Heights Platform Best AI Tools to Create Digital Products

Best AI Tools to Create Digital Products

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way digital products are created, making it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses.

With AI, you can effortlessly generate art, write content, and create a variety of digital products that can either support your business operations or be directly sold online.

In this article, we'll explore the different types of digital products you can create using AI, recommend the best tools for the job, and guide you through the process of doing it!

Best AI Tools to Create Digital Products

Let's see which AI tools you can use to start selling profitable digital products online. Keep reading below to find out which digital products you can create.

Heights AI (AI to Create Online Courses)

Heights AI is a specialized tool designed for course creators, coaches, and community builders.

It streamlines the process of creating online courses by automatically generating course titles, outlines, descriptions, and cover images.

This tool is fine-tuned for online course creation and promotion, leveraging the expertise of the Heights Platform team.

This AI tool can generate an online course in minutes!

Here is how it works: simply input your course idea, and Heights AI quickly generates a draft complete with a compelling title, detailed lesson outline, and an engaging description, along with a suitable cover image.

The course is created for you inside your Heights Platform account, so all you need to do is populate its lessons with your unique insights as the course creator.

Heights AI course creation AI tool

You can also chat with Heights AI for advice on course creation, marketing strategies, and general usage of the Heights Platform, or use the AI as your personal assistant by giving it commands

For example, you can have the AI adjust course prices, publish your course, manage landing pages, and more.

Create Your Course With AI

Heights AI Coach (AI to Grow Your Business)

This artificial intelligence tool doesn't just create digital products for you: it helps you start and grow an online business!

The Heights AI Coach is your personal AI business mentor, designed to assist in growing your business at any time.

How does it work? You start by engaging in a brief discussion with the AI to grasp your business objectives and hurdles, then craft a strategy tailored for you.

Unlike other AI tools that require continuous input, the Heights AI Coach operates autonomously, assigning you weekly tasks. Since it lives inside your Heights Platform account, the AI coach has access to your progress, and can offer personalized guidance tailored to your needs.

You can communicate your business challenges, achievements, and aspirations. In response, the AI Coach provides weekly tasks and suggestions for development.

It continuously adapts to your business, offering customized advice with minimal effort from you.

The best feature? The Heights AI Coach is included for free with the Heights Platform Pro Plan.

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The tools we've discussed, such as Heights AI and Heights AI Coach, are fantastic AI resources tailored for those creating online courses, coaching, or building communities.

For more general needs, you're probably familiar with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a versatile AI and it can be useful for launching an info product business. As a predominantly text-based AI, it excels at editing, rephrasing, and crafting copy for your business.

Beyond this, ChatGPT can help you plan new marketing strategies, generate ideas, understand customer profiles, and much more.

But how can you use ChatGPT to create digital products? This depends on which digital product you'd like to build.

For course creators, while Heights AI is recommended due to its specialized nature, ChatGPT can also generate lesson concepts and help write course content and marketing materials.

For eBook authors, it's a tool for proofreading, grammar correction, tone enhancement, summarizing extensive texts, and generating new topic ideas.

If you're designing worksheets or templates, ChatGPT can aid in ideation, understanding audience needs, and more.

For those building online communities, ChatGPT can suggest discussion topics and engagement strategies and generate posts.

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Adobe Firefly (AI for Graphic Designs)

Adobe recently launched Firefly, an AI-powered tool that simplifies image editing through typed commands.

This tool enables users to generate images, apply text effects, and edit videos. Key functions of Firefly include creating different versions of an image, manipulating lighting and mood, altering backgrounds, transforming images into vector graphics, and editing videos using text-based prompts.

Adobe's goal with Firefly is to help creative professionals boost their abilities and spark creativity by saving time and minimizing manual work.

Dall E and Midjourney (AI to Create Digital Art)

OpenAI's DALL-E and Midjourney are prominent AI tools for image generation. Midjourney is particularly renowned for creating fantastical and dreamy images. Users simply input a text prompt, and these tools quickly generate images.

These AI technologies are highly flexible and capable of creating a wide range of high-quality images in different artistic styles, from hyperrealistic to abstract, including designs and graphics.

These AI tools offer a significant advantage in time efficiency for creators, eliminating the need for the intensive manual work typically associated with tools like Photoshop.

