Heights Platform 34 Profitable Business Ideas To Start in 2024

34 Profitable Business Ideas To Start in 2024

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If you are thinking of starting an online business in 2024, then you are in the right place.

With so many new technologies coming out every day, the world of online business has never been so dynamic, and it is not short of new and exciting opportunities.

Today, we will cover the best online business ideas for 2024 you can start today. So, keep reading below to get inspiration for your next online business idea.

34 Online Business Ideas You Can Start in 2024

The internet is full of online businesses, and new ones are created every day. But this doesn't mean that there is no space for you to start your own business in this crowded market.

The key to standing out from your competition is to find your niche and offer unique solutions to your customer's pain points.

This is exactly what the business ideas in our first category are doing. We will start by covering our favorite business ideas you can start this year.

Our Top Picks

The "Our Top Picks" category includes businesses that provide real value to your customers while being easy to start and very profitable for the creator.

This includes businesses where you (the founder) have the opportunity to generate leveraged income, as opposed to trading your time for money as you would do in a service business or 9-5 job.

So, let’s get right into it!

#1: Create and Sell Online Courses

Our number 1 favorite successful online business idea is to sell courses online.

What is an online course? An online course is an educational program that students go through online at their own pace. As the creator, you build an online course by coming up with an outline and recording video lessons, as well as creating other learning resources that can be helpful to your students.

An online course helps others achieve a certain goal, solve a problem or gain a dream transformation in their lives.

This is the key differentiation between online courses as a business and traditional education classes. Your customers are paying to learn something new that can help them in their lives.

There are two main ways to sell online courses: from your own website and under your brand name or through a third-party marketplace.

In the first option (from your own website), you build a proper online business under your own brand name, and you get to keep 100% of the revenue that you earn. Plus, you have full access to your customers, and you can decide to offer more products or services in the future. In this scenario, you handle your own promotion and marketing efforts.

In the second option (selling courses through a marketplace), you are bound by the rules of the marketplace, and you have to give up a big chunk of your earnings. Plus, you do not have the freedom to set your course price and cannot access your customer's information. However, the marketplace might make it easier for your course to get found.

We cover all the differences between selling courses through your own business vs in a marketplace here: Online Course Software vs Marketplace: Which is Better for Your Business?

Why do we love this business idea?

Creating and selling online courses has many benefits, both for the business owner and for their customers. First of all, courses provide a huge amount of value to their students, making it a very rewarding experience.

For the money side of things, starting a course business requires very little monetary investment. All you need is an online course platform and some optional video recording equipment (but you can start with just your smartphone!). You can promote your course with organic marketing (free!) or invest money in paid ads. Either way, compared to other business ideas, the initial investment is quite small.

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Plus, with little investment, you have the potential to generate high returns. In fact, if you choose to sell courses from your own website, you decide how much to charge for enrollment, and you can keep 100% of your earnings (if you use an online course platform that doesn’t take any transaction fees, like Heights Platform).

One of the best benefits of becoming a course creator is that you get to generate leveraged income. Most commonly known as passive income, leveraged income means that you are not trading your time for money, and by creating your course once, you can keep generating revenue in the future.

This also means that as a course creator, you are not tied to a schedule, and you get the freedom you need to focus on doing what you love most.

So, how can you start selling online courses in 2024?

The first step in creating an online course is to come up with a course topic idea. Here is a list of the most popular online course topics you can start in 2024: Top 10 Online Course Topic Ideas for 2024

Then, you need an online course platform. Heights Platform is an AI-powered online course software that gives you everything you need to kick-start your course business. Try it for yourself by creating your free account today:

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#2: Become an Online Coach or Consultant

Another way to provide value to your customers in your online business is through coaching or consulting.

Online coaching is a very general term, as it encompasses a wide range of niches, but they all have this in common: clients pay you for consultation, support, and advice in an online setting.

Similarly to selling courses, you help your clients achieve a specific result or transformation in their lives. The biggest difference is that instead of going through a pre-recorded course, your client meets with you 1:1 or in a group virtual session.

Coaching can be a highly profitable business, as you focus on a small number of clients at once and offer them all of your expertise and guidance.

