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How to Create Digital Products With AI

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In the ever-evolving world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a pivotal force shaping the future of digital entrepreneurship.

From generating ideas to executing sophisticated designs, AI is revolutionizing the way we create and distribute digital products.

In this article, we will share how you can create digital products using AI, providing you with our favorite AI tools out there, so you can start selling digital products online with AI.

What are Digital Products?

Digital products are intangible assets or pieces of media that can be repeatedly sold and distributed online without the need to restock inventory.

They come in various forms such as eBooks, online courses, software, digital art, music, and templates.

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The beauty of digital products lies in their versatility and scalability, offering creators a platform to share their knowledge, creativity, and skills with a global audience.

The creation of digital products has been significantly streamlined and enhanced by the use of AI. Here's how you can leverage AI to develop your own digital products:

Best AI Tools To Create Digital Products

Before we dive into the different digital downloads you can create and sell by leveraging artificial intelligence, let's look at the best AI tools you can use for creating digital products.

Heights AI

A specialized tool for online course creation, offering features like a whole course generation, course outline, SEO checks and even your own AI assistant.

It provides tailored assistance for creating and promoting online courses, making it easier for entrepreneurs to launch their educational platforms.


A versatile AI tool that requires no introduction and can assist in content creation, brainstorming, and customer interaction.

Whether it's drafting an eBook, generating descriptions, or creating engaging online content, ChatGPT is an invaluable tool for all kinds of digital products.

Other AI Tools

From Adobe Firefly for art generation to Suno.ai for music creation, there's an AI tool for every type of digital product.

These tools simplify the creation process and enable entrepreneurs to produce unique and professional-quality products efficiently.

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Types of Digital Products You Can Create with AI

Now, let's see how to create digital products with AI using the AI tools discussed earlier. To better walk you through the process of digital product creation, let's see one by one the most popular digital products you can create with AI.

For each digital product, we will explain how you can create it and sell online by using AI.

#1: Online Courses

We love online courses as digital products because they offer great value to customers and can also be a highly profitable business idea for creators.

While online courses might seem more complicated to create compared to a simple download like images or PDFs, leveraging AI can significantly ease the course-building process.

Online courses offer more in-depth content and, as a result, may prove to be a more lucrative online business venture.

lesson image

AI can help structure lessons, generate content, and even provide feedback on course material.

Enter Heights AI: the ultimate AI companion specifically designed to assist course creators and coaches.

With tools like Heights AI, you can produce comprehensive and engaging online courses tailored to your audience's needs.

This tool enables creators to quickly draft course outlines, receive constructive feedback, and gain insights and recommendations throughout the creation process.

Heights AI course creation AI tool

One of the standout features of Heights AI is the course generator.

Simply providing your course idea to the AI assists in enhancing titles, developing a comprehensive outline, crafting a compelling marketing description, and ultimately, building the course within your Heights account, including selecting suitable images and adding descriptions.

All that's left for you is to enrich the lessons with your personalized content and materials.

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These are just a few examples of how Heights AI can help you in selling digital products such as online courses, but it can do so much more! Learn more about the Heights AI here: Heights AI

The best way to understand all the capabilities of Heights AI, is to try it yourself! Create your free Heights Platform account and start using AI to sell digital products:

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#2: Digital Art and Graphics

Using AI-powered tools, you can create stunning art pieces, graphics, and designs. These can be sold as standalone pieces or incorporated into other digital products such as eBooks or online courses.

There are many AI image-generation tools available, that let you create visually stunning AI art. Popular AI art generators include Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, and OpenAI's Dall-e, among others.

These AI-driven tools allow users to craft images and clip art in a variety of artistic styles and forms through text prompts.

They can quickly generate both hyperrealistic and abstract imagery, offering digital product creators substantial time savings compared to traditional methods like Photoshop.

Wondering how to leverage these tools for business?

AI-generated art offers several monetization opportunities online. Consider launching an online store, setting up an Etsy shop, selling on digital marketplaces, or utilizing them as marketing assets in your business.

You could focus on selling printable art, set up a print-on-demand store, sell digital wallpapers, backgrounds, and more on marketplaces and so on.

Additionally, Heights Platform is an excellent option for selling digital products. It doesn’t take a cut from your profits, provides a checkout page for digital products, offers multiple payment options, and even enables website creation.

#3: eBooks

eBooks represent a powerful and versatile category within digital products, serving as an excellent tool for sharing knowledge, storytelling, or providing valuable information.

With AI's assistance, creating and selling eBooks has become more efficient and accessible.

An eBook can be anything from a comprehensive guide on a specific topic to a collection of recipes or a gripping novel.

They are cost-effective to produce, have high potential margins, and can be distributed globally with ease. For entrepreneurs, eBooks offer a way to establish authority in their niche, expand their brand, or generate leveraged income.