Using DALL-E is quite straightforward. For Midjourney, users interact with the bot via a chat application like Discord.

Both tools are operated using simple text commands, allowing users to create visually stunning images without any coding skills.

Looka (AI for Logo Generation & Branding)

Looka is an AI-powered branding and graphic design tool that simplifies the creation of a brand identity, starting with a logo.

This platform uses AI to craft logos that reflect a company's style and message, making branding straightforward.

After designing your logo with AI assistance, Looka's Brand Kit enables you to produce a variety of marketing materials like business cards, social media posts, letterheads, and posters.

It's designed to make content creation easy, even for those without design experience, by providing AI-generated content for customized marketing materials.

Surfer SEO (AI for Writing & Content Creation)

Surfer SEO is a hybrid AI platform designed to enhance your blog posts for better search engine optimization (SEO).

It's more than just AI writing assistance; it aids writers and content creators in expanding their content production, streamlining their SEO processes, and achieving higher search engine rankings for their websites and blog posts.

Surfer employs AI writing tools to provide recommendations that can refine a page, boosting its SEO score and ranking relative to competitors.

By linking your domain with Google Search Console, Surfer delivers weekly, data-informed tips on improving content, identifying internal linking and backlinking opportunities, and pinpointing key keywords.

Additionally, its AI-driven outline generator helps you speed up the writing process by creating blog post outlines and suggesting relevant keywords to include for improved visibility on search engines.

Jasper AI (AI for Writing)

Jasper AI is a digital writing assistant designed for various content creation needs. It streamlines the content creation process by generating original material from simple inputs.

This tool is suitable for producing a range of content, such as blog posts, product descriptions, and marketing copy. Its affordability and user-friendly interface make it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

You could use this AI tool to write and sell eBooks, as Jasper AI can help you generate topic ideas and structure content. Jasper Brand Voice, a feature within the platforms, allows you to set of a specific brand identity into the content, ensuring consistency in tone and style.

Suno AI (AI for Creating Music)

Suno.ai is an AI system designed to produce singing voices, instrumentals, and complete musical pieces from text prompts.

It includes two models: Bark, which generates singing voices and lyrics, and Chirp, which creates instrumental tracks.

These models, built on a deep learning architecture and trained on extensive music datasets, analyze text for patterns in words, rhythms, and sounds and then compose tunes that align with these elements.

Users can input lyrics or text into Suno AI via a Discord server, and the AI then crafts an original song based on the provided text, typically within 1–2 minutes.

Additionally, for those who want to create song lyrics, ChatGPT integration is available to assist in lyric generation.

Top Digital Products You Can Easily Create with AI

A digital product is defined as an asset that is created, distributed, and accessed in digital formats using electronic devices, lacking a physical form.

These products include a variety of offerings like software (computer programs, applications, or mobile apps), e-books (digital versions of print books), online courses, memberships, digital music, videos, and art such as digital paintings, illustrations, graphic designs, photographs, and other visual or multimedia content. Additionally, other web-based services also fall under this category.

The digital product marketplace is dynamic, continuously introducing new products and services. An interesting aspect of digital products is their ease of replication, distribution, and access via digital means, which makes these kinds of products extremely convenient for both the creator and their customers.

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#1: Online Courses

Many people think of digital products as eBooks, PDFs, or guides; however, online courses also fall under this category, and they are actually an increasingly popular and simple business idea, thanks to AI's support.

Online courses are more than just simple digital downloads; they offer substantial value and represent a profitable venture for starting an online business.

An online course is an educational package that includes lessons and modules. These courses empower people to acquire new skills, overcome challenges, or achieve specific outcomes, all under the creator's guidance.

Unlike live online classes with an instructor, online courses are self-paced, meaning that students can enroll whenever they like and access the course material at their convenience.

Online courses generally consist of a mix of pre-recorded video lessons, written content, and additional resources, all aimed at helping students meet their learning goals.

The rise of AI technology has made the creation of online courses more accessible and simpler than ever before.

The best AI tool to create online courses is Heights AI, which helps creators generate a new online course draft in a few clicks.

Want to learn more about using AI in online course creation? Check out these articles:

#2: Digital Art

AI technology can be a game-changer for creating and marketing a variety of digital products, offering a lucrative way to boost revenue in your solo business.

