Heights Platform 10 Business Ideas You Can Start With AI Today

10 Business Ideas You Can Start With AI Today

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Did you know that AI can be a powerful tool for new creators and entrepreneurs looking to start their online business in the global artificial intelligence market?

There are so many AI tools out there to help you with every aspect of your business. In today's article, we will cover which profitable AI business ideas you can start today with AI, focusing on how artificial intelligence business ideas can revolutionize industries such as healthcare, education, and finance.

The AI business ideas we will cover in the article are designed for individuals who want to start a creative business online, leveraging AI technology for selling digital products and courses, starting an e-commerce store, designing, etc., and employing AI algorithms to analyze data and create personalized learning paths.

AI can revolutionize starting a new business or side hustle by automating processes and streamlining tasks with AI-powered solutions.

This is great, especially if you can't devote 100% of your time or budget to hiring a virtual assistant.

So, let's see the types of businesses you can start with AI today, including AI startup ideas that cater to the needs of financial institutions and the healthcare industry with AI solutions.

Best AI Business Ideas You Can Start Today

#1: Sell Online Courses With AI

Yes, you can use artificial intelligence to create online courses and earn money online!

An online course is an educational program that people can take online, on their own time and at their own pace. The creator puts together video lessons and other resources and sells them online to help others learn a new skill.

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Did you know that you don't need to be an expert or have any fancy certifications to sell online courses? That's right! With just a little bit of creativity and the right tools, anyone can create and sell their own online courses.

If you're unsure what to teach, consider your daily life or past experiences to identify your skills.

Perhaps you have a talent for drawing or recently became a dog owner with valuable training experience to share. The sky's the limit!

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How can you use AI to create online courses?

There are many tools you can use to create online courses with AI.

Our favorite one is Heights AI. So, let's see how you can use this AI tool to start your online course business.

Heights AI is a powerful tool that can assist you in creating a course. With Heights AI, you can easily come up with a suitable title for your course and it will generate suggestions for you.

Additionally, the AI will help you create a well-structured lesson plan and write a captivating course description that will attract learners to your course.

You start by giving the AI the title of your course. From this, Heights AI generates:

  1. A better title for your course, together with recommendations on how to improve it
  2. A course outline with modules and lessons to include in your course
  3. A ready-made marketing description to promote your course
  4. The AI creates the whole online course draft for you inside your Heights Platform account

After the AI works its magic, all you have to do is populate the lessons of the course with your unique content and insights.

Another way you can leverage Heights AI in your business is by chatting with it and asking questions about creating a course or marketing ideas, showing graphs and analytics about your account, and even asking the AI to perform key actions on your behalf.

Our team at Heights has used their collective expertise to train Heights AI to help you create successful online courses.

Heights AI course creation

The AI will provide immediate answers, like having a personal assistant always available. And if it can't handle a question, our team of experts is ready to assist.

Create Your Course With AI

#2: Sell AI-Generated Art Online

AI technology has opened up new possibilities in the field of image and art generation.

If you are interested in making money with AI-generated art, there are several options available to you.

You can sell your creations through an online store, set up an Etsy shop, sell them on online marketplaces, or even use them as marketing tools for your business.

Platforms like Heights Platform can assist you in selling digital products by providing features such as commission-free earnings, customizable checkout pages, multiple payment options, and the ability to create your own website.

If you want to start selling AI art online, it's important to find a niche and focus on a specific platform.

For example, you can focus on printable art, digital wallpapers, or backgrounds. Other ideas can be to create artbooks, tabletop games, trading card sets, and objects that involve creating more AI art compared to a single image, and therefore, can be valuable and justify their price.

Learn more about selling digital products with AI: 7 AI-Generated Digital Products You Can Start Selling Online Today

#3: Create Digital Downloads With AI

Today we are seeing a high demand for resources that can help people learn new skills, organize their lives, or simply enjoy a new hobby.

This is where digital downloads come into play, and AI can be your secret weapon in creating them.

Digital downloads can range from templates and worksheets to eBooks, PDF guides, and more. With AI tools, you can efficiently generate these products tailored to specific niches or needs.

For example, if you're skilled in budgeting, you could use AI to create personalized budgeting templates or financial planning worksheets.

Or if you have a knack for graphic design, AI can help you produce visually appealing eBooks or guides on various topics.

Selling these digital downloads on platforms like Heights Platform not only opens up a revenue stream but also allows you to automate much of the sales process, from payment to delivery, making it a hassle-free business idea.

#4: Build Websites With AI

With the advancement of AI technologies, building websites has never been easier, even for those with minimal or zero coding knowledge.

AI web design platforms offer intuitive interfaces that guide users through the process of creating and customizing websites.

