Heights Platform Does Teachable Have Gamification? How to Create Engaging Online Courses

Does Teachable Have Gamification? How to Create Engaging Online Courses

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Gamification is an important part of any online course. By adding gamification features to online courses, creators are improving their students' learning experience and overall level of engagement.

Examples of online courses' gamification tools involve implementing a points-based system or awarding badges and honors to learners upon finishing a lesson or accomplishing a specific objective.

There are many tools you can use to add gamification features to your online courses, and it all comes down to which online course platform you are using and whether or not it offers any gamification features.

If you are wondering whether Teachable is the right online course platform for you and if it offers gamification tools, keep reading below.

Does Teachable Have Gamification Features?

No, Teachable doesn't offer built-in gamification elements. The only features Teachable creators can use that resemble gamification are quizzes and certificates of completion (not available in all pricing plans).

Teachable gamification is very limited and lacks essential tools such as points, badges, rewards, community and more.

Aside from its very basic gamification tools, the only way for Teachable creators to access more useful gamification features is to integrate with third-party apps. However, this procedure can be complex and require a manual process. Plus, you may have to pay an additional subscription to use the third-party application.

The Online Course Platform With Built-In Gamification

To make your online courses more engaging, you need a platform with fun gamification elements.

Heights Platform is the online course creation platform that can help you easily reward your students for their achievements and build a feeling of engagement among your students.

You can make learning enjoyable with game elements like points, badges, assignments, projects and community. When a student finishes a lesson in your Heights Platform course, they can get a customized number of points or a unique badge as a reward.

Heights platform gamification

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and Heights Platform offers many more gamification and community features to engage and motivate students!

Plus, Heights Platform doesn't take any transaction fees or commissions from you: everything you earn is 100% yours to keep!

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Why is Online Courses Gamification so Important?

Heights Platform is built to make it easy for course creators to craft engaging online courses without having to worry about the psychology behind student motivation.

Gamification in online learning uses psychological principles similar to our social media or video games approach.

Our brain can only handle so much information at once: gamification tools and set limits in an online course platform help build a consistent set of actions for the student to take to minimize distractions. A clear set of actions is why we enjoy playing casual video games to relax.

Another way that gamification in online learning mimics phycology is with unexpected rewards.

The brain gets excited when students receive unknown rewards: just like social media notifications, Heights Platform can offer surprises like new badges or notifications when the student logs in.

Check out this article from our blog to learn more about this: Applying Gamification and Psychology Principles to Improve How We Learn

Gamification can make a difference in the success of most online courses and even improve completion rates. You might have the best, most informative learning program in the world, but if students do not enjoy going through it, they will find it very hard to complete it and actually get its benefits.

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Simple game elements and community features can motivate students to keep learning, log into your course materials every day and maybe even let their friends know about it!

This is why you need an online course platform like Heights Platform that focuses on the student's learning experience and offers outstanding gamification and community features.

Let's see in more detail how Heights Platform can help you gamify your online courses:

5 Gamification Features in Heights Platform

Heights Platform has built-in gamification tools, so you don't have to use external software or manually add gamification to your course.

Here are some ways to create an engaging learning experience for your customers with Heights Platform:

#1: Points

When students finish a lesson in your course on Heights Platform, they can earn points.

Points are turned on by default, but you can turn them off. You can also choose to give different points for each lesson: for example, if you consider a lesson to be more complex or important than another, you could assign a higher number of points to students who complete it.

Heights platform points online course

Points are an excellent motivator for students to finish lessons and keep learning. They also provide data for creators to measure students' progress in the course materials.

With Heights Platform, you can get detailed analytics on students' performance. This makes it easier to understand how students are doing in the course, their preferred materials, and where they may need help.

#2: Badges

Badges are another gamification tool available on Heights Platform. They are automatically granted to students, so you don't have to set them up or spend time manually awarding them.

You can even customize the badges and create your own.

There are two types of badges on Heights Platform. The first type is System Badges. They are default badges automatically granted to students when they meet specific conditions in your online courses (e.g., completing the first lesson, earning 100 points, etc.).

lesson image

The second type is Custom Badges. As a creator, you can create your own badges with custom images and styles. You can also manually award these badges to students.

Heights Platform provides a selection of pre-made custom badges that you can edit with your own name and description.

#3: Projects

Heights Platform has a special feature called Projects that helps students apply what they've learned from your online courses in a practical setting.

Projects are more beneficial than standard tests or quizzes because they allow students to showcase their knowledge and skills.

Heights Platform gamification projects

As the course creator, you can include at least one project in your course that aligns with the course goal. Projects in Heights Platform promote hands-on learning and encourages creativity and engagement from students.

Students can provide feedback, vote on each other's projects, and submit their own for evaluation.

For example, let's say you're teaching a course on baking. The project for your students could be to create their own recipe for a dessert using the techniques and principles taught in the course. They could submit their recipe and photos of the finished product and receive feedback and votes from other students in the course.

#4: Assignments

Heights Platform allows you to create assignment lessons for your students. With assignments, you can ask your students to complete a task or answer a question at the end of a lesson. They can type in their answers and even upload files.

You can review their assignment answers and provide feedback. Assignments are a great way to track your student's progress, let them practice their new knowledge, and keep them engaged in the learning process.

#5: Completion Certificates

You can award completion certificates to your online course students with Heights Platform.

Teachable also offers a completion certificate feature. However, it is only available on their Pro Plan and up, offering less flexibility and features compared to Heights.

Inside Heights, certificates are given to students as recognition for completing their course or a specific section.

online course completion certificate Heights Platform

You can customize the certificates to match your brand's style, add a signature or your logo and customize the colors of the certificate. Plus, you get to choose when to award them and to whom!

Once you set up the settings, Heights Platform will automatically deliver the certificates to your students when they complete one of your online courses.

Learn more about creating certificates for your students here: How to Offer Certificates of Completion in Your Online Course


Which is the best course platform for adding gamification to online courses?

Teachable doesn't offer any gamification elements, and creators can only add quizzes or generate certificates of completion for their students.

On the other hand, Heights Platform was built with the student's experience in mind. With Heights, you get all the features to can create online courses, membership sites, challenges, or sell digital products, and you get total freedom to structure your online business the way you want.

Heights Platform Community

Gamification tools can make learning more fun and interesting. This article uncovered how Heights Platform is a better option than Teachable when it comes to gamification and creating awesome online courses, with no transaction fees!

Heights Platform offers many ways to help creators make learning more engaging and fun for students, including giving out points and badges and creating assignments, projects and completion certificates.

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