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A Complete Guide on How to Promote Your Online Course and Boost Sales

The Global E-Learning Market is expected to reach $336.98 billion by the year 2026 - according to Syngene research from 2019.  That's great news for creators like you! However, the bigger the market, the greater the competition.  If t...

Build and Promote Your Course

How to Pre-Sell Your Online Course and Profit Before the Launch

Creating an awesome online course that sells like crazy is not a simple task and certainly cannot be accomplished overnight. It is not uncommon for course creators to build a great online course, but then struggle to find customers. You...

Build and Promote Your Course

How COVID Jumpstarted the Businesses of Many Online Course Creators

Day after day for the past month, Heights Platform has seen record traffic numbers both from creators and students. As a result, some planned performance improvements became more immediately necessary to handle the increased traffic. ...

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Overcoming Objections When Selling Online Courses and Coaching Programs

When entering the online course business it is important to learn how to deal with objections that your potential customers might have and gracefully steer them towards the sale. Proper marketing for your online course can help to ad...

Build and Promote Your Course

How Delaying Decisions Can Increase Your Productivity and Make Your Online Course Launch a Success

Why do some course creators and coaches struggle, even though they are taking consistent action? It’s because they might not be taking the RIGHT ACTIONS at the right time. Delaying decisions, to increase productivity? When you first ...

Build and Promote Your Course

Selling Online Courses and Digital Products in Your Learning Program

In addition to being the best way to create a learning platform for selling online courses, Heights Platform is also the best way to use your learning platform to sell any kind of digital product. We're so excited because these new sel...

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How to Stay Motivated Before Making Your First Online Course Sale

It can be hard to find the motivation to continue when you haven’t seen course purchases come in, and especially when that initial online course sale is taking longer than you expected. Your first sale may not have happened yet, but t...

Build and Promote Your Course

How to Increase Your Online Course Earnings by Offering Multiple Payment Plans

Offering multiple payment options to your students can help you to increase your overall earnings for your online courses. Today we offer 3 primary paid enrollment plans that can be used to more flexibly sell your online courses (one...

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How to See the Value in What You Have to Teach and the Fable of “I’m Only Self Taught”

We’ve seen some online course creators battle doubt and worry that they aren’t qualified to teach others. These feelings might be a result of being “only” self taught or simply a result of having not yet reached some ideal, ultimate goal...

Build and Promote Your Course

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know When Creating an Online Course - Build it Around a Result

To succeed in the online course business it is crucial for you to be specific in your teaching. We strongly urge you to build and sell your online course around a specific result if you want it to be successful. Below we’ll share how you...

Build and Promote Your Course

How to Move from 1 On 1 Coaching and Consulting to Create Leverage in Your Business with Online Courses

Creating an online course business gives coaches and consultants the opportunity to create a new stream of income that is not tied to hours spent. More importantly, it provides the potential to impact and reach more clients/students vers...

Build and Promote Your Course

Do One Thing and Grow Your Online Course Business

Everyday, do one thing, even if it is small, to move you towards your goal. Discipline is extremely important, and this concept applies not only to students, but also to online course creators. Focus on improving one specific aspect ...

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Why Content Will Always Be King and How You Can Get Started Building Your Own

In 2010, when we were a simple web and print design studio, we wrote an article about why content will always be king. Although the online landscape has changed significantly in the past decade, our ideas still hold true. Below is the or...

How We Learn Build and Promote Your Course

How to Get Great Lighting and Audio for Your Online Courses - Part 2

While having great lighting is a critical ingredient for a great video, it is arguable that if one had to choose between better audio and better picture quality, the better audio should be the easy choice. Like video, achieving great ...

Build and Promote Your Course

The Myth of Needing Money to Succeed in an Online Course Business

It isn’t necessary to spend tens of thousands on marketing and ads when you launch your online course business. Start with your existing client base. If you don’t have an existing client base, start by creating content and validating...

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How to Reduce Refunds and Payment Disputes when Selling Your Online Course

It’s natural to have customers that are skeptical. Dealing with payment disputes when selling online courses (or selling anything online) is a part of doing business, regardless of how carefully you try to avoid it. There are, however, a...

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How to Get Great Lighting and Audio for Your Online Courses - Part 1

UPDATE: Take a look at the bottom of this post for some new recommendations we have for 2020. One of the biggest factors that differentiates the quality of amateur video courses versus video courses that look truly professionals is no...

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How to Price Your Online Course or Group Coaching Program

How many students do you want to train at once? What level of personal support is needed? Will content be continually updated? What is the value of the result you are providing your students? Many businesses struggle because they make...

Build and Promote Your Course

How to Create Time to Start or Finish Building Your Online Course

It can be difficult to balance striving to be world class at your profession while finding time to teach what you’ve learned in the education program you are building. We'll share a few ways you can make progress towards completing and l...

Build and Promote Your Course

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