Heights Platform Can You Sell Digital Products on Skool? Best Platform to Sell Digital Downloads

Can You Sell Digital Products on Skool? Best Platform to Sell Digital Downloads

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Selling digital products is a great way to start a business online with low risk and high rewards. But what are digital products? And how can you sell them online?

Today we are going to look at a community platform called Skool, and check whether or not you can sell digital products using Skool.

Keep reading below to learn which is the best platform to sell digital products and how you can start your digital product business today!

Can You Sell Digital Products on Skool?

Before we answer this, we need to clarify what we mean by digital product. In theory, a digital product is anything that exists in a digital form and is being sold online. This can be anything, from online courses, to videos, PDFs, live workshops or community access.

However, many people refer to digital products as downloadable files that can be sold through the Internet. Think of eBooks, PDF guides, templates, worksheets and more.

So can you sell these kinds of digital downloads on Skool?

The simple answer is no. On Skool, you can only sell access to a community via a membership model. You can create a course and sell it as part of the membership, and add various resources inside the course, but you cannot sell digital products as a stand-alone offer.

Skool has limited flexibility when it comes to accommodating every creator's business model. The platform only allows you to sell membership access with community features and courses.

This means that you cannot sell an online course or a digital download by itself, it has to be part of the membership community.

Additionally, other than courses, Skool does not offer any other types of digital products that you can sell.

Best Platform to Sell Digital Products

So which platform should you choose to sell digital products?

Heights Platform is the AI-powered online course platform that enables creators to build a complete online knowledge business around their chosen business model.

With Heights Platform, you get to keep 100% of your earnings since there are no transaction fees charged.

As a creator, you have the option to sell all types of digital products, create engaging online courses, build membership programs, and connect with your private community.

Heights is the online course creation platform that provides everything you need to build a thriving online business. Additionally, you can easily create and sell digital products to your audience.

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How to Create a Digital Product Using Heights Platform

While on Skool, you can only create a community and basic courses, Heights Platform has more options for online course creators who want to start their own online business.

You can create engaging courses, sell digital downloads, build thriving communities, and sell access to a membership site.

We could talk about what you can create in Heights all day, but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on digital products.

Let's see now how you can create and sell a digital product inside Heights Platform.

#1: Create Your Digital Product

After accessing your free Heights account, you will land on your Creator Dashboard.

This is where you can access all the crucial areas of your account, such as analytics, settings, and online course creation. Choose "New Product" and then select "Digital Product" to get started.

#2: Edit the Digital Product's Settings

You can create and customize your digital product by providing it with a name, description, and cover image.

You can also edit its settings to fit your specific needs. For instance, if you want to sell an eBook containing smoothie recipes, you can easily do so by customizing the settings of the eBook.

Heights Platform offers a fully customizable digital products feature that allows you to sell various downloadable files such as eBooks, access to events, coaching calls, and many more.

You can choose the product type and let your customers know what your digital product is all about. For example, if you want to sell a coaching call, you can choose the "coaching" type of digital product, and add a link to book a call with you which will be shown once a customer purchases your digital product.

Here are the different customizations that you can apply to your digital product:

  • Enable a landing page: With Heights, you can automatically generate a sales page for your digital product. Potential customers can easily purchase and learn more about your product from this page.
  • Hide your digital product: If you don't want your product to be visible to your existing students and community members, you can choose to hide it. By doing so, the product will only be visible to people who have a direct link to it or those who are granted access.
  • Allow Multiple Purchases: For digital downloads such as themes, templates, and brush packs, you might want to sell licenses. In this case, you can allow your customers to easily purchase the digital download multiple times to own more than one license to the product.
  • Set a launch date and expiration time: You can set a specific launch date for your digital download and allow customers to have access to it only after that date. You can also choose to expire their access a certain number of days after purchase or give them lifetime access.
  • Apply a discount: You can display a sale on your digital product to offer a special discount to your customers and community members.
  • Offer an upsell: You can link your digital product to an upsell, which will be shown at checkout. This is a great way to promote other online courses or products on your Heights account!

If you sell digital downloads, security must be a top priority. You may wonder how to ensure that your digital products are not being misused.

Heights Platform can help you monitor how many licenses a customer has purchased for your digital product, whether they have already downloaded it, how many times they have downloaded it, and the IP address for each download.

This information will give you a better understanding of who is accessing your product, and if you suspect any misuse, you can revoke their access or even block them from your program entirely.

#3: Add the Content for Your Digital Product and Set the Price

After editing your preferred settings, you can proceed to add the content of your digital product and set the price. Your customers will receive this content after purchasing the product.

In our case, it's an eBook, but it could be anything such as a link to a coaching call, details about an event, a PDF, a picture, an audio file, or anything you like.

You may also use it to collect optional donations, with our pay-what-you-want feature, for those who want to support your efforts as a creator!

Now, let's move on to how to set a price and add the file. In this example, we want to sell the eBook for $29, so we simply uploaded the eBook file and included a note with instructions for our customers.

Not sure how to price your product? Check out this article from our blog: How to Price Your Digital Products or Downloads: 6 Bullet-Proof Strategies

#4: Publish and Sell Your Digital Product

We're all set now. The only thing left to do is to publish your digital product and start selling it!

Now that your digital product is published and for sale, you can easily access statistics about its performance.

It's that simple!

If you have enabled the landing page, your potential customers will be able to purchase the digital product easily and access its content right after purchasing it.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Digital downloads and products can be a great addition to your online knowledge business.

They have low-to-zero initial costs, offer high flexibility, and provide you with control over your business. They also deliver high-profit margins, and you can create a recurring leveraged income stream, as they are easy to scale.

Creating and selling digital products allows you to showcase your unique skills and passions, making it convenient for both you and your customers. Unlike physical products, there are no shipping costs, and digital products last forever, giving you a great return on investment.

Learn more about the benefits of selling digital downloads here: Why You Should Start Selling Digital Products Now

Start Selling Digital Products With Heights Platform

If you want to sell online courses and digital products, then Heights Platform is the best choice for you. With powerful community features, it is the best alternative to a Skool community.

Heights Platform lets you sell unlimited courses, build thriving online communities and sell digital downloads from within your program.

heights platform climb outline

In terms of which digital product you can sell, Heights Platform is a versatile platform that helps creators sell a wide range of digital products, including downloadable content, coaching calls, and challenges with fixed start and end dates.

You can use various monetization strategies, from one-time payments, to installments to monthly/annual subscriptions, and even pay-what-you-want pricing plans.

On the other hand, Skool only allows you to sell courses and monetize your community, and the only way you can do so is through monthly subscriptions. This means you cannot sell other digital products on Skool, limiting your potential.

Heights Platform's broader capabilities for selling digital products offer creators more flexibility and potential revenue streams compared to Skool.

We wrote a more detailed article comparing Heights Platform and Skool, where we talk about how these two community platforms compare in terms of key features such as selling online courses, community building, community management, customization options, gamification features, website builder, marketing features and so much more! Read it here: A Better Alternative to Skool for Courses and Community: Heights Platform vs Skool

Start your digital product business today, by creating your free Heights Platform account!

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