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How COVID Jumpstarted the Businesses of Many Online Course Creators

Day after day for the past month, Heights Platform has seen record traffic numbers both from creators and students. As a result, some planned performance improvements became more immediately necessary to handle the increased traffic. ...

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Applying Gamification and Psychology Principles to Improve How We Learn

Game and social media companies have invested heavily in designers, psychologists, and research in order to implement positive feedback loops that keep their users coming back and spending increasing amounts of time on their platforms. T...

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Do One Thing and Grow Your Online Course Business

Everyday, do one thing, even if it is small, to move you towards your goal. Discipline is extremely important, and this concept applies not only to students, but also to online course creators. Focus on improving one specific aspect ...

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Why Content Will Always Be King and How You Can Get Started Building Your Own

In 2010, when we were a simple web and print design studio, we wrote an article about why content will always be king. Although the online landscape has changed significantly in the past decade, our ideas still hold true. Below is the or...

How We Learn Build and Promote Your Course

Why Quizzes are Ineffective

Quizzes are a poor way for a teacher to measure what a student has learned, especially when it comes to creative subjects. Constraints of scale and lack of innovation resulted in quizzes being a comfortable choice rather than the best ch...

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