a text command to the AI and tell it what you would like to edit. After confirming the action, the AI immediately applies these changes to your product. For example, you could ask it to "Change my online course price to $200,"  "Publish my course," "Enable the landing page of my online challenge", or even more commands altogether.
  • Improve your website's SEO with AI. In Heights Platform, you can even create your whole website with unlimited pages. Once you are done, with a click of a button, the AI checks your webpage for SEO, and offers insights on how you can improve the content of your page based on SEO principles. This way, your page can rank higher on search engines like Google and get easily discovered by your ideal customers.
Heights Platform AI online course creation

By simply providing a title, the Heights AI generates a course draft for you!

The Heights AI course creator tool also provides recommendations on your title, generates a complete lesson outline, and crafts a compelling course description.

Your course draft is created automatically right inside your Heights account, and the AI will even pick a great cover image for your new course.

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Learn more about this new artificial intelligence for online course creators (AI course creator tool).

Heights AI Coach

AI Coach Heights Platform

Starting a business from scratch can be quite challenging, especially when you're working alone. It's common to struggle with what to do next, and feel lost in your business journey.

The Heights AI Coach is your personal AI mentor, available round the clock to assist in the growth of your business.

How does the AI Coach work?

This AI lives within your Heights Platform account, and after a brief conversation to better understand your business goals and pain points, it evaluates your situation and devises a tailored strategy to address your unique requirements.

Unlike other AI tools needing continuous input, the AI Coach by Heights Platform operates as an independent entity, generating new tasks for you weekly.

You're encouraged to share your challenges, what is working for you in your business, what you are struggling with, your main business goals, and what you want to achieve.

Considering all these insights, Heights AI Coach takes the initiative to send you weekly tasks, advice, and recommendations for business growth.

It studies your business situation over and over again, and delivers personalized guidance without needing much input from you. By observing your progress and understanding your main goals, the coach comes up with a strategy and a clear action plan just for you.

The Heights AI Coach comes included completely free with the Heights Platform Pro Plan. This means that you can access tailored advice and assistance 24/7, without straining your budget!

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Best AI Tools for Graphic Design and Video Editing

Adobe Firefly

Adobe AI Firefly

Adobe has launched an AI tool called Firefly that enables users to quickly modify images by typing commands.

Adobe Firefly lets users create images, text effects, and edit video content.

Among its more prominent features, users can easily generate variations of an image or design, change the light and feel of an image, modify the background, instantly turn a picture into a vector, modify a video with a simple text prompt, and so much more!

With Firefly, Adobe aims to help creatives expand their skills and harness their creativity by saving time and manual effort.


Midjourney AI

Similar to OpenAi's DALL-E, Midjourney is an AI image generator famous for images of fantasy and dream-like themes.

Midjourney can create images in minutes by using a textual prompt provided by the user. The AI is able to generate images in different art forms and styles, from hyperrealistic to abstract.

As with other AI image-generating tools, Midjourney can help creators save hours and hours of work using traditional tools like Photoshop.

To access this tool, creators can use a chat application, Discord, to communicate with the bot and create the images they want. The AI uses simple text commands, and you don't need any coding experience to be able to create aesthetically pleasing images.


RunwayML ai

RunwayML is an AI tool and image/video generating platform where artists can use machine learning tools and natural language processing intuitively, without the need for any coding experience.

Users in Runway ML can generate media ranging from video, audio, images and text. Some of the most noteworthy features of this AI tool are the ability to generate video content by giving the AI a text and image prompt, generate images, expand an image over its boundaries, edit images in different styles, turn an image into a video, erase objects from images and videos, and so much more.

Runway ML is a great ai content creation tool that can simplify the work of designers and video editors and offer new possibilities for creatives with limited practical knowledge.


Soundraw ai

Soundraw is a platform that employs artificial intelligence to help users create unique and royalty-free music that can be used to enhance their content or projects. With Soundraw, users can easily compose their own custom music by specifying the length, tempo, composition, instruments, and genre.

