Heights Platform How to Create an Employee Training Online Course

How to Create an Employee Training Online Course

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Employees are the backbone of your business or organization, and it is important that they receive the training they need to perform toward your company goals.

However, many businesses do not have a structured process when it comes to employee training - which can often result in knowledge gaps and lost time and money.

Especially if you are running a remote company, where your employees are not in the same physical space as you - it can be challenging to deliver the training they need once they start working for you.

An online training program is a great way to introduce new employees to your company's culture and values and bring them up to speed quickly so they are ready to start working in a confident way.

But how do you create an employee training course?

This is what you will discover in this article, so keep reading below to learn about the best online course software out there, how to create an employee training course and why you should offer employee training today.

What is an Employee Training Online Course?

Online corporate training refers to training programs conducted over the Internet, aiming to educate employees for overall business improvement.

Businesses opt for these solutions to ensure their staff possess the necessary skills to perform effectively, which in turn helps the company grow.

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If you are not familiar with the term, an online course is a collection of modules and lessons, typically including pre-recorded videos and additional learning resources (such as text, files, projects etc...). The students going through the online course can learn at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Creating online courses for training company employees offers several benefits. A study shows that 68% of workers consider training and development one of the most important policies in their workplace.

Online courses provide a flexible learning environment, allowing employees to access materials at their convenience accommodating diverse schedules and learning paces (perfect for remote-based companies!).

They also ensure that all employees receive the same information and training program quality, thanks to the consistent nature of an online course: the content inside the online course is composed of pre-recorded lessons, so all employees go through the same training.

Additionally, online courses often incorporate interactive elements, gamification, and multimedia resources, which can enhance engagement and knowledge retention.

Plus, employee training online courses also offer benefits to the company: a study shows that businesses that invested in employee development saw a 58% increase in employee retention.

Finding and hiring the right people can be a time-consuming and costly affair, so it goes without saying that it is important to offer your new recruits all the resources they need to learn and grow within the company.

Last but not least, effective employee training programs that are carried out online can save companies a lot of money compared to training people in person or 1:1.

By creating an online training program once, you can reuse it over and over again for each new employee you bring to the company.

Plus, online courses, thanks to their digital nature, are extremely easy to update - so you can keep them relevant as your company changes and evolves.

This means that when you hire a new employee, instead of spending hundreds of hours personally training them - or paying another person to do it - they can do this on their own time through the course you have previously created, so you can focus on running your business and save your valuable time, while still offering a great onboarding experience for your employees!

Use Cases of Training Online Courses

These kinds of online courses have many different use cases thanks to their flexibility. You can structure an online course as you want, making it extremely adaptable for different uses and situations.

Here is a list of possible use cases you can try for your employee training plan:

  • Training Programs For New Employees: Online courses are invaluable for onboarding new hires, providing a structured way to introduce them to company policies, procedures, and culture. It ensures consistency and enables newcomers to learn at their own pace.
  • Offering Continuous Learning for Existing Employees: These courses serve as a platform for ongoing skill development and keeping existing staff updated on industry trends, new technologies, soft skills or changes within the company. It promotes a culture of continuous improvement and career advancement.

The image above shows a sneak peek of an online course created with Heights Platform (the all-in-one, AI-powered online course creation software) by Dr. Randy Moore, a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. His online courses are aimed at preparing other professionals to excel in their MSKS exams.

  • Training Your Customers: Providing online courses for customers helps familiarize them with your product or service, improving user experience and reducing support queries. It can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Compliance Training Programs: Online courses are instrumental in delivering and tracking mandatory compliance training, ensuring employees understand and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements specific to their roles and industry.
  • Remote Work Training Programs: With the rise in remote work, courses on remote work best practices, cybersecurity, and effective virtual collaboration can help employees adapt to and excel in a remote work setting.
  • Management and Leadership Development: Tailored courses for managerial positions can help develop leadership skills, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking, nurturing future leaders within the company.

How to Create an Employee Training Online Course

So now that you know what an employee training program is and what the benefits of offering one for your employees, let's see how you can get started to create one.

Step #1: Define the Topic of Your Online Course

Begin by identifying the specific skills, knowledge, training objectives or procedures you want to teach your employees.

Consider their needs, the company's objectives, and any gaps in current knowledge.

For instance, if it's sales training program, outline the modules covering product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer interaction.

Step #2: Create a Heights Platform Account

To start building your course, sign up with Heights Platform, an AI-powered platform designed for course creation and community engagement.

With its user-friendly interface, you can structure your course content, add multimedia elements, and utilize its tools for engagement and interactivity.

Why should you choose Heights Platform to host your employees' online training courses?\

  • You can create unlimited online courses using this platform (starting from their Basic plan)
  • Heights Platform uses built-in gamification tools to make learning fun for your employees
  • You can track key analytics and insights about how your employees engage with your content and progress through their training programs

  • You can assign projects and assignments to help your employees grow - and then review their answers
  • You can use your company's branding in the learning platform and completely remove the Heights Platform branding. Add your logo, company colors and style and use a custom domain to create a really professional training platform.
Why Heights Platform is the best online course software
  • You can add "authors" to help you build the course content (for example, invite other people from your company to contribute to the courses). Depending on the plan you choose, you can add up to 25 admin users.
  • You can customize the platform for different employees: for example, if you want to offer a different learning experience to new employees vs management training programs.
  • Multiple AI tools to help you create learning programs faster and better.

These are just a few benefits that companies can get from using Heights Platform as their hosting platform for their online courses.

Try it out for yourself by creating a free trial account for 30 days!

Create Your Online Course Today

Step #3: Upload the Content of Your Training Course

Once you have created your Heights Platform account, it is time to start adding content to your online courses.

Gather or create the necessary training materials, such as videos, presentations, documents, or assignments, that align with your defined course topics.

heights platform climb outline

Use Heights Platform's intuitive Climb Outline feature to easily structure and organize your course into modules and lessons and then customize the look and feel of your online course.

Step #4: Invite Your Employees to The Course

Once your course content is uploaded and ready to go, it is time to invite your employees to the course.

You could do this in a few different ways using Heights Platform:

  • You can publish your course and send an email to your employees inviting them to sign up by creating an account
  • You can manually create an account for your employees (this will send them automated emails with their login credentials)
  • If you have many employees to enroll, you can bulk-import them into the course via a spreadsheet, and they will automatically receive an email with their login credentials

After this, you are done! Now you are ready to invite your employees to your online training course and help them learn and grow with you!

Create Your Online Employee Training Program Using Heights Platform

In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, employee training and development is a critical investment for companies aiming for success.

Creating an online training program is a great solution to bridge the gap between new hires and company expectations, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

With the convenience and flexibility of online courses, businesses can streamline onboarding processes and offer ongoing education for employees, regardless of their geographic location.

The benefits are many, from ensuring uniform knowledge to enhancing engagement through interactive, multimedia-rich content and training materials.

Choosing the right platform to host these courses is crucial.

Heights Platform is the best solution for creators and companies seeking a seamless, customizable, and efficient way to deliver and manage their training programs.

Features from gamification tools to in-depth analytics cater to diverse training needs while maintaining a professional, company-branded learning environment.

Try Heights Platform for your company's training needs by creating your 30-day free trial today!

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