Trending coaching niches in 2024 include wellness (for example, you could be a nutritional coach if that is what you are an expert in), business, marketing, artificial intelligence (more on this later), finance, etc.…

Learn all about starting a coaching business: How to Start an Online Coaching Business [The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide]

To become an online coach, you need a platform that handles online transactions to sell your coaching offerings. In Heights Platform you can sell multiple kinds of digital products, including coaching sessions and events.

Heights Platform doesn’t take any transaction fees, so everything you earn is yours to keep!

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#3: Monetize an Online Community

With a longing for human connection, online communities are growing in popularity in 2024.

An online community is a virtual space where members who share a common interest or goal get together to discuss, connect and learn.

An online community is also a great way for any business to better connect with its customers, gather feedback and promote products or services to an engaged audience.

As a business owner, you can decide to offer a community for free to your customer, or the community can be your business, and you can monetize it by charging an access fee to new members, or promoting sponsored content to your members.

To build an online community, you need an online community platform. Heights Platform lets you build a private community with unlimited community channels and all the features you need to run a community smoothly.

Plus, you can choose whether to offer free community space or change an access fee (one-time, subscription, or installments) for one or more channels.

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#4: Start a Membership Site

A membership site is a website that offers exclusive content or services to members for a monthly or annual fee.

Membership sites can take all shapes and forms and are extremely flexible. For example, you could start an online course membership, where you offer learning content and courses in exchange for a subscription.

Another type of membership site you can offer are subscription boxes, where members pay a monthly fee in exchange for selected items delivered to their doors every month.

To get a better idea of what kind of membership site is best for you, check out this curated list: 28 Membership Site Ideas To Start in 2023

To create a membership site, you need a membership site platform. Heights Platform lets you build unlimited courses, digital products, challenges and more and sell them as a membership. You can charge a monthly or annual fee and you keep 100% of what you earn.

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#5: AI Consultant

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in 2024, so naturally, there is an opportunity for new businesses to be born.

Since it is a relatively new niche, it can be a great way to start a business with low competition.

For example, you could coach businesses on how to use AI in their daily operations, or you could teach online courses on the topic etc…

You don’t necessarily have to be machine learning expert to become an AI consultant. Familiarizing yourself with the hottest AI tools out there is important, and anyone can become an expert with enough practice.

Check out these articles from our blog to learn more about AI:

#6: Become a Content Creator

Content creation is also big in 2024. Most businesses rely on content creation to acquire new customers, so there is always the need for expert content creators.

There are many ways to leverage content creation and start an online business around this practice. One option is to start your own business as a content creator and monetize your content through affiliate marketing, partnerships, sponsored content, or paid ads.

Another way is to offer your services as a content creator to other businesses who do not have the time or resources to create their own content.

Learn more about this: How to Become a Content Creator in 2024 (Step-by-Step)

Now that we covered our favorite business ideas, let’s see some more online businesses you can start today that are very popular in 2024.

#7: Become an Influencer

In today’s digital landscape, becoming an influencer is a viable business venture.

Influencers primarily leverage social media platforms to build a following by sharing content that resonates with their audience.

By establishing trust and influence, you can monetize social media platforms through brand partnerships, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Influencers must consistently produce engaging content, understand their audience's needs, and stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and algorithms.

#8: Open a Digital Marketing Agency

Another great online business idea for 2024 is to start your own digital marketing agency.

This kind of agency can offer services like search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, content creation, and paid advertising campaigns.

The key to success lies in building a skilled team, understanding the latest digital marketing trends, and providing personalized and effective strategies to businesses looking to improve their online presence.

#9: Start a Blog

Though it isn't talked about as frequently today, blogging is still a popular online business idea in 2024.

As you may already know, blogging involves building your website where you share insights, experiences, or knowledge on specific topics through articles.

The success of a blog depends on identifying a niche market, producing high-quality and SEO-optimized content, and engaging with the audience.

Monetization strategies include affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling digital products or services related to the blog’s niche.

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#10: Start a Podcast

Podcasting has gained a massive amount of popularity in recent years, as it is a great medium for storytelling, sharing knowledge, and building communities.

To start a podcast in 2024, you need to select a compelling theme, invest in quality recording equipment, and develop an engaging format.

Monetizing a podcast can be achieved through sponsorships, listener donations, or by offering premium content in the form of a membership.

Consistency in publishing and promoting episodes is crucial for growing a loyal listener base.

