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Can You Create Videos Without Showing Your Face? 5 Ideas for Faceless Videos!

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If you have been on social media lately, you have probably noticed the surge in the popularity of video content. So much, so that online videos have an audience reach of 92% worldwide!

Video is a fantastic medium to connect with your audience, customers or viewers on a deeper level and communicate even complex concepts in just a few seconds.

Marketing videos are your allies in growing brand awareness, telling your story, connecting with a wider audience and increasing conversions.

If you are an entrepreneur, it would be foolish not to use videos in some ways.

So why are many people still on the fence about creating video content to promote their brand?

Producing high-quality video is not easy, and there is a learning curve involved in becoming a good video editor. It can also be expensive, especially if you need fancy equipment or you want to set up a recording studio.

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Another reason why many creators are hesitant to start producing video content is their reluctance to show their faces and speak in front of a camera.

Recording and speaking in front of the camera can be very intimidating: especially when you know the video will be released on the internet for everyone to see.

So many creators simply give up on videos because they are not comfortable putting themselves out there.

But fear of cameras doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your goals and start promoting your business with great video content.

There are plenty of ‘faceless’ videos out there from creators who managed to grow huge audiences by never showing their faces on video!

In today's article, we will talk about how you can create amazing video content even without showing your face or speaking to a camera and will share our ideas for alternative videos you can try instead!

So if you are not going to show your face, what kind of video can you record?

Faceless / Speechless Tutorial Videos

A tutorial is a video where you demonstrate how to do a specific action. If you are an online course creator, tutorials are probably the most important videos in your course, as you are showing your students how to get the result they are after.

You can get creative with tutorial videos, and this format is great both for talking-head and faceless videos. So you could choose to record a tutorial video simply showing your hands, without showing your face or recording your voice; or you could show your whole body without talking, or you could talk in the background while demonstrating how to do something without showing your face.

So, for example, let's take a cooking tutorial video.

The focus of cooking instructions is the preparation, not your face. So you could choose to record your hands only:

ideas for faceless videos

Or show your face or even your whole body, while demonstrating the tutorial but without speaking to the camera:

ideas for faceless videos

Animated Videos

Another great way to create videos aimed at explaining and teaching a topic is to use animated videos.

There are many software out there designed to help you create animated graphics and videos with a wide range of customizable options.

You can add text, images, and videos to create a professional-looking animated video in no time.

ideas for faceless videos

Animated videos are a great option if you want to create instructional or tutorial videos, as it allows you to show your viewers exactly what you're thinking on-screen, and even communicate complex scenarios that you would not be able to record a podcast otherwise. To make your own animated videos, you can try using specific software or hire a video editor to do it for you. Don't forget to trim your videos to make sure they are the right length for your viewers, and then convert them to MP3 if desired.

On our podcast, we recently interviewed Miguel Hernandez, a leading expert in animated videos. Check out his interview to learn all about creating this kind of videos to promote your online business: How Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media Built a Successful Online Business - The Creator's Adventure #1

Stock Footage Videos

If you don't even want to touch a camera, you can use stock footage to populate your videos with high-quality images and clips.

This is a good idea to create professional videos on a budget and without any equipment.

ideas for faceless videos

Stock footage includes videos made by professionals that are available online for anyone to use. Most stock footage can be acquired after paying a license fee or a subscription to the online provider. Check out sites like Shutterstock and Adobe.

All you need to do is browse these sites to find the best stock footage that applies to your concept, add a little bit of editing to glue them together and you'll have a professional video!

Screen Recording Videos

If you have to show what you are doing on your laptop, you can use screen recording.

Screen recording allows you to capture what you see on your computer screen and create a video from it. This is a great way to explain a specific process, teach how to use software, show off a new product and more.

Most screen recording apps have the option to show your face or have it hidden, together with activate audio or not. Check out apps like CloudApp and Loom to create awesome screen-recording videos in seconds.

AI Video Generators

If you don't want to show your face on video, now you can delegate this task to artificial intelligence.

AI video generation tools use artificial intelligence to generate extra realistic clips of people speaking without needing any recording gear or even using your voice.

So if you are uncomfortable speaking and appearing on camera, don't have the time or resources to record or edit your videos, or don't have any physical camera gear, you could try using AI for your video needs.


Creating videos to promote an online business is not an easy task, especially if you are camera-shy and you feel uncomfortable showing your face.

There are so many benefits to promoting your business with videos, including being able to communicate complex concepts effectively in seconds, engaging your customers and increasing your conversion rate.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can use to create videos without showing your face or even talking to the camera. Creating tutorial videos, using animation, stock photos, screen recording, and even AI are all alternatives to talking-head videos that can generate a similar great effect on your audience.

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