Heights Platform Introducing Modules, an Improved Support Experience, and a Heights Platform Facebook Group for Online Course Creators

Introducing Modules, an Improved Support Experience, and a Heights Platform Facebook Group for Online Course Creators

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We just launched another major feature update, and it includes the release of our most requested feature — Modules for your courses!

That’s not all. Today we also launched a private facebook group for Heights Platform course creators to share course creation and marketing strategies with our community.

Since the addition of modules represents such a huge change to the way you can structure your course content inside Heights, we recorded a short video walkthrough explaining how the modules feature works. If you’d prefer to read about the update instead, you can find all the details below:

Video walkthrough of how modules work inside Heights Platform

Modules for Courses!

  1. You can now group the lessons in every course you create in Heights Platform into modules, which function as chapters or sections of lessons, helping large courses stay better organized.
  2. Like lessons, modules can be drip released. This is great for creators who want to release batches of lessons to their students every week. Previously creators had to set a release day for every lesson. Now, if a group of lessons is meant to launch at the same time, you can simply set the release day on the module instead.
  3. Modules are completely optional! If you like how your content was structured before, then there is no need to change it. If you do decide to add modules to a certain course, you can do so at any time. We believe this is very important because unlike other platforms that force you to use modules, there are many times where modules are not necessary (especially for shorter courses).
Heights Platform course modules
Add modules to your courses when you need them, and skip them when you don't

Updated Support Experience:

  1. As many of you know, we believe that providing great support is super important. We’ve overhauled our support system so that you can now browse relevant knowledge base articles directly on the page you are working on without having to open a separate page for our knowledge base, breaking the flow of your productivity.
  2. As a creator, if you can’t find the answer you are looking for in our help topics, you can contact our team directly from any page of your program. You can also view past support conversations inside Heights Platform, so there is no need to jump back to your email if you don’t want to.
Heights Platform Support Experience
Find help content as you work, and contact our team from any page of your program

Private Facebook Group:

  1. We’ve been planning this for some time now, and we are excited to launch a private facebook group for Heights Platform course creators to share strategies with each other: Join here!
Heights Platform Facebook Group
Join our brand new facebook group for online course creators

Other Additions:

  • Links created in the editor now default to opening in a new tab for students.
  • Option to pay annually for those that prefer it on our video hosting add-on
  • Lesson Organization Shortcuts: Copy lessons and move lessons between courses either by dragging and dropping or by the new shortcut menu at the top right of a lesson.
  • Course descriptions now have their own text editor. Adjust text styles on your course descriptions the same way that you do on your lessons
  • Easily revoke a student’s access of individual courses via the grant access page when editing a student.
  • Added the ability to remove individual attachments from lessons without requiring the lesson to be deleted. If you make a mistake and upload something in the wrong place, it is now easier to remove that individual file.
  • Better support for small images that are less than the width of your editor or landing page content, ensuring that these images are centered by default.


  • Fixed an issue where some valid domains were not being accepted when entering a custom domain in your account settings.
  • Fixed an issue where PayPal could show incorrect cents in certain currencies for individually sold courses.
  • Fixed an issue where transparent PNGs would not retain transparency when added to landing pages.
  • Lesson reading time is not shown if the lesson has no text content (for those that want to have a lesson with some kind of media, but no text at all).
  • Allowed a greater variety of file types to be uploaded to lesson attachments as digital products.
  • Additional minor fixes and improvements.

We typically release major updates every couple weeks. See details for our last major release and vote on what you'd like to see next on our public roadmap.

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