Learn more about starting a podcast: How to Start a Podcast to Promote Your Online Course or Coaching Business

#11: Become a Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in high demand from businesses seeking to strengthen their online presence.

This involves creating and managing content across various social media platforms, engaging with the audience, and strategizing to increase brand visibility and customer engagement.

You can start this kind of business as a freelancer or by establishing your own social media management firm.

#12: Start a Virtual Event Planning Business

This might sound new to you, but virtual event planning is a growing field, especially since the shift toward online meetings and events.

This business involves organizing and coordinating virtual events such as webinars, conferences, and workshops.

From the event’s technical setup and content planning to ensure participant engagement and more, these are the main tasks of a virtual event planner.

#13: Start an Ad Agency

An ads agency specializes in creating and managing paid advertising campaigns for clients.

This includes strategizing, designing, and monitoring ad performance on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

The agency's success depends on its ability to deliver measurable results in terms of increased traffic, leads, and sales for its clients.

#14: Sell Handmade Goods Online

Selling handmade goods online is all the rage now!

People are appreciating more and more handcrafted and qualitative items over mass-produced ones, even if this means a higher price tag.

Platforms like Etsy or a personal e-commerce website can be used to sell items such as jewelry, home decor, or handcrafted art.

If you have a passion for arts and crafts, then 2024 could be the year when you start your handmade goods online store!

#15: Self-Publish an eBook

Self-publishing eBooks has become an accessible way for writers to share their work.

This involves writing a book, formatting it for digital publication, and distributing it through platforms like Amazon Kindle.

The key is to choose a genre or topic that resonates with readers, create a captivating narrative, and employ strategies for marketing and promoting the eBook to reach a wider audience.

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#16: Flip Thrifted Furniture Online

Another arts and crafts business idea is to flip old furniture into unique pieces and sell your creations online.

Flipping thrift furniture involves purchasing used furniture at a low cost, refurbishing or upcycling it, and selling it for a profit.

This business requires a keen eye for potential in used furniture, skills in restoration, and a platform for selling refurbished pieces, like an online store or social media.

Service-Based Business Ideas

The next category of online businesses you can start in 2024 is service-based business ideas. This means that you are getting paid to perform a service.

While these kinds of ventures do not offer the opportunity to generate leveraged (or "passive") income, they can still be extremely profitable and lead to a successful business.

#17: Offer Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is a crucial marketing effort for businesses looking to expand their customer base.

As a lead generator, you specialize in identifying and nurturing potential clients for businesses. This involves using digital marketing techniques, like SEO, social media, and email campaigns, to attract and convert leads.

The key to success in this field is understanding different industries and tailoring strategies to each client's unique needs.

#18: Become a Web Designer

Web design is a field that combines creativity with technical skills.

As a web designer, you create visually appealing and user-friendly websites for businesses or for personal use.

This role requires a good understanding of design principles, proficiency in web design software, and knowledge of coding languages like HTML and CSS. That said, in 2024, you can easily create websites without ever looking at code.

#19: Become a Video Editor

Video editing is in high demand due to the rise of video content on social media and other platforms.

If you love creating and editing videos and you have a few pieces of equipment, then this is for you.

As a video editor, you'll be responsible for assembling recorded footage into a finished project that matches the client’s vision.

#20: Offer Drone Photography and Videography Services

Do you have a drone or a drone license?

Drone photography and videography have opened new opportunities for capturing stunning aerial shots, which are very popular right now.

By offering these services, you can cater to industries like real estate, film, agriculture, and events.

This business requires a good understanding of drone operation, photography skills, and compliance with local drone regulations.

#21: Become a Remote Customer Service Agent

Customer service is vital for every business, and remote customer service agents are increasingly in demand, thanks to the rise of online businesses.

In this role, you'll handle customer inquiries, provide product information, and resolve issues, all from a remote setting.

You’ll need excellent communication skills, patience, and a problem-solving attitude.

While this kind of venture resembles a 9-5 job more than your own business, it can be a good way to earn income and still have a flexible work arrangement.

#22: Become a VA (Virtual Assistant)

Similar to a remote customer service agent, virtual assistants provide administrative support to businesses from a remote location.

Tasks can range from managing emails and scheduling appointments to social media management and data entry.

This online business venture requires strong organizational skills, proficiency in various online tools, and the ability to multitask effectively. This role offers flexibility and the opportunity to work with multiple clients.

