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Introducing Heights Platform

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Many of the greatest problems we face today as a society and as individuals can be solved with better education. We believe that the current systems for higher education are failing, and we built Heights Platform to help solve this problem and to improve the future of learning. Our philosophy focuses on using the power of modern technology and thinking, to come up with methods of learning that are the most effective. We proudly ignore conventions that exist for no other reason than people claiming, “this is how it was always done”, and we focus on technology and design to provide better results than outdated methods.

When building Heights, we focused sharply on two goals: First and most importantly, to be able to create results for students by ensuring that our platform enables knowledge to be put into practice better than existing methods of learning. Second, we want to empower mentors who have knowledge in specific subjects, by giving them a way to share and monetize that knowledge as effortlessly as possible.

During development our interaction design process took inspiration from game mechanics that impart a sense of discovery and reward. Heights Platform motivates students to continue through a program by creating a feeling of progression and accomplishment. We know our mentors have mastered what they are teaching, and Heights Platform allows them to share that knowledge without the need for being a master course designer.

Our continued development and improvement to Heights Platform will be based on feedback from our mentors, but our choices for improvements will be highly opinionated so as to ensure their student’s success. As we mentioned before, we focus on the success of students because when a mentor’s students are successful, the mentor will be too.

In the future, the only professions that exist will be creative ones. Most everything else will be automated. We want mentors using our platform to be preparing their students for long term success. Heights Platform supports this by being specifically designed to help students learn to hone creative skills rather than training for menial tasks or policy memorization.

Today more and more people are seeing paths from traditional college and universities not provide them the value that was expected. Fortunately, at the same time, many see value in continued learning after school and are more willing to spend money on your educational content, whether it benefits them professionally or is related to a creative hobby.

As we grow, we will be using this blog to share our ideas behind what we build, as well as strategies to help mentors promote their program and guide their students.

We are excited for what the future holds, and for what we will bring to it.

Be brilliant.

- The team at Velora (creators of Heights Platform)

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