Heights Platform Top AI 'Copilot' Tools That Assist Creators With Artificial Intelligence

Top AI 'Copilot' Tools That Assist Creators With Artificial Intelligence

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The latest craze in the world of AI is copilot tools.

These AI tools are meant to assist humans in performing key tasks in their business, helping us accelerate our workflow, navigate a specific platform, and even coach us on how to grow a business.

Consider these AI copilot tools like a highly-trained assistant, who requires little human input and is able to perform tasks instead of you.

The latest AI copilot tool to hit the market - even though it is not available yet - is the Sidekick by Shopify. It is an AI chat that can also execute multiple jobs for you inside your Shopify account, answer questions about your current situation and assist you in growing your e-commerce business through the platform.

However, Shopify's sidekick is not the first tool of its kind, and it is not yet released to the public.

Keep reading below to learn about the best AI copilot tools available now and coming soon!

In today's article, we will dive into the current top 'copilot' tools that are already available, and how you can use them to grow your business and maximize productivity.

Top AI Copilot or AI Assistant Tools Out There

The AI tools we will describe today are brand new, so there isn't a clear definition or terminology for them yet.

For the sake of this article, we will refer to them as "copilot" or "assistant" AI tools.

Most of these tools are not yet available to the public, except for one: Heights AI.

So let's start with the AI assistant tool that is already up and running, and you can start using it today.

#1: Heights AI by Heights Platform

Heights Platform released its first AI tools in the spring of 2023, a few months ago.

Since then, their artificial intelligence capabilities have improved, and new tools have been added to their platform.

What is Heights Platform?

At its core, Heights Platform is an online course creation software that lets creators build a thriving business selling info products such as online courses, membership sites, online communities and digital products.

Thanks to the addition of multiple AI tools, Heights Platform has also become a learning ecosystem for the creators using this platform themselves.

Creators using Heights Platform can benefit from many different AI-powered features, such as an AI course creation tool where the AI builds all the elements needed in an online learning program, an AI SEO review that gives you helpful recommendations on how to improve your on-page SEO to rank higher on search engines and more.

But the Heights AI tools we want to talk about today are the Chat and the Coach, which fall under the "copilot" or "assistant" category.

What is the Heights AI Chat?

If you sign up for Heights Platform, you will notice a pop-up chat on the side, appearing similar to most support-related chatbots you see on so many websites.

But this chat is different.

You can ask the Heights AI to perform specific tasks within your account, and the AI will actually go and do these tasks as instructed.

Similarly to Shopify's Sidekick and Github Copilot X, Heights AI can edit different settings in your account, publish new products, set prices for your courses, add titles, descriptions, and so much more!

lesson image

You simply tell the Heights AI what you want to do, and the AI does it for you! You are able to review and confirm any edits made by Heights AI before saving.

It is like having a virtual assistant, at your disposal 24/7, and completely free.

Other than carrying out tasks for you and speeding up your creation process, the Heights AI Chat can answer any question you have about how to use the Platform and strategies you can implement to grow your business - based on your specific situation.

Heights AI course creation

The best thing is that the Heights AI Chat is already up and running and available to all Heights Platform customers!

As of the time this article is published, this is the only tool of its kind already released to the public, and you can try it out today for yourself, by signing up for Heights Platform:

Try The Heights AI

What is the Heights AI Coach?

The other AI feature within Heights Platform we want to talk about today is the AI Coach.

One of entrepreneurship's biggest challenges is knowing how to run a business and grow it to success. Many new - or even more experienced - entrepreneurs seek the expensive assistance of coaches and mentors to help them guide them in their business journey.

But what if you had a knowledgeable mentor by your side 24/7, who could guide you every step of the way, and who knows your business inside out?

That's exactly what Heights Platform has created with the AI Coach!

The Heights AI Coach is your personal business mentor that analyzes your unique situation and provides highly personalized tasks to help you succeed.

The AI Coach lives right inside your Heights Platform account. After a quick chat to understand your goals and challenges, the AI assesses your situation and creates a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.

You can share your pain points, what's working and not working for you, and what you want to achieve.

The AI Coach considers all of this information and proactively sends you weekly tasks, tips, and suggestions on how to grow your business.

Want to know the best thing about the AI Coach by Heights Platform?

It works on its own.

Unlike other AI tools that require constant input, this AI tool autonomously generates new tasks for you to complete each week and analyzes the content you create inside your account.