#23: Offer Data Analysis Services

Data analysis is key for businesses to make informed decisions.

As a data analyst, you would collect, process, and perform statistical analyses on large datasets.

Offering data analysis services can involve working with businesses to improve their operational efficiency, understand market trends, and identify new opportunities.

#24: Do Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a rewarding way to share your knowledge and help others learn.

Whether it's academic subjects, languages, or specialized skills, tutoring online offers flexibility and the potential to reach a global audience.

Successful online tutors are not only experts in their subject but also have the ability to engage and adapt to different learning styles.

Online tutoring involves meeting with your students 1:1 or in a group through a virtual call. If you’d rather have your students learn on their own and simply provide the content, then you should consider becoming an online course creator instead!

Check back at the top of this article for more info about starting your own course creation business!

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#25: Become an App Developer

With the constant demand for new and innovative apps, becoming an app developer can be a lucrative business idea.

This role involves designing, coding, and testing applications for mobile devices and computers.

It is good to have knowledge of programming languages and coding. You could either create your own app or help businesses build apps for them as a freelancer.

#26: Offer Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting involves writing content that is officially credited to another person.

As a ghostwriter, you could be writing books, articles, speeches, or blog posts for clients. This role requires excellent writing skills, the ability to adopt different voices and styles, and, most importantly, discretion.

#27: Become a Resume and Cover Letter Writer

Helping others land their dream job by writing great resumes and cover letters is a valuable service that people are paying for.

This involves understanding the client's experience, skills, and the job market they are targeting.

A good resume writer combines excellent writing skills with the ability to present information in a clear and compelling manner.

#28: Become a Cybersecurity Consultant

With the rise in digital transactions and online activities, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

As a cybersecurity consultant, you assess and improve the security of client organizations.

This includes identifying vulnerabilities, implementing security protocols, and providing ongoing support.

A deep understanding of IT security, current cyber threats, and problem-solving skills are essential, as clients most likely will look for real experience and certifications from their cybersecurity consultants.

Side Hustle Ideas

So far, we have seen our favorite business ideas for 2024, the most trending ones, and some service-based business ideas.

Now, we still have a few to share with you, which are great for gaining extra cash and can become your new side hustles for 2024:

#29: Buy and Sell Domains

The internet is getting busier than ever!

Buying and selling domain names can be a lucrative side hustle.

This involves identifying domain names with potential, purchasing them at a low cost, and then selling them at a higher price after some time or when an interested party contacts you.

The key to success in this business is to have a good understanding of current market trends and the ability to predict future popular domains.

#30: Sell Stock Photos Online

If you're a photographer, selling stock photos online is a great way to earn extra money.

Websites like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock allow you to upload your photographs and earn royalties whenever they are purchased or downloaded.

The more unique and high-quality your images are, the more likely they are to be in demand.

#31: Narrate Audiobooks

With the growing popularity of audiobooks, there's a high demand for talented narrators.

If you have good voice and narration skills, you can work with authors or audiobook platforms to narrate books.

This job not only pays well but also allows you to explore and engage with a variety of literary genres.

#32: Become an Online Translator

If you're fluent in more than one language, you can offer translation services for documents, websites, books or even live interpretation.

This can be done on a freelance basis or through platforms that connect translators with clients.

#33: Offer Voice Over Services

Voice-over work is another excellent side hustle for those with a good voice and articulation.

This can include recording voice-overs for new AIs, commercials, animations, video games, and educational videos.

#34: Design Book Cover Art

If you like graphic design, or you are an artist, creating book cover art can be a rewarding side hustle.

This involves working with authors or publishers to create eye-catching and genre-appropriate book covers.

Start Your Online Knowledge Business With Heights Platform

Today, we've seen many profitable online business ideas you can start in 2024, from small business ideas to becoming an influencer to flipping thrift furniture.

Our favorite business idea is definitely to create and sell online courses.

This business model not only offers the potential for high returns with minimal investment but also enables you to share your expertise and make a real difference in people’s lives.

Whether your house is about helping someone achieve a personal goal or assisting in professional development, the impact of your knowledge can be great and far-reaching.

Here’s where Heights Platform comes in – it's an AI-powered tool specifically designed for launching and growing your online course business.

With Heights Platform, you can create engaging courses and membership sites and sell digital products, all while connecting with your audience and accessing marketing tools to promote your business.

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