Heights Platform How to Use AI to Create an Online Course [And Scale Your Business!]

How to Use AI to Create an Online Course [And Scale Your Business!]

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Artificial intelligence is the talk of the moment.

And many companies, such as OpenAI, are making it more accessible than ever.

AI can be used for tasks such as chat, data analysis, and generating text and images, and it has opened up new opportunities - including business opportunities and new ways to make money online (or at least simplify how we run businesses).

We talk more about this in this article from our blog: The Best Ways to Make Money Online With AI

Today we want to discuss one specific way to make money online with AI: creating online courses with artificial intelligence.

Can you build an online course with AI? And how can AI help online course creators?

Keep reading below to learn all about using AI to create an online course and how this tool can help you monetize your knowledge online.

How to Use AI the Right Way

So it is no secret that AI can do amazing things. However, it still requires input and guidance from a human.

Before we get into all the ways you can use artificial intelligence as a course creator, it is important to note that simply using AI is not a magic way to make money online.

The kind of artificial intelligence tools that we will talk about in this article are simply helpful allies to help you do the work that you already know (or should already know) how to do - and they can be powerful learning tools as well.

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How to Use AI to Create an Online Course

Tools like ChatGPT are large language models that can generate text and carry on human-like conversations over a range of topics.

While ChatGPT could potentially be used to help you create an online course, it was not built with that purpose in mind.

To better help online course creators, we have built our own AI inside Heights Platform, the all-in-one online course creation software.

So let's see how you can use Heights AI to help you build an online course, learn more about marketing and course creation, automate manual processes and even get your own private coach to kick-start your business!

Have you ever wished to have a dedicated coach helping you create the perfect online course?

Heights Platform has developed Heights AI, an innovative and Chat-GPT powered AI tool that assists online course creators and coaches in building the foundation of their businesses and reaching new levels of success.

With the Heights AI, you get an expert coach that can respond to your questions instantly and guide you towards creating the online course of your dreams.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business to new heights, the Heights AI can help you achieve your goals.

Here is how it works.

What is Heights AI?

Heights AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed by Heights Platform, an online course creation software. The AI is powered by Chat-GPT APIs and it is designed to assist course creators in building and growing their online course business.

So far, there are three ways to use the AI in Heights Platform:

  • Generate a whole online course draft from an idea only: by providing your course title, the AI will create a course outline, course description, a detailed review about your course title and will auto-generate the online course right inside your Heights account (it will even pick a relevant cover image for you).
  • You can chat with the AI and ask questions about course creation, marketing, and how to use the platform.
  • Get the AI to review your website and optimize your pages for SEO.
  • Get coached by the AI: this AI lives inside your account and constantly analyzes your business situation. You can share your goals, struggles and ideas with the coach. Then, it comes up with a personalized action plan specific to your needs and sends you weekly tasks to grow your business.
Heights AI is an AI Course Creator and copilot assistant.

How to Create an Online Course With AI Inside Heights Platform

With Heights AI, creating an online course has never been easier!

All you have to do is provide a title to the AI, and it generates a course draft for you, complete with lesson outline and a course description ready for marketing. It even chooses a cover image to make your course stand out.

The AI tool also gives recommendations on your title to make it better and more attractive to potential course students.

And the best part? Everything is done automatically within your Heights account.

Thousands of creators are already using Heights AI. To gain access to this amazing tool, simply create your free account today.

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So let's see this process in detail.

We are going to test Heights AI and give it a course title of: "How to Become a Wedding Planner"

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

All you have to do is simply write the idea of your course in the box, as shown in the picture above, and click on Get Feedback.

From here, the AI will work its magic and generate recommendations to improve your title for marketing and SEO, create a course description for you, generate a lesson outline and save you the hustle of manually creating the course.

Let's see its results!

First, we get the recommendation on the course title:

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

According to the AI, the title "How to become a wedding planner" could be improved - and we couldn't agree more!

For starters, there are many other courses out there with the same or a similar title, so the biggest suggestion of the Heights AI is to narrow it down a little more.

If you can't read from the picture, here are some titles that the AI recommends instead:

  • Learn How to Become a Successful Wedding Planner in Five Weeks: this is great because it specifies a time frame (and it can make all the difference when it comes to purchasing decisions!)
  • How to Become a Successful Destination Wedding Planner in Five Weeks: another great way to narrow it down is by specifying the niche your students are interested in
  • Learn How to Plan Dream Weddings and Make a Lasting Impression: this one plays on the emotional side of the students... genius!

Ok, now that we got our course title's recommendations, let's move to the next step... The course outline suggestions!

The outline is like a roadmap for your course, made up of lessons and modules that guide students to the end result. It's really important to have a clear outline for your course.

