Heights Platform The Future of AI in Online Course Creation? Predictions for 2024 & Beyond

The Future of AI in Online Course Creation? Predictions for 2024 & Beyond

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How will AI shape the world of course creation in 2024 and beyond?

With the rapid advancement of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more integral in our everyday lives.

One significant area of AI's influence is in online course creation.

At Heights Platform, we continually seek ways to enhance the experience of our course creators. This is why we have built AI-powered tools, like the first AI copilot assistant for course creators and the first autonomous coach. These tools significantly change the way online courses are created and sold.

In this article, we'll explore how AI is reshaping the process of creating online courses, our predictions for the future of this technology, and the necessary adjustments creators need to make to keep pace with this evolving trend.

How AI Will Affect Online Course Creators in 2024

The speedy advancements in AI have brought significant changes not only to businesses but also to our personal lives.

What does this mean for online course creators? Should you be afraid of AI?

It is not a secret that AI excels in creative tasks and can produce original content much faster than "human" creators.

This, however, doesn't mean that jobs like online course creators will become obsolete. In fact, the demand for digital courses is growing.

The role of online course creators will evolve as AI is changing how courses are developed. This means that creators who choose to adapt to this new technology rather than fight it or ignore it will have the most chances of succeeding.

Now, let's talk about the future of AI in online course creation and our predictions on how artificial intelligence will shape the world of online learning.

#1: AI Will Speed Up Content Creation

This is not a farfetched concept, as it is already happening as we "speak."

Developing top-notch course materials is a time-consuming task, but AI can make it easier by handling some repetitive aspects.

AI tools like Heights AI are already helping creators in generating the content they need for their course business. Heights AI helps by generating outlines for courses and suggesting appealing titles and descriptions, and even helps you understand how to promote and market your course.

This technology can drastically cut down the time and effort needed to create course content and brainstorm ideas. It allows creators to concentrate on what they enjoy most about teaching.

Learn more about using AI for content creation in your online education business:

#2: AI Will Increase Competition In Online Learning

The integration of AI into online learning platforms is transforming the online education landscape, leading to higher competition among course creators.

AI's ability to generate and curate content really fast means that more courses can be created in less time.

This is likely to drive up the competition, pushing creators to differentiate their courses through unique selling points and by sharing their unique experiences.

It's not just about the content anymore: creators must now focus on delivering exceptional experiences, fostering community engagement, and providing tailored learning paths.

Those who leverage AI effectively will stand out, but this also means that creators need to continuously innovate and adapt to maintain a competitive edge in a market that's becoming increasingly crowded and dynamic.

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#3: "Basic" Courses May Be in Trouble

As AI enhances accessibility to knowledge, simpler and shorter courses might become less essential.

Think about this: now everyone can use tools like ChatGPT for free.

Every question you have can be answered instantly, and the AI can handle even more complex or personal queries better than a Google search.

So why pay hundreds of dollars for an online course where you can ask ChatGPT for free and get the solution you are looking for in a split second?

Online courses need to evolve and simply offer more than just knowledge.

Personalized learning, 1:1 guidance, a feeling of community and accountability are what will make online courses stand out in the AI era.

We've always advised course creators to focus on these types of courses, even before the rise of AI in the field, but now, it is especially important for creators to build an amazing experience with their learning programs.

#4: AI Will Call for More Personalization in Online Courses

In today's digital age, where artificial intelligence can perform tasks quickly and effectively, students are increasingly looking for unique and personalized learning experiences.

AI tools can help you increase the level of personalization in your online course.

AI can analyze data on each student’s learning style, interests, and progress, allowing for course content and delivery to be tailored to their individual needs.

This personalized approach can lead to increased engagement, better retention rates, and more effective learning outcomes.

For example, AI can monitor student progress and pinpoint areas where they might be struggling. Utilizing this information, AI can suggest additional resources, create personalized learning paths or offer real-time feedback to help students overcome challenges.

#5: Students will Seek Human Support and Connection

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the advent of AI means that people can access knowledge as never before.