AI Tools like ChatGPT can assist in drafting content, from conceptualization to final proofreading. Whether it's coming up with the outline of your eBook, generating content for chapters, or ensuring the language is engaging and error-free, AI has a role to play.

It can also suggest improvements, diversify your language, and ensure that the content remains coherent and compelling.

Once your eBook is ready, it can be sold on platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, or your own website. Alternatively, they can be used as a marketing tool, offered for free to build an email list or as a bonus with other products.

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#4: Membership Sites

When you think about digital products, you probably do not think about a membership site. However, membership sites present an excellent online business idea, acting like an online club where members pay a fee for exclusive access to content.

So, essentially, a membership site is a gated collection of digital products!

Within a single membership platform, you can host a variety of products tailored to your expertise or market. These might include classes, workshops, downloadable items, live sessions, and community forums, among others.

Such platforms not only allow entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their knowledge but also provide a steady revenue stream and the opportunity cultivate a vibrant online community.

lesson image

Wondering how AI fits into creating a membership site? It largely depends on the nature of products offered within the site.

For instance, if you aim to establish a membership offering various online courses, AI platforms like Heights AI could be used to develop those courses. Likewise, for digital products, numerous AI tools are available to help brainstorm and create content.

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#5: Templates, Mockups, Logos, Virtual backgrounds

Here are a few more ideas of digital products you can create, and potentially sell online, using AI:

Templates: AI can help you make and design good-looking and useful templates for websites, presentations, or social media. You can sell or use things like website themes, email layouts, calendar designs, worksheets, and planners online. Plus, you can make templates for others to use in certain apps, like website themes for WordPress, graphic designs for Canva, or layouts for Notion.

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Mockups: A mockup is like a model or picture of what a design will look like. These products can be edited as used to show how the final product, like a website or an app, will appear before it's all finished and ready. If you are a graphic designer, you can use mockups to send your final products to clients.

Logos: Designing a logo is a crucial step in branding, and AI logo makers have made this process more accessible. By inputting your brand name, industry, and style preferences, AI algorithms generate numerous logo designs to choose from. Looka is an example of an AI logo and branding kit maker.

Virtual Backgrounds: With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, personalized virtual backgrounds have become increasingly popular. AI image-generation tools can help you create virtual backgrounds for video calls or streaming.

#6: Online Communities

Another digital product that you might not have thought about is an online community!

Different from other digital product ideas, communities are a much more interactive way to share your knowledge and connect with potential customers.

An online community acts as a digital hub where individuals with shared passions, objectives, or concerns can interact in a dedicated virtual environment.

These platforms offer a space for people to connect, discuss, share insights, seek support, and foster relationships with those of similar interests or experiences.

Spanning a diverse array of topics, online communities might focus on specific hobbies or form around professional networks, support groups, and fandoms, cultivating a sense of unity and shared identity among participants.

A community can be a fantastic addition to your business (especially when you sell online courses), or could be sold as a standalone product.

Incorporating a community aspect into online courses is a popular choice for creators aiming to boost student engagement. This can be implemented seamlessly and cost-effectively with tools like Heights Platform!

But how does AI come into play in creating an online community?

A key component of community management is the creation of engaging content for community channels.

AI tools such as ChatGPT can be utilized to generate relevant content and posts by initiating conversations, posing questions, or providing prompts about desired subjects.

These tools are also useful for brainstorming new post ideas, gathering feedback, or drafting articles and announcements for the community. They can help craft responses to queries and comments from community members, thereby enhancing engagement.

Moreover, AI can revolutionize customer service within these communities.

AI-powered chatbots, operational round-the-clock, can address customer inquiries and resolve issues, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and reducing the burden on human resources.

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#7: Music and Sound Effects

Businesses are often looking for original music for their promotional content and are ready to invest in unique compositions.

Thanks to AI, you no longer need to be a seasoned musician to craft your own tunes: AI technology is available to assist you in creating and selling soundtracks and stock music.

Platforms like Soundraw employ AI to enable users to produce distinctive, royalty-free music tailored to their specific needs or projects. 

Suno.ai is another AI music generator tool that helps you write complete songs after selecting your style and uploading your lyrics (which you can generate with ChatGPT). 

By using such tools, you can easily generate custom music by selecting parameters such as length, tempo, composition, instruments, and style.

This enables the creation of royalty-free, AI-generated music. You can then utilize these tracks for your own ventures or market them to interested buyers!

Start Selling Digital Products With AI Today

The world of digital entrepreneurship is continuously evolving with AI as a central force, offering unprecedented opportunities for creators.

With tools like Heights AI, entrepreneurs can streamline and enhance the creation and distribution of various digital products such as online courses, digital art, membership sites, communities and more.

To discover the full capabilities of Heights AI and how it can transform your digital product creation process, sign up for a free trial on Heights Platform today!

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