With AI tools like Adobe Firefly or Midjourney, you can create stunning art, graphics and clip art.

These AI-driven platforms enable users to generate art that ranges from realistic portraits and landscapes to abstract and conceptual designs, without the need for advanced artistic skills.

For example, you can create digital paintings that mimic the styles of classic artists, generate unique character illustrations for storytelling, or design intricate patterns and textures for graphic design projects.

Additionally, AI art can be used to create eye-catching visuals for websites, marketing materials, or even as standalone pieces to be sold online.

#3: Membership Sites

A membership site is a gated website where people get to access exclusive content after paying a monthly or annual fee.

Most membership sites offer their members many digital products, such as online courses, video resources, live calls, a community, and more.

This not only monetizes your knowledge but also builds a steady income stream and a connected online community.

AI can play a crucial role in creating content for these sites, especially if you're considering an online course membership model.

Heights AI, for example, can help generate course content, and AI can also be a great tool in generating ideas and content for other digital products within your site.

#4: Online Communities

Online communities are digital spaces where people with shared interests, from hobbies to professional networks, gather and connect.

They offer a chance for discussion and relationship-building, creating a sense of belonging among members. Many online course creators decide to enhance the value of their programs by adding community spaces (which you can do easily through Heights Platform).

AI can contribute to building a community, particularly on the content generation side. ChatGPT, for example, can help create engaging community posts, brainstorm ideas, and draft announcements.

It can also assist in responding to community queries and enhance customer interactions. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots provide round-the-clock customer support, improving customer satisfaction while easing your workload.

#5: eBooks

eBooks are a very popular digital product, offering a versatile and accessible way for creators to share knowledge, stories, or expertise.

Thanks to AI, the process of writing and publishing eBooks has become more streamlined than ever. AI writing tools can assist in generating content, structuring narratives, and even editing drafts, making it relatively easy for anyone to become an author.

The beauty of eBooks as a digital product lies in their flexibility; they can be easily distributed globally through various platforms like Amazon Kindle or Apple Books, reaching a wide audience without the logistical challenges of physical publishing.

#6: Templates

AI can assist in designing attractive and functional customizable templates suitable for a variety of purposes.

This includes website themes, presentation layouts, social media designs, email templates, calendars, worksheets, and planners.

Templates can be tailored for specific applications like WordPress themes, Canva graphics, or Notion layouts, and either sold or used personally.

#7: Mockups

AI can be a great tool to create mockups. A mockup is essentially a prototype or visual representation of a design.

This digital product is especially useful in graphic design, allowing you to preview and edit how the final version of a product, such as a website or app, will look before completion.

This is particularly valuable for graphic designers presenting their work to clients.

#8: Logos

Creating logos is a key part of branding, and AI-powered logo creation tools have simplified this process.

These tools use your brand information, industry, and style preferences to generate a variety of logo options.

Looka, for instance, is a tool that helps in creating AI-generated logos and branding kits.

#9: Virtual Backgrounds

With more people working remotely and participating in virtual meetings, custom virtual backgrounds have gained popularity.

AI image-generation tools can be used to create unique backgrounds for video calls or streaming purposes.

Start Your Digital Product Business Today With Heights Platform

Artificial intelligence has completely transformed how digital products are made and sold. AI tools have made it easier for entrepreneurs and creators to explore new opportunities in the digital market.

From creating online courses and digital artwork to designing templates, logos, virtual backgrounds, and even composing stock music, AI can assist in producing high-quality, unique, and customizable digital products.

One of the major benefits of using AI in digital product creation is the time it saves. For instance, tools like Heights AI can help online course creators by generating course outlines, providing valuable feedback, and even structuring the entire course. This allows creators to focus on adding their own unique content and expertise.

All the tools and digital product ideas discussed in this article can help you save time in your business and even create an additional source of income.

While making quick money with AI-generated art is possible, it's important to note that this field faces significant competition and may not be the most reliable business idea.

In our opinion, selling online courses offers the best opportunity to make money online while delivering significant value to your customers. With Heights AI, you can effortlessly generate course outlines, receive valuable feedback, and receive personalized recommendations.

Join Heights Platform today to create online courses with AI and grow a profitable business!

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