With the help of the AI-generated outline, you can speed up the course creation process and even discover new topics or lessons you might not have thought about on your own. This means you can get your course up and running faster, and make it even better!

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

As you can see the AI has generated a list of lessons that I can you as a starting point for my course.

As a course creator, you are the expert in your field, so you can decide to use this as inspiration or go your own way!

Let's see what the AI has created for us next.

A course description!

Your course description is a key part of selling your course. It helps potential students understand what your course is all about and decide if it's right for them.

A good course description should answer their biggest questions and concerns and guide them to take the next step.

It's important to make sure your course description is clear and informative, and addresses the most common doubts or questions that your potential students may have.

With the right description, you can convince more people to enroll in your course and achieve their learning goals.

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

Last but not least, you can have the AI take all these elements that it has generated, and automatically create an online course for you, right inside your Heights account!

This can save you a lot of time and manual effort and bring you one step closer to launching your online course business.

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

From here, you can choose to have the AI create the course for you, or switch to the chat and ask questions to the AI (we will talk about this later).

Let's see it in action, here is the course that the AI generated for us from the example above:

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

The AI even chose that cover image for the course! Pretty neat, right?

Now all you have to do is populate the lessons with your videos and unique insights, and you are ready to sell!

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Use AI to Grow Your Online Business and Get Coached

Starting a business from the very beginning can be really tough, especially if you're doing it alone and don't have a lot of money or a team to help you. Many new business owners struggle to know what steps to take next to make their business grow. They wish they had someone experienced to guide them.

Good news! AI can be a helpful friend here. There's a special tool called the AI Coach by Heights Platform that can be like your personal mentor as you begin your online business.

AI Coach Heights Platform

So, how does this tool work? Well, it's like having a smart friend inside your Heights Platform account. Each person using Heights gets their very own AI coach, just for them. You start by chatting with this AI coach about what you want to do with your business and what's causing you trouble.

Then, the coach looks at your situation and figures out a plan that fits you. Here's the cool part: Unlike other AI tools where you always have to give them directions, the AI Coach here works on its own. It gives you new tasks and plans every week.

You can tell the coach about your problems, what's going well, your main business goals, and what you want to do in the short and long term. By knowing all this stuff and watching how you're doing, the AI Coach gives you tasks, tips, and ideas every week to help your business grow.

The best part is that the AI Coach comes with the Heights Platform Pro Plan for free. This means you can get personal advice and help anytime you need it, without spending a lot of money!

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Use AI to Learn About Online Course Creation

Another great way to use the Heights AI is to chat, and ask questions about building an online course, promoting your business or using Heights Platform.

The chat feature of Heights AI is a helpful tool that allows creators to get instant coaching and support.

You can ask a wide range of questions, from how to promote your course to how to validate your ideas or even how to change your profile picture. There are thousands of potential questions that Heights AI can help answer!

Heights AI online course creation AI

Use AI to Optimize Your Website SEO

One of the newest features of the Heights AI is an SEO reviewer for your website pages.

In case you didn't know, with Heights Platform, you can create a whole website for your business with unlimited pages!

The Web Page Builder is a tool inside Heights Platform that lets you create and publish website pages without needing any coding skills.

You can build your whole website using the Web Page Builder without having to pay extra for another web design tool. With the drag-and-drop editor and ready-made templates, you can create beautiful websites in no time.

This feature is available to Pro and Academy plan users, and you can build unlimited web pages and host your website through Heights Platform.

Learn more about the Web Page Builder here: How to Build a Website for Your Online Course Business

So, as we were saying, the Heights AI can help you with your SEO in the Web Page Builder.

SEO is super important if you want your website to show high on Google's search results and be discovered by your future clients.

The Heights AI analyzes your In-Page SEO and offers recommendations on how to improve it for better results.

Let's see an example of the Heights AI in action!

Here is a snippet of how the Web Page Builder looks like in Heights Platform:

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

With the click of a button, the Heights AI starts analyzing this web page for SEO improvements.

Here is the page we are analyzing for reference: https://www.creatorclimb.com/

Creator Climb is our online community for course creators and coaches, you can join if you want - it's free!

Let's see what the SEO recommendations from the AI are:

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

The first thing that the AI notices is the topic of the page, and the keywords we should be focusing on. In this case, "online course creation software" - that's right, that is what Heights is - "course creator" and "course creation experts" - sounds about right.

Then it offers suggestions on H1 and H2 tags and how to improve them. And finally, it analyzes the length of the page for SEO.

Start Using AI to Grow Your Online Course Business

The Heights AI is an awesome tool that transforms the way you create and promote an online course.

With the help of GPT-powered features, you can get immediate coaching and support on all aspects of creating and promoting your course.

If you want to start an online knowledge business and sell unique courses, create your free account to try the Heights AI today.

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