Heights Platform Find Your Unique Talent to Start an Online Course Business

Find Your Unique Talent to Start an Online Course Business

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Do you want to build your own online business but have no idea where to start or what you can offer to others?

If this sounds like you, the best way to find out how to monetize your expertise and start an online course business is by finding your unique advantage.

Keep reading below to learn how you can uncover what talents make you unique and can be monetized to start running your online business.

In order to find the perfect online course business for you to start, you have to understand what your unique advantages are, and what kind of talents or knowledge sets you apart from the competition.

What Online Business Should You Start? Find Your Unique Advantage.

Focus on Your Past Experiences

The first thing you should think about when you are trying to figure out your unique talent is your past experiences.

Think about the different experiences that you've had over the years and what you've learned from them. Once you have identified your most valuable past experiences, think about how this knowledge could turn into a business.

How can your past experiences affect your future business? Do they allow you to create a unique product or offer a unique perspective?

There's probably at least one subject where you have a disproportionate amount of skills or experience compared to the average person and that you can easily turn into an online course that can be valuable for others.

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Think About What You Love

Past experiences are not the only thing to consider when trying to figure out what your next online course will be about. So don't be discouraged if you can't think about any past experience that may turn into a business idea.

Instead, try focusing on your passions and think about what you enjoy doing. Maybe you have a hobby that you can share with the world, or you enjoy talking about a specific topic that can be beneficial to others.

If you are an expert on a specific topic or you are simply passionate about it, you may already have an audience base or some ready-to-use material to take inspiration from.

It will also be much easier to start building content for your course if you know what you are talking about and actually enjoy teaching it to others.

This can also be something that you are interested in but you don't have in-depth knowledge yet and want to learn more about. So don’t worry too much about your level of knowledge in the topic you choose. If you are not an expert, that’s ok too: the important thing is that you can teach something new to your students and provide value with your online course.

Identify a Problem You Had

If you have read this article so far and still cannot figure out your unique advantage, a good idea can be to identify a common problem or an issue you have personally experienced and try to provide a solution for it with your online course.

Chances are that if you have encountered a problem in the past, other people had too! And maybe when you had this problem, you wished that there was an online course out there to help you solve it.

So a good exercise you can do now, is to list all the problems and pain points you experienced in the past that you could solve with an online course, and then do some market research to see if others are experiencing the same struggles.

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Don't Worry About Competition

A lot of course creators worry about competition in their niche.

The world of online courses is getting more and more crowded, so competition is completely normal and is not necessarily a bad thing!

It is common for online course creators who want to start their business to get discouraged after witnessing a large number of competitors in their chosen niche. While competition can make things more challenging when launching your first online course, it also has benefits that creators often fail to recognize.

Competition in your market is proof that there is demand for your product offering, so the higher the competition, the higher the demand for what you are selling!

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More importantly, competition among online course creators doesn't mean that there are many identical products available in the market: your online course is unique because of your one-of-a-kind experiences and perspective.

So even if you are teaching a similar topic as other creators, your online course content is going to be 100% unique and impossible to replicate!

To Sum Up

Figuring out your unique talent and what makes you stand out from the crowd is not a walk in the park!

It can be hard to identify your next online course topic and turn your passion into a viable business. So if you are struggling with this, we hope that this article was helpful and that by now, you have found your unique advantage.

To sum up, a great way to recognize your advantage is to think about your past experiences, what you have learned from them and how you can help others by sharing them. Another way can be to focus on your passions, and what you love doing and turn it into an online course.

A problem you have experienced in the past can also be a great inspiration for your next online course topic, so think about what issues you have experienced so far and carry on market research to see if there are other people out there who are struggling with the same problems and would gladly buy an online course that helps them solve it.

And finally, remember that competition is not necessarily a huge threat when it comes to selling online courses. If there is competition in your niche, it only means that the demand for your online course topic is very high and there is space for you too!

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A huge benefit of online courses is that each online course is 100% unique because of the experiences, different perceptions and styles of the creator.

So if you have already found your unique talent and you are ready to turn it into an online business, but you are too scared of the competition, remember that your online course is unique, that it has the potential to help others, and that there is an abundance of potential customers out there waiting to discover you. 

Once you have figured out your unique advantage and are ready to start your online course, it's time to create your Heights Platform account and create your course content!

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