With the automated music generator, you can easily produce AI-generated, royalty-free music by selecting the genre, instruments, mood, and track length you desire. Once you've made these choices, the AI takes over and creates original tracks that meet your specifications.


Synthesia ai

Synthesia is an AI avatar generation tool that lets you create training videos using the looks and voice of hyperrealistic avatars as if you hired a paid actor to create an explaining video for you!

Synthesia has a huge collection of avatars you can choose from based on your preferences on gender, look, background and even accents. Their AI avatars look and sound quite real, and you can even add micro gestures to their facial expressions: for example, you can make the avatar wink, nod, frown, and shake their heads...

They have 120+ languages available and choose between 85+ diverse stock avatars. If you are not happy with the avatar, you can also have your avatar created from a short video of yourself.

This app is great for creators who are uncomfortable speaking to a camera and showing their face in a video or have a limited budget and cannot afford to hire a videographer and a paid actor.


Murf ai

Murf is an AI speech generator that lets you create audio files of voices with relatively natural-sounding speeches.

With over 100 AI voices from 15 languages to choose from, Murf allows users to select preferences such as speaker, accents/voice styles, and tone or purpose.

One of Murf's top features is its voice changer, which allows users to record voiceovers without using their own voice. The tool's voiceovers can also be customized by pitch, speed, and volume. Users can add pauses and emphasis or change pronunciation.

Some of the key features of Murf include expressive emotional speaking styles, support for both audio and text input, AI Voice-Over Studio and customization through tone, accents, and other options.

Best AI Tools for Marketing

Surfer SEO

Surfer seo ai

Surfer SEO is a partly AI-powered platform that optimizes your blog posts for SEO.

It is more than an AI writing software, as it helps writers and content creators to scale their content creation efforts, automate their SEO workflow and make their website and blog posts rank higher on search engines.

Surfer uses AI writing tools to offer suggestions to writers that can optimize a page and improve the SEO score and overall ranking against competitors. You can connect your domain via Google Search Console, and Surfer will send you weekly data-driven insights about improving your content creation, internal linking opportunities, backlinking and keywords.

Another way Surfer uses AI to speed up the writing process is with the outline generator. This SEO and Ai writing tool helps users generate an outline for a blog post and offer a list of keywords to target inside it.


Looka ai

Looka is a branding and graphic design platform powered by AI, which enables you to design a brand identity from scratch, beginning with your logo.

Once the AI helps you design your logo, you can utilize your Brand Kit to generate various marketing materials, including business cards, social media posts, letterheads, posters, and more.

Looka utilizes AI to help creators build logos that convey the company's style and messaging, making it easy to brand your business.

Even if you lack design skills, this tool simplifies the content creation process of creating customized marketing materials through AI-generated content.

Best AI Tools for Business Operations

Fin by Intercom

Fin Intercom

Fin is an AI-powered customer chatbot created by Intercom.

Unlike most bots that require manual curation of responses by a human, Fin works with zero setups or training.

Fin can instantly resolve queries by learning from a company's existing support articles and providing answers based on that content.

When a customer asks Fin a question, the AI chatbot may respond by including quotes and links to resources. If human interaction is necessary, Fin can recognize harder questions and pass them on to support agents.


Krisp ai

Krisp is a microphone noise-canceling software that utilizes AI technology to suppress ambient noise during calls. By placing a virtual filter between your microphone and your calling app, Krisp effectively blocks out any background noise.

Krisp's noise cancellation technology is particularly advanced. It is powered by a Deep Neural Network that has been trained with over 20,000 types of noise, 50,000 unique speakers, and more than 2,500 hours of audio data.

With a single click, Krisp operates as an intelligent intermediary between your device and any online communication tool to remove all ambient noise.

Check out our video on the best AI tools for creators.


AI is here to stay, so you should take advantage of this technology that can help you save time and automate aspects of your work.

The tools and platforms listed in this article aim to assist creators in their business and craft by using artificial intelligence for content creation, writing, image generation, video editing and customer support.

If you are an online course creator, try the Heights AI and the AI Coach to help you kick-start your online course creation effort and seamlessly generate all the resources and materials you need to start an online course business.

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