Heights Platform 8 AI Tools Like ChatGPT for Online Course Creators

8 AI Tools Like ChatGPT for Online Course Creators

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What are the best AI tools to create and sell online courses?

You don't have to be an AI expert to see the impact that artificial intelligence is having on the way we work and do business.

Especially when it comes to running an online business (and online course creation), AI has the potential to improve productivity, streamline business operations and scale a business much faster.

By now, you are probably familiar with ChatGPT, one of the most popular natural language processing tools out there. But how about artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT for online courses?

In today's article, we will list our favorite AI-powered tools that can help course creators build and sell awesome learning programs.

What are AI Tools?

AI tools are apps and software that use artificial intelligence for different goals.

Some AI tools are designed to generate images and videos, write texts, code programs, compose melodies, and even art through artificial means.

This is made possible by the utilization of a large language model, which relies on patterns and algorithmic models, allowing machines to learn, receive feedback, and enhance their performance in tasks that typically require a human brain.

Best AI Tools for Creators and Solopreneurs (My Top 6 Besides ChatGPT)

Typically, artificial intelligence tools work after receiving commands from the user; these are called prompts.

By providing prompts to the AI, you can instruct the tool to generate the content you require.

But not all AI tools need prompts: below, we will share with you one cool AI that works on its own, without much input needed from you.

It is an AI that coaches you on how to grow your business and autonomously sends you new tasks every week according to your needs and goals. Stay tuned to find out which AI tool we are talking about!

Online course creators can leverage AI tools in various ways, whether it's for identifying lucrative niche opportunities, optimizing the course's structure for efficiency, or even creating an entire online course in a few clicks.

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Best AI Tools Like ChatGPT for Online Course Creation

Now that you have a basic idea of what Artificial Intelligence is and how it works, let's explore our top AI tools that can help you make awesome online courses.

These tools can also help you up your marketing game, connect with potential customers, supercharge your campaigns to get more leads, and more. Take a look:

#1: Heights AI

Heights AI is an AI-powered tool tailored for course creators, integrating Chat-GPT APIs to provide valuable assistance in building and growing an online course business.

This specialized AI course creator tool empowers online course creators to easily create online courses, receive recommendations, craft marketing materials, and get expert guidance on growing a successful online business through Heights Platform.

Heights AI course creation

In contrast to other AI tools that primarily generate or summarize text, Heights AI is uniquely trained using the collective knowledge of the Heights Platform team, experts online course creation and promotion.

Here are the key ways to leverage AI within Heights Platform:

  1. Effortless Course Creation and Feedback: Easily generate an online course and receive feedback on your idea. The AI can craft a compelling course title, lesson outline, course description, and even pick a cover image, all automatically integrated into Heights Platform.
  2. AI-Powered Conversations: Engage in conversational interactions with the AI to seek guidance on course creation, marketing strategies, and how to utilize Heights Platform. The Heights AI chat offers answers to a wide range of questions related to building and promoting online courses, as well as coaching and support for navigating the platform.
  3. Personalized Product Editing: Transform the Heights AI into your personal AI assistant by providing text commands for product edits. Whether you need to adjust the price of your online course, publish it, enable a landing page for your online challenge, or execute other commands, the AI swiftly carries out your instructions.
  4. SEO Enhancement: In Heights Platform, you can create an entire website with unlimited pages. After completion, a single click triggers the AI to analyze your webpage for SEO optimization and offer insights on enhancing your content based on SEO principles. This ensures improved search engine rankings, making it easier for your ideal customers to discover your page on search engines like Google.

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Now, let's see how Heights AI can help you create your own online course.

With this tool, you can quickly outline your course in under a minute and get valuable feedback and suggestions for your course topic.

To start creating your course with AI, simply provide the title of your course. Don't worry if it's not perfect; the AI can assist you in refining it.

For example, imagine you have an idea for an online course but aren't entirely certain if it will succeed or where to begin.

Let's put this idea to the test using Heights AI.

We tried the course creator tool with an example course about "baking cookies".

Now that we've provided the AI with the course title, the next step is to get feedback on the topic.

The AI examines our idea and provides suggestions on how to enhance it, suggesting ways to phrase it more effectively to appeal to our target audience.

Within just a few seconds, we received valuable feedback on our course title and how to make it more attention-grabbing.

Now, it's time to develop the other components of our new online course. We need a course outline and a description.

So, let's delegate this task to Heights AI.

With a simple click on "next," the AI promptly produces a preliminary course outline for us.

The great thing here is that you don't have to stick to the AI-generated outline religiously.

You can use it as inspiration for your course, adding or removing lessons that suit your idea or tailoring them to your unique expertise.

Now, what else do we need?

An engaging marketing description for our course that will persuade potential customers to enroll.


At this point, we have all the crucial elements for a successful online course.

Typically, manually crafting an online course can consume hours of your time, but not with Heights AI.

The next move is to have the AI assemble the actual course for you, taking everything it has generated so far and compiling it within your Heights Platform account.

Additionally, the AI selects a suitable cover image for your course and creates a draft that includes the title, description, and outline.

This is how we created the cookies course in the example above!

The only remaining tasks are to insert the content into the lesson drafts and then publish the course!

Do you have an online course idea in mind? Give Heights AI a try to save countless hours of manual work and bring your course to life today!

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#2: Heights AI Coach

Starting a business all on your own can be tough. You might find it hard to figure out what to do and feel a bit lost along the way.

But don't worry, there's a solution: the Heights AI Coach. This AI tool literally coaches you on how to grow your business!

So, how does this AI Coach work?

Well, it lives inside your Heights Platform account, and it's there to help you 24/7.

First, you have a little chat with it to tell it about your business goals and challenges. Then, it takes all that info and comes up with a plan just for you.

