Heights Platform How to Move from 1-on-1 Coaching to Create Leverage With an Online Course Creation Business

How to Move from 1-on-1 Coaching to Create Leverage With an Online Course Creation Business

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An online course creation business gives coaches and consultants the opportunity to create a new stream of income that is not tied to hours spent. More importantly, it provides the potential to impact and reach more clients/students versus 1 on 1 coaching. Surely you have seen others in your field with online course products, but there might be a few reasons that have held you back from creating your own online course. In this post we hope to dispel concerns around creating an online course, and provide clear reasons why offering an online course product as part of your business has great benefits.

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Common Negative Associations Around Selling Content Online vs Traditional Coaching, and How Online Course Creation Done Right can Provide Tremendous Value

If you haven’t already started your selling content and training in the form of online courses, it might be because you have been skeptical about a way to effectively translate the result that you are able to provide in a one on one situation, versus in an online course. You might have also struggled with the idea of selling online training and courses after hearing about course marketplace sites where you can upload video content and the marketplaces will pay you a percentage of the sale when a student enrolls. If this is what you think of when you picture an online course, then there are probably a couple of reasons that you became deterred from the idea of starting your own (and we would agree with them!).

One reason you might be deterred from creating an online course is that you realize it is extremely difficult to help students achieve a real result from a simple video download in a larger course marketplace. This significantly detracts from the real value of your content and your ability as a coach or consultant. Since there is less value to the student on a marketplace like this, prices of learning content and courses end up reflecting that, and courses end up selling at rock bottom prices (often well under $100). This creates two massive problems. The first problem is you cannot make the same impact on your students and create the same kind of results for them in a learning marketplace. The second is that you can not earn nearly the same amount of money in doing so. In the end, when you give your content to a marketplace like this, the marketplace is the only one to come out on top, not you, and not your clients and students. Learn more about why we believe pricing your higher is best in our article about how to price your online course. In order to price your course higher, the value it provides will have to reflect that, which brings us to the solution that offers the most for both you and your students.

The Solution for Online Courses Done Right

It is difficult to get students to take action and fully understand every piece of content without a system in place to provide additional support to them.

At Heights, we believe in empowering coaches and teachers so that they can present their content in a platform that will help them understand their student’s progress, strengths and weaknesses. In the same way that companies like Shopify empower entrepreneurs to build online stores, we aim to make building and selling your online courses as effortless as possible.

Our idea of a successful online course is one that can provide strong results for your students and clients, and one that allows students to learn from and interact with not only you their coach, but also with each other. As a coach you should be able to visualize student progress and performance in your course. If you’ve seen online courses with this kind of structure and features already and if you were worried about the technical challenges and costs involved in setup, then worry no longer, because we have removed the technical hassles to make the creation and launch of a successful online course as simple as possible.

When you have a complete platform of student interaction, mentor feedback, and systems for students to implement what they’ve learned, all packaged together under your own brand on your own website, the value of what you are selling your clients/students and the result you can get for them dramatically changes vs a $10 video course in a marketplace, or a simple video on Youtube. It is these ingredients that help to facilitate better results for your students and allow you to charge $1000 for your online course instead $10.

Uncap your Income Potential and Impact more Lives with your Online Course

If you are a coach or consultant and your business model currently focuses on offering one on one consulting services, even if you charge a high hourly rate, your income has a hard cap. In addition to that, the number of people you can impact has a hard cap as well because your impact is directly tied to the time you spend on your business.

Once you’ve filled your schedule with clients, you’ll arrive at a point where the only option to increase your income in this model would be to raise your rates. Even for the best coaches, there is eventually a limit on what the market is willing to and able to pay. For this reason the way to grow is either to switch or supplement your income with a more scalable business model that allows you to leverage your time.

While you may want to maintain your high ticket one-on-one coaching or consulting offering, building an online school or online course will help your business reach new heights (pardon the pun).

Ways to Integrate Online Courses into your Existing Coaching or Consulting Offering

Below are potential pathways for integrating the selling of an online course into your existing coaching or consulting business:

  1. If you are already holding in person events with some of your clients, you can build the event and learning journey of your clients around your new online course. For instance, you could sell a package that starts with your online course, and ends in an in person event where students meet their peers and share what they’ve accomplished. A combination like this builds accountability and helps students work towards their goal because they know they must be prepared to use what they’ve learned from your online course content, before they attend your event.
  2. If you already hold online video trainings with single clients or small groups of clients, your online course can be a bridge between your online trainings. With Heights Platform you can even use our announcements feature to let students in your platform know when your next group online training or call will be.
  3. If you intend to keep your online coaching offering as a more personalized service, your online course can serve a different audience at a lower cost than your 1 on 1 coaching. You can reach and impact more with your course, and there will always be the few that need and can afford more than what your course offers. These customers can work with you 1 on 1 instead. Those who have purchased and completed your online course might even turn into new 1 on 1 coaching clients down the road.

Hopefully this post gave you some added perspective about the benefits of offering an online course to your customers. If you are already a coach or consultant, and still have concerns about getting started in translating your content to an online course, please reach out to us!

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