Heights Platform Is Business Coaching Expensive? How to Get Affordable Business Coaching

Is Business Coaching Expensive? How to Get Affordable Business Coaching

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Hiring a business coach can help new entrepreneurs get a head start with their business, and avoid many mistakes in the early stages of growth.

So if you are thinking about hiring a coach, you need to be aware of the expenses and costs of doing so.

Keep reading below to learn about the cost of coaching services and a more affordable alternative to business coaching if you are a solopreneur building a digital product business!

How Much Does a Business Coach Cost?

The first question that many small business owners have when thinking about coaching is: Is business coaching expensive?

The answer is, most of the time, yes.

Business coaching fees usually vary from $500 to $5000 per month or even more.

The most experienced coaches, such as Tony Robbins charge a whopping $1m per year to get private coaching with them. But there are generally rare cases and smaller business coaches have more affordable rates.

The pricing structure of business coaching also varies. You might see various packages offered by business coaches, often based on the number of coaching calls within a specific timeframe.

For example, a business coach might charge $4000 for 12 calls over a set period of three months.

Other business coaches might charge hourly rates, generally ranging from $100 to $500 per hour.

So, as you can see, business coaching rates can vary depending on many factors (both one on one and group coaching prices), such as the popularity of the coach, their level of experience in the industry, their availability etc...

What is the Role of Business Coaches?

Business coaches offer guidance and support to entrepreneurs and teams seeking to enhance their business skills and performance.

Their primary objective is to help clients achieve their business goals efficiently.

These coaches are adept in areas like management, leadership, marketing, and sales, often drawing from their own entrepreneurial experiences.

They leverage their expertise to help clients identify strengths, weaknesses, set achievable goals, and develop actionable plans.

Key responsibilities of business coaches encompass defining measurable goals, aiding in strategic planning, enhancing leadership skills through training, ensuring accountability, facilitating effective problem-solving, and even addressing personal development aspects that influence business success.

Their motivation and encouragement keep coaching clients focused on their business journey.

Business coaching normally happens through a series of virtual or in-person meetings between the coach and the client, where the coach helps identify their client's business goals and develop an action plan to achieve them.

How to Find the Right Business Coach for You

Looking for the perfect fit in a business coach can be quite time-consuming. But it is important to carry out proper research before settling on one person over the other.

After all, hiring a business coach is a big investment, so you want to make sure that it is worth undertaking by choosing carefully.

When looking for a good business coach, start by clarifying your personal and business objectives and the areas of improvement you want to focus on.

Following this, researching potential coaches through online platforms, referrals, or industry events aids in identifying professionals aligned with their goals. Remember to evaluate the coaches' past experiences, expertise, and success stories by checking their website and their referrals.

Personal compatibility is crucial, so having free initial coaching sessions with the coaching candidate is essential to understand the coach's communication style and methodology.

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An Affordable Alternative to Business Coaching: Heights AI Coach by Heights Platform

If you're not ready to spend a lot of money on business coaching, without any guarantee of success, but you still want someone to help you with your business, then Heights AI Coach is a great option for you.

Heights AI Coach was developed by Heights Platform.

It is like a personal AI mentor that's always available, day and night.

It looks at your business situation and gives you specific advice without needing much input from you. It watches how you're doing and understands your goals, making a plan that's just for you.

AI Coach Heights Platform

And guess what?

If you can't afford a regular business coach, the AI coach is included for free if you're a Heights Platform customer!

When you choose Heights Platform's Pro plan, you automatically get your own personal coach as part of the deal.

Heights Platform is the all-in-one online course creation software where you can build your whole business and knowledge ecosystem. You can create online courses, sell membership sites, digital products, online challenges and build thriving online communities.

Here's how it works: The AI Coach lives right in your Heights Platform account, where you have your courses and digital products.

Unlike other AI tools, you don't have to keep telling asking it questions all the time to get it to help you. It learns about what you're doing and automatically gives you new things to do every week.

After a short chat to know what you want and what's hard for you in your business, your AI coach makes a plan tailored to your unique goals, struggles and situation. Each week, it generates new tasks for you to do that'll get you closer to your goals.

lesson image

All you need to do is chat with your business coach once a week to tell them about what you've done, what's going well, and what's not.

You can share your problems, things you've achieved, and what you want to do. The AI Coach listens to everything and sends you new tasks, tips, and ideas each week to help your business grow based on what you need.

Using an AI Coach vs Hiring a Business Coach

Using Heights AI Coach offers distinct advantages over hiring a traditional Business Coach. Let's see them below.

  • Cost-Free Guidance: The AI Coach is completely free with the Heights Platform's Pro Plan, providing budget-friendly assistance that doesn't strain your finances. Compared to hiring a business coach, which might cost you several thousands of dollars each month, this coach is free and included in your Heights subscription.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Creators using the AI Coach do not have to worry about privacy, as it maintains 100% confidentiality, ensuring your business concerns and strategies stay private. Plus, the information you share with your coach is not used to train other AI models. Each Heights Platform creator gets their own private coach, separate from the others!
  • Round-the-Clock Assistance: Unlike a human coach with limited availability, the AI Coach is at your service 24/7, offering guidance whenever you need it, without scheduling constraints.
  • Instantaneous Responses: The AI Coach provides immediate support, eliminating wait times and enabling you to address challenges promptly and without delay.
  • Non-Judgmental Environment: Being a machine, the AI Coach is unbiased and non-judgmental, creating a comfortable space for open discussions about your business matters.
  • Save Time Finding a Coach: Once you have decided to get a coach, it takes effort to find the right one. With Heights AI Coach you don't have to spend that time. Plus, should you ever want Heights AI Coach to adjust how it works for you, you can either let it or the Heights Platform support team know, and they can help pass notes along to tailor it better for you.
  • Objective Insights: The AI Coach taps into vast AI-driven knowledge + it was trained by the Heights Platform team's content created over years of helping other creators like you. This means that you get access to a huge pool of knowledge, ensuring well-rounded and informed advice devoid of personal biases.

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Hiring a business coach can undoubtedly provide valuable guidance and support to entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the complexities of business growth.

However, the cost associated with traditional business coaching can be quite significant, ranging from hundreds to even thousands of dollars per month.

The expenses, coupled with the time-consuming process of finding the right coach, might deter many small business owners from seeking coaching altogether.

Fortunately, there is a more affordable alternative that doesn't compromise on quality – the AI Coach by Heights Platform.

This innovative AI-driven mentor offers distinct advantages, particularly for those conscious of their budget. With Heights AI Coach, you gain cost-free guidance as it comes included with Heights Platform's Pro Plan, saving you from the substantial financial commitment of hiring an executive coach.

Furthermore, Heights AI Coach offers privacy, round-the-clock availability, instantaneous responses, and a non-judgmental environment. Its objectivity and vast knowledge base, shaped by the expertise of the Heights Platform team, ensure you receive well-rounded advice that's tailored to your unique business needs.

Ultimately, Heights AI Coach is the perfect solution for business owners seeking effective guidance without the hefty price tag.

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