Heights Platform Updates to Improve How Creators Sell Online Courses

Updates to Improve How Creators Sell Online Courses

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Last week we released another major Heights Platform feature update. This update includes a new checkout for individually sold courses, a completely redesigned coupon code system, and many other useful selling tools (like preview videos for your courses and landing page), plus many under the hood changes to prepare us for our language localization release and the release of our bundles feature.

Check out the full release notes below, and watch the video walkthrough for a demo of how the new checkout options work.

Video walkthrough of different student checkout options in Heights Platform

Students Can Now Purchase Courses Directly on Your Landing Pages!

  1. Sell individual courses directly through their landing pages with a brand new checkout! (Check off ‘Allow Purchase from Preview Page?’ to enable)
  2. You and your students can now change profile images directly in Heights Platform in addition to the existing Gravatar setup
  3. Redesigned course cover images! Cover images now maintain the same aspect ratio at every screen size, allowing you to upload full size images without a portion of your image getting cropped. (2400px x 800px recommended for best quality and to fill the entire image area)
Online Course Checkout Page
Brand new checkout for courses purchased through your public course landing pages
  1. Course Preview Videos! (Upload/embed a preview video to your course page)
  2. Landing Page Preview Videos! (Upload/embed a preview video on your landing page)
  3. Edit Join Button Text and Link to External Checkouts for your Landing Page and Course Pages (creating a more seamless checkout for those who use third-party shopping carts)
  4. Progress percentage and cancel button added to upload display. This is especially useful for large video uploads.
Heights Platform Checkout with Coupon
Updated Coupon Code features

Coupon Code Improvements:

  1. Coupon Codes can now be used on individual course purchases and digital products!
  2. Coupon Code field now has an apply button to preview discount
  3. Coupon Codes have optional redemption limits and start and end dates
Heights Platform Knowledge Base
See our updated knowledge base at: https://support.heightsplatform.com

Other Additions:

  • Added the ability to create an Imprint or Impressum page for German users and those whose business is based in a jurisdiction where this is required.
  • Added indicators to messageboards showing current notification count so that you can better keep track of notifications across message boards
  • Added ability for mentors to easily delete entire messageboards when needed
  • Add-on active student limits in batches of 500 are now available for purchase for AppSumo customers!
  • Mentors can now permanently delete students directly instead of requiring student’s to delete their own accounts or relying on deactivating student accounts. Mentors can also disable a student’s ability to delete their own account if they want to offer a manual account cancelation option (useful for certain mentors who need to make sure they clear out student data from a variety of places)
  • Additional student data is now returned from our API + Ability to unenroll students from your program and revoke access to a course is now available via our API


  • Fixed an issue where some author users did not have the ability to upload video or access other admin features that they should have had access to
  • Allowed M4A audio in auto lessons
  • Student enrollment and Zapier enrollment no longer requires a unique name and will no longer throw an error
  • Fixed an issue where links in email notifications for discussion posts would not work correctly with some custom domains
  • Fixed an issue where lesson add “+” button could be difficult to click with long course names
  • Fixed an issue where courses in a role could be visible to incorrect students if they were also in a role that was previously deleted in certain cases
  • Updated documentation. Latest articles can be found when searching by clicking the Heights logo in the bottom right of your program, or by visiting our updated knowledge base at: https://support.heightsplatform.com
  • Many other minor fixes an improvements

Heights Affiliate Program

We’ll be onboarding affiliates soon! Many of you have applied to be affiliates for Heights Platform. If you haven’t and you are interested in becoming one during our next batch of onboarding, please fill out the following application: https://www.heightsplatform.com/affiliates

Heights Platform Language Localization Traditional Chinese
Language Localization Beta Active Now

Language Localization Testing Starting Now!

We’ve also been hard at work on language localizations! If you’ve already contacted us and told us you’d like to help participate in beta testing, we’ll be sending you details this week. If you haven’t and you are interested, please email us and let us know!

Finally, our Facebook group is just over a month old now and many creators have joined. If you haven't, request to join now and share your course creation and marketing strategies: Join our Facebook group

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