Heights Platform 6 Coaching Products and Services You Can Offer With Your Online Coaching Business

6 Coaching Products and Services You Can Offer With Your Online Coaching Business

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Online coaching is all about helping others achieve a goal or reach a transformation in their lives.

Whether you are coaching people to become a better version of themselves, land their dream job or train their new puppy, the most important part of any coaching service is to focus on the result your clients are after.

So before you decide the medium for your coaching - or in other words which coaching products to sell online - it is important that you clarify which end result, which transformation you are going to provide.

Once you figure that out, it's time to choose how you will help people in their journey. There are many different coaching products and services you can sell on the internet.

A common misconception among online coaches today is that you can only choose one. The products we are going to describe below are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is even better to provide multiple service tiers to accommodate all the different stages of your value ladder and customer journey.

Let's see the different types of coaching products and services you can sell in your online business:

1-on-1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching is the most widespread service offered by online coaches out there.

This is considered a coaching service rather than a coaching product. Coaching services are everything that includes exchanging time for money.

On the other hand, coaching products (such as online courses and digital products) offer the coach the opportunity to impact a wider audience and create a leveraged income stream.

With 1-on-1 coaching, you are offering your time and expertise in exchange for money, and you are helping a single client at a time. 1-on-1 coaching can happen in the form of coaching sessions, live calls, meetings and a highly personalized course of actions.

As you are assisting your client 1-on-1, this type of coaching service is the most expensive one. Experienced coaches can make more than 6 figures a year with just a handful of one-on-one coaching clients.

To offer 1-on-1 coaching services, you will need a website or platform designed to charge a fee for clients who want to book a coaching session with you. With Heights Platform, other than creating online courses and membership sites for your audience, you can offer coaching sessions as digital products, connect your favorite scheduling app and charge a fee for booking a coaching call with you.

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Group Coaching Program

Group coaching is a coaching service that is increasing in popularity over the last few years.

Similar to 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching offers the expertise and advice of a coach but to a small group of clients. Generally, group coaching programs see a small group of people coming together with a common purpose, where the coach help participants set goals, spread awareness, take actions and work towards a transformation.

Even though group coaching does not benefit from the one-on-one individual focus between client and coach, it is generally still done between a small group of people, so most of the times group coaching clients still receive a great amount of value and personalized assistance.

On top of this, there is the benefit of the peer connection: group programs allow people from different backgrounds to come together and work towards a common goal. Participants can share their experiences and help each other.

This group learning is sometimes as important as the individual interaction with the coach.

Group coaching programs today assume different forms and can be structured in different ways. However, most of the time group coaching happens through live meetings or sessions where the coach encourages discussions among participants and organizes different activities for the group.


A mastermind consists of a peer-to-peer mentoring group that coaches use to help clients achieve their goals with assistance and advice from both the coach and the other group members.

The structure of a mastermind is very similar to the one of a group coaching program, however, masterminds are more exclusive and reserved for vetted members only. For many coaches, a mastermind is the highest ticket offerings and comes at the highest price.

Masterminds are also longer than group coaching programs and can be compared to membership sites in terms of length, with the added bonus of exclusivity and curated members.

In order to join a mastermind, clients need to comply with certain qualifications chosen by the coach. This makes sure that mastermind members have a similar level of expertise around their niche and can help each other by sharing unique mentorship, together with the assistance of the coach.

To create a mastermind, you will need an online course platform that offers community building and membership tools, where you can schedule meetings, calls and offer continuous content to your members. Heights Platform is a great choice for coaches who want to build their masterminds in the form of an exclusive membership site.

Online Course

Online courses can be considered coaching products, rather than coaching services. This means that with online courses your revenue is not tied to your time anymore, and you can create a leveraged income stream more easily.

Online courses can be defined as a collection of pre-recorded lessons organized to help the course participant achieve a certain result. As with coaching, online courses should help students achieve a specific goal or transformation, but at their own pace and without the individual guidance of the coach.

This type of digital product is a fantastic way to attract new clients and introduce them to your coaching services. Depending on the result your online course provides to students, you can sell online courses at a variety of different price ranges.

Learn more about how to price your online course in this article from our blog: Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your Online Course (With Earnings Calculator)

To create an online course, you need a specialized course creation platform to help you structure the content of your course, charge enrollment fees, collect data about students and offer community-building tools to boost engagement. Heights Platform’s online course software lets you do all this and more and helps thousands of creators and coaches build their online knowledge businesses.

Membership Site

Like online courses, membership sites are gated courses that offer members-only content for a prolonged period of time: students would pay a fee in order to access content for a longer period of time compared to an online course.

Membership sites are a perfect fit if you want to continuously offer content to your clients, and are extremely popular with fitness, cooking, wellness, business or mentorship niches, where students need to receive constant support and learning in order to achieve their goals.

To create a membership site, you will need a platform designed specifically to offer content to a few members and charge membership fees. Heights Platform can help you create awesome membership sites, choose your preferred payment method (one-time fee, installments or monthly subscriptions) to charge your members, drip release lessons in your memberships and more.

Digital Product

As the name suggests, digital products are products that can be accessed online and do not have a physical component.

Products like eBooks, PDFs, guides, videos, templates and so on are all examples of digital products you can sell together with your coaching services.

Usually, coaches sell digital products that can be downloaded by their clients to complement the teachings and information they receive through the coaching program, memberships or online courses.

If you are looking for ideas for your next digital products to sell, check out this article from our blog: 9 Profitable Digital Product Ideas You Can Start Selling Online To Earn Extra Income

The value you can provide to your clients with a digital product cannot be compared to an online course or a coaching session, however, digital products are a great idea to attract new potential clients and introduce them to your program, if offered as a lead magnet.


Today we described some of the most popular coaching products and services you can sell as an online coach.

Many creators make the mistake to assume that these products are mutually exclusive, and they only focus on providing one service. However, it might be beneficial to offer multiple products offerings to your audience, at different price ranges and value propositions. This way you'll get a higher chance of gaining new clients and introducing them to your program gradually.

If you are ready to start your own online coaching business, Heights Platform offers you all the tools you need to start selling online courses, digital products, membership sites and coaching programs.

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