While a few years ago, taking an online course might have been the only way for an individual to learn a new skill, now there are countless free and convenient options.

People can ask questions to AI chatbots, learn new skills on YouTube, or access plenty of resources for free online.

The reason why students still pay for online courses is the experience.

They want more than standard courses that offer the same material to everyone. It's essential for students to feel connected to a real person behind their online courses and to develop relationships with both the instructor and fellow students.

If you haven't done so already, it's a good idea to create a community around your online course.

Platforms like Heights Platform make it simple to build a vibrant community where students can interact, ask questions, and form meaningful connections alongside your courses and products. You can even segment that community into different free and paid channels, depending on the level of access your members have subscribed to.

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#6: Students Are Hungry for Relatable, Authentic Experiences

When you can get perfect and instant answers from a machine, people will find themselves seeking honest, relatable and genuine learning experiences.

They look for courses that not only inform but also inspire and connect on a personal level. This shift in preference highlights the importance of storytelling, personal anecdotes, and real-world applications in course material.

As a course creator, focusing on creating content that is relatable, engaging, and reflective of real-life scenarios can fulfill this growing demand.

This should start before a student purchases your online course and be reflected in your marketing effort: the way you communicate on social media with your potential customers, for example.

Think about the power of social media influencers: if you are a fan of an influencer, you are more likely to purchase their products or services over the ones of another creator who you know nothing about.

The more we use AI and bots in marketing, the more consumers are going to be skeptical of products advertised online and will only trust those that are sold by a real person with whom they share a connection.

Ultimately, the goal is to strike a balance between AI's efficiency and the irreplaceable value of the human touch in education.

How to Use AI in an Ethical Way

How can course creator use artificial intelligence without compromising the quality of their content or committing plagiarism?

The way we see it is that AI should be used to automate menial tasks that do not require human intelligence or creativity. This allows you to speed up processes in your business and have more time to focus on the creation process, which requires your unique insights and experiences.

But you can still use AI in creative tasks. Instead of copy-pasting AI-generated content and charging people for it, use AI as a starting point to brainstorm new ideas, help you make decisions, improve the quality of your original content and offer a better experience to your online course students.

One way to use AI is as a tool for brainstorming. For instance, you can request AI to come up with ideas for your upcoming marketing efforts, create a series of engaging social media post suggestions, or devise a slogan for your brand, among other tasks.

After receiving the AI's suggestions, you can then modify them to reflect your personal insights and distinctive viewpoints.

Start Leveraging AI in Your Business Today

Artificial intelligence cannot be ignored anymore, especially in online course creation.

And that's a good thing! AI can help creators generate content faster, brainstorm ideas, automate processes, and have more time to focus on what they enjoy the most.

But how can you leverage AI in your business?

If you are not technically savvy, it can be confusing to get into the world of AI and know how you can use this new technology to your advantage.

Fortunately, there are many resources online that you can access to learn more on the topic and become an AI expert.

We wrote a tone of blog posts like this one about AI and how creators can use it. Check out these articles for example:

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If you are looking for a more comprehensive, step-by-step process to incorporate AI in your course creation process or in your business in general, we have put together an online course about this!

The course is called AI Elevate: Leverage AI in Your Business and is designed to teach you how to build an AI team, utilize OpenAI's new custom GPT feature, and improve your skills in communicating with AI and automating tasks in your business.

This program aims to show you how to automate routine tasks, freeing up more time for your creative interests. It guides you in identifying areas of your business that could benefit from AI, and provides practical tools and techniques for implementing AI solutions.

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Within a week, you'll have a full AI team at your disposal, helping with content creation, idea generation, process optimization, and business growth.

This course is suitable for anyone in business, such as solopreneurs, artists, marketers, coaches, or creators looking to enhance their operations using AI. No prior technical knowledge is needed to join.

Additionally, the course includes access to a private community of creators and solopreneurs, along with real examples of custom GPTs, pre-made AI prompts, and more.

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