These platforms can generate entire website layouts, suggest design elements, and even optimize for SEO based on the input you provide about the site's purpose and target audience.

This capability opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a web design business, focusing on creating and selling websites to small businesses, bloggers, or online stores.

By leveraging AI, you can significantly reduce the time and effort required to produce a professional-looking website, allowing you to take on more clients and scale your business more effectively.

#5: Build a Community With AI

AI can revolutionize the way online communities are managed and engaged by automating content creation, moderation, and brainstorming for new topics.

With AI, community managers can use tools to generate engaging posts tailored to their audience's interests, ensuring the community remains active and vibrant.

Additionally, AI can assist in moderating discussions, identifying and addressing inappropriate content quickly, and maintaining a positive environment for all members.

It can also analyze trends within the community to suggest hot topics for discussion, helping to keep the conversation fresh and relevant.

By leveraging AI in these ways, community builders can foster more dynamic and cohesive online spaces, enhancing the overall experience for every member.

If you are looking for a customizable online community platform with full moderation control and easy member interaction, Heights Platform is the perfect choice.

Create Your Course With AI

#6: Launch an eCommerce Store

E-commerce is booming, and AI offers exciting possibilities for entrepreneurs looking to enter this space.

You can create a store that sells digital art, like AI-generated images or music, or even physical products designed with AI's help.

AI tools can assist in designing unique product lines, optimizing your online store for search engines, and providing personalized shopping experiences for customers through recommendations and chatbots.

An example of leveraging AI in e-commerce could be using AI to design custom apparel or accessories.

#7: Become an AI Consultant

If you have a deep understanding of AI and its applications in business, becoming an AI consultant could be a lucrative career path.

Many companies are looking to integrate AI into their operations but lack the expertise to do so. As an AI consultant, you could help businesses identify opportunities to use AI, develop strategies for implementation, and even manage the deployment of AI solutions.

Your services could range from advising on AI-driven marketing strategies to implementing AI tools for improving operational efficiency or customer service.

The key to success in this role is staying up-to-date on the latest AI developments and understanding how they can be applied in various business contexts.

#8: Freelance With AI

If you're looking for ways to earn additional income with the help of AI, freelancing is a great option to consider.

A freelancer is an independent service provider who offers their skills to clients on a project basis. Unlike traditional employees, freelancers have the freedom to choose their clients and the projects they want to work on.

For instance, if you're good at writing, you can become a freelance writer.

If you have design skills, you can develop websites or work as a graphic designer. AI can help freelancers work more efficiently, take on more clients, and increase their income.

As a freelance web developer, AI can assist you in generating code, streamlining your operations, and helping with marketing copy.

On the other hand, as a freelance writer, AI can help you improve the quality of your text, translate it, summarize it, and enhance its style.

#9: Offer AI-Driven Market Research and Analysis Services

Another AI business idea is to start a market research firm that utilizes AI to gather and analyze data on market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.

This can help businesses make informed decisions based on predictive analytics and deep insights into their industry.

Your services could cater to startups, small businesses, or large corporations looking for a competitive edge.

Traditional market research methods can be time-consuming and expensive, making it difficult for smaller companies to compete. This is where AI-driven market research and analysis come into play, offering faster, more accurate, and cost-effective insights.

#10: Grow Your Online Business With AI Coach

Now that you've started your online business, the next step is learning how to grow it effectively. Interestingly, AI technology offers a revolutionary tool for this purpose as well, known as the AI Coach.

The AI Coach, a remarkable feature within Heights Platform, is specifically engineered to tackle the hurdles entrepreneurs face while starting and growing their businesses.

This tool eliminates the need for expensive coaching by providing continuous, personalized mentorship.

It analyzes your business and comes up with customized strategies to help you reach your goals.

Integrated directly with your Heights Platform account, the AI Coach monitors your progress and engages with you by asking about your business aspirations, the most significant obstacles you're encountering, and your planned strategies to overcome them.

Following an introductory coaching session, the AI Coach actively delivers weekly tasks and recommendations, all without needing your constant engagement.

The main advantage of the AI Coach lies in its ability to operate independently and offer personalized advice tailored to each creator on Heights Platform. This ensures that every user receives guidance that is not only private but also customized to their unique needs.

Create Your Course With AI

Create Your Business With AI Today

In this article, we've explored a variety of AI-driven business ideas that creators can start today, from selling online courses to offering AI-driven market research and analysis services.

Tools like Heights AI revolutionize content creation and course development, while Heights AI Coach provides personalized mentorship to navigate and grow your business effectively.

These AI solutions offer a unique opportunity for creators to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and focus on what they do best: creating.

Start your AI journey today by signing up for a free trial on Heights Platform and explore the possibilities with Heights AI.

Create Your Course With AI