Heights Platform Online Course Landing Page: 6 Things to Include to Maximize Conversions

Online Course Landing Page: 6 Things to Include to Maximize Conversions

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If you are selling online courses, you should have a landing page where people can buy your course.

But a landing page is much more than that: aside from providing a "space" where people can access your program and purchase new products from you, it should inform and convince every visitor passing through your site.

When you have been spending weeks or months building the content for your online course, crafting a landing page might seem like an unnecessary detail.

However, the copy you use on your landing page, your design and the way you promote your products can definitely have an impact on your sales.

So how can you build an online course landing page that works and helps you sell?

Keep reading below because, in today's article, we will share what you should include in your online course landing page and our tips for building the best possible sales page.

Headline: The Result of Your Course

Your landing page copy and headline should communicate clearly what your course is about, but more importantly, how your customers will benefit from it and what results they will achieve.

So whatever you are promising to your audience, specify it in the headline and main title on your landing page.

Remember that ultimately your customers aren't looking to buy an online course; they are looking to solve a problem, achieve a result, and get a transformation in their lives. So make sure you clearly communicate the result your course will provide!

The result you are aiming for should be reasonable and in line with your course content. If you promise something you cannot deliver, your customers will eventually realize and be dissatisfied with your online course.

The headline of your landing page can be the title of your online course or a sentence that clearly represents what transformation, and benefit your customers will get from the course.

This section in the landing page is extremely important as it is the first thing a visitor sees when opening your site, so it needs to be clear enough to communicate your result, and enticing enough, so visitors keep browsing through your site.

Website Copy: Answer These Questions

The text you write on your online course landing page should have the following functions:

  1. Provide important information about your course
  2. Answer all of your readers' questions
  3. Convince readers to buy your course

To write great website copy, keep in mind what your customers want. Check out this article from our blog to learn more about how to use copywriting to sell more online courses: Copywriting Tips to Sell More Online Courses

Since you are the creator of your online course, it can be hard to read your website copy as if you were a complete stranger and it is possible to give some information for granted that would actually be helpful for your new customers. So here are a few questions you should answer to with your landing page copy:

What are you selling?

This might seem obvious to you, but it is not for first-time visitors. So make sure that you are clearly describing your online course or whatever you are selling! Here is the time to mention the result you provide to your students and how you can help them.

Why are you different?

Your Unique Value proposition can be anything that differentiates you from your competitors and provides great value to your customers. Let your website readers know why your online course is unique, what kind of experiences led you to create the course, what special lessons it offers, what will they gain upon completion (and so on...)?

Who is your course for?

Who is your ideal customer? Are you targeting a specific group (ex: working moms, men over 60, US expats, medical trainees...), or can anyone take your course? There is no right or wrong answer here, but whoever your target audience is, specify this in your website copy!

Let's say as an example that you specify that your course is designed to help female Canadian writers quit their 9 to 5 job: if a girl from Canada wants to become a writer and she is looking for an online course, she will pick yours over the competition in a heartbeat because you are talking to her directly!

How does it work?

Give a sneak peek of your method or process, what kind of lessons the students will learn, how long the course is or how your sales process works. This should not be your primary copy: potential students should be able to read this information in a Q&A section or somewhere not so prominent.

Calls to Action

Calls-to-Action, most commonly known as CTAs, are the links that move your customers from visiting your landing page to purchasing your online course. Without CTAs, it would be very hard to sell courses online.

If you are not familiar with the term, a CTA is essentially a button with a link that tells people what to do next, and what actions to take. For example, a call to action button would typically say something like, “subscribe”, “sign up”, “enroll today”, or “purchase now”.

On your landing page, CTAs are essential since they guide your website visitors to taking the next step (purchase your online course, sign up for your newsletter, read a blog post, join your membership site...).

Since calls-to-action are so important, you’ll want them to stand out from the rest of the landing page content.

You can achieve this by placing CTAs strategically, giving them a different, attention-grabbing color and font (while still aligning with your brand style). You can add multiple CTAs to a single landing page, especially if you have a lot of content.

Social Proof

Social proof is extremely important when it comes to selling digital products online. Your course landing page is a great place to showcase your glowing testimonials!

So if you already have great online course reviews to share, make sure to add them to your landing page! If not, don't worry.

Collecting reviews can take you a lot of time, which is why it is important to come up with a strategy on how to maximize your reviews from day 1.

If you want to learn more tactics to gain reviews quickly, check out this article from our blog: 7 Quick Tips to Collect Reviews Easily and Increase Social Proof in Your Online Course

Images & Videos

Another important part of any landing page is images, graphics and video content.

Images, pictures, screenshots and graphics can give your potential customers an idea of what your online course looks like or show them what they can achieve by taking it.

Videos are becoming a must for online course creators who want to hook their website visitors by quickly explaining the benefits of their courses and what their business is about.

Statistics show that landing pages that include videos can increase conversions by 86%!

You don't have to be a professional graphic designer or video editor to create appealing images or put together a quick introductory video about your online course. Today there are countless tools that allow you to create beautiful graphics with virtually no knowledge or experience. Otherwise, you can always hire someone to do it for you!

Appealing Design and UI

Can the design of your landing page impact conversions?


One thing is for sure, the design of a webpage affects the level of trust visitors have towards the brand and its perceived value!

If you stumble upon a site with horrible, outdated design, you would think twice before investing money in whatever they are selling, right?

You don't have to be a world-class web designer to create a clear, clean and easy-to-read website that promotes conversions. Generally speaking, when it comes to design, you never go wrong by keeping things simple and consistent.

Heights Platform gives you full flexibility in terms of design: you can change the colors of your site, upload your logo, and custom images, and change the fonts and even the overall feel of the course.

Not to mention that aside from our current landing page builder, we are working on offering a new website designer space in Heights with lots more features to give you the freedom to design the site you want! (Coming Soon!)

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