The AI Coach is perfect for folks who use Heights Platform to run their online courses, community and sell digital products.

Since it lives in your Heights Platform account, it knows a lot about your business and how you're doing. It also knows what you're aiming for and what's been giving you a hard time.

With all this knowledge, the AI Coach gives you a set of tasks to do. Every week, it sends you new tasks to help you along, and you can keep it updated on how you're doing.

This AI Coach can really boost your business, including helping you grow your online course business.

lesson image

The amazing part? It doesn't cost you anything extra – it's included in your Heights Platform subscription!

Imagine it as your personal mentor who's always there, studying your unique situation, and giving you in-depth advice with minimal effort on your part.

The AI Coach stays updated on your progress, understands what you're going through, and creates a tailored plan to meet your needs. It even generates new tasks for you every week, making coaching easy and efficient.

Give the AI Coach a try by signing up for a free Heights Platform account today:

Other AI Tools For Marketing and Business Operations

So far, we have seen our favorite artificial intelligence tools designed to help online course creators build and scale their businesses.

But as you well know, the job of a course creator does not stop at the teaching side: it also includes marketing, video generation, graphic design, customer support and many more tasks!

So, which AI tools can you use to automate these tasks? Let's see them below.

In this article, we explore even more AI tools for creators: Best AI Tools For Online Course Creators, Designers and Entrepreneurs

#3: Obsidian

lesson image

This free AI tool is powerful, budget-friendly, and user-friendly for non-technical creators to get started with.

Obsidian, along with the copilot and smart connections plugins, automates linking your notes and ideas.

It's like having a ChatGPT that can instantly analyze all your notes. Plus, it doesn't come with the monthly subscription fee of ChatGPT Plus!

Think of it as having an assistant who's familiar with all your notes and even everything you've talked about (if you provide transcripts from sources like YouTube videos or podcast episodes).

The Obsidian app itself is free, but there is a one-time fee for generating AI relationships for all your notes.

However, OpenAI now offers new accounts a $5 credit, which should be sufficient to cover this cost and also allow you to send some chat messages for free.

#4: Adobe Firefly

Adobe has introduced a new AI tool called Firefly. This clever tool lets you change images and do other creative things by typing commands.

With Adobe Firefly, you can make images, add text effects, and edit videos.

Among its features, you can make different versions of an image, adjust the lighting and mood, change the background, turn a picture into a vector, and even edit a video with just a quick text command.

Firefly is all about helping creative people save time and effort. It lets you be more creative and learn new skills without all the manual work.

#5: Looka

Looka is an AI-driven platform for branding and graphic design. It's your go-to place for creating a brand identity, starting with your logo.

You can try the app for free and gather inspiration for your next logo in an easy and powerful way.

Once the AI assists you in designing your logo, you can use the Brand Kit to produce all sorts of marketing materials like business cards, social media posts, letterheads, posters, and much more.

Looka uses AI to help you make logos that really reflect your company's style and message, making branding your business a breeze.

Even if you're not a design pro, this tool takes the hassle out of making custom marketing stuff. Thanks to AI-generated content, you can easily create materials that fit your brand.

#6: Synthesia

Synthesia is a innovative tool that helps you produce training videos with lifelike avatars that look and sound just like real actors, as if you've hired a professional to explain things in your video!

You get a wide selection of avatars to pick from, customizing them based on gender, appearance, background, and even accents.

These AI avatars are incredibly realistic, and you can even make them do small facial gestures like winking, nodding, frowning, or shaking their heads.

With support for 120+ languages and a choice of 85+ diverse stock avatars, you have plenty of options. And if you're not satisfied with the available avatars, you can create one based on a short video of yourself.

This app is perfect for creators who may be camera-shy or on a tight budget and can't afford professional actors or videographers.

#7: Surfer SEO

We wrote this blog post with the help of Surfer SEO's content editor tool, which suggests ways to improve the content of your article according to SEO.

Surfer SEO is a smart tool that boosts your blog's visibility on search engines.

It's not just an AI writing tool; it also helps writers and content creators streamline their content production, simplify their SEO tasks, and enhance their website's search engine ranking.

Surfer employs AI writing assistance to suggest improvements for your pages and boost your SEO score, making your content more competitive.

By connecting your domain through Google Search Console, Surfer provides weekly insights to help you enhance your content, find internal linking opportunities, build backlinks, and target the right keywords.

Additionally, Surfer offers an outline generator powered by AI, which assists users in creating a blog post structure and identifying the keywords to focus on.

#8: Krisp.ai

Krisp is a clever artificial intelligence tool that uses AI to reduce background noise when you're on a call.

It acts like a filter between your microphone and the app you're using for calls, effectively silencing any unwanted sounds.

Krisp's noise-canceling tech is highly advanced. It's based on a Deep Neural Network trained on a vast dataset of 20,000 noise types, 50,000 different speakers, and over 2,500 hours of audio.

With just one click, Krisp becomes a smart middleman between your device and your online communication software, eliminating all distracting background noises.

Use AI to Create Online Courses with Heights AI

The world of online course creation is evolving with the integration of artificial intelligence.

With tools like Heights AI and Heights AI Coach, course creators now have powerful assistants at their disposal.

Heights AI offers seamless course creation, personalized product editing, and SEO enhancement, making the entire process efficient and effortless.

On the other hand, Heights AI Coach provides invaluable guidance to help grow your business, serving as a personal mentor that tailors a plan to your unique needs.

These AI tools not only simplify the online course creation process but also offer valuable insights and support for business growth.

So, if you're looking to take your online course business to new heights, try the power of AI with Heights AI and Heights AI Coach.

Create your free account today!

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