The only input you give is simply having a quick chat with your coach to update them on your goals, recent achievements, and any obstacles you're facing.

This helps the AI Coach come up with even better and more relevant tasks for you!

Each week, you'll receive a personalized dose of guidance with step-by-step tasks to help you reach your business goals.

What's even more interesting, is that every creator using Heights Platform gets their own coach. It is not just one AI that serves all of Heights Platform's customers.

It is one, separate AI for each creator.

This ensures complete privacy and confidentiality with the information you share with the coach, so that what you communicate will not be used as training data for the artificial intelligence.

Try the AI Coach.
Create your free account.

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#2: Sidekick by Shopify

Another AI copilot tool similar to the Heights AI, but not released yet, is the brand-new Sidekick, developed by e-commerce giant Shopify.

A tweet from Shopify's CEO announced this new tool, however there is not much information about this upcoming feature, or its release date yet.

Tobi Lütke (Shopify's CEO) describes Sidekick as a deeply competent "person" who is always ready to help, is knowledgable about business, and is fully committed to helping you succeed.

As in the case of the Heights AI, entrepreneurs using Shopify will be able to ask Sidekick questions about their business, and apply modifications to their products and store right from the AI chat.

This can help e-commerce creators save hours of manual work, delegate tedious tasks to Sidekick, get insights about their current business situation, and learn more about marketing and future strategies.

Shopify has not announced a release date yet for Sidekick.

#3: Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft has developed a tool called Windows Copilot that adds an AI chat interface to their most important software, Windows.

This tool can summarize documents, suggest music, provide tech support for your computer, and answer questions you might normally ask a search engine or AI chatbot.

To access Windows Copilot, you'll see a new icon in the taskbar that looks like a loop of blue ribbon.

When you click on it, a chat interface sidebar will appear where you can type questions or prompts, such as "enable dark mode," and use buttons to perform actions.

An example of the capabilities of Microsoft's Copilot is using its natural language processing capabilities in Excel.

This machine learning tool allows you to analyze your spreadsheet data effectively and identify trends within specific data sets.

Additionally, you can generate new sheets and graphs based on the analyzed data. Copilot can provide explanations regarding its calculations and how it arrived at its findings.

This tool holds great potential for assessing company data, making it a valuable asset with the potential to significantly save time for users by automating data analysis tasks (among other things!).

Microsoft planned to test this feature starting last June 2023. So far, this feature is not available to the general public yet.

#4: GitHub Copilot X

Copilot X is an enhanced version of the existing Copilot app developed by GitHub.

It's an AI-powered coding "assistant" that now includes chat and voice features. These additions improve the coding experience by understanding the context and providing relevant suggestions to the user.

The main improvement in Copilot X is the integration of OpenAI's GPT-4, the latest version of their language model.

This makes Copilot X even better at suggesting code and answering questions with increased efficiency and accuracy.

Copilot X is currently in the preview stage and available by invitation only. If you're interested in trying it out, you can sign up and wait for access to be granted.

In the meantime, you can explore the existing Copilot. This version of Copilot offers various features and is a paid solution. However, if you're a student or an open-source contributor, you can use it for free. Otherwise, you have the option to utilize their free trial or pay monthly fees to access it.

The main concept behind GitHub Copilot is to utilize the advanced OpenAI algorithm to understand the context of your code. Once it comprehends the context, it will provide suggestions that you can either accept or ignore.

Copilot also assists in generating basic code snippets and can even help in writing unit tests, a feature introduced in Copilot X.


The world of AI "copilot" or "assistant" tools is expanding rapidly, offering businesses and individuals powerful aids to enhance productivity and growth.

While several exciting copilot AI technologies are on the horizon, one already available to the public stands out: Heights AI by Heights Platform.

The Heights AI offers a range of features, including an AI Chat that performs tasks within your account and provides real-time assistance.

Heights Platform will also introduce the AI Coach soon, a personalized business mentor that generates tasks autonomously to help you in growing your business.

While other AI systems are still in development or testing, Heights AI is already up and running, providing practical assistance to creators. With the Heights AI Chat and AI Coach, creators can streamline their workflow and receive personalized guidance along the way!

With Heights AI already accessible to the public, creators can use AI assistance to propel their businesses to new heights! Try the Heights AI today and see for yourself!

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