Heights Platform How to Get an AI Virtual Assistant (For Online Course Creators)

How to Get an AI Virtual Assistant (For Online Course Creators)

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AI has revolutionized the way we do business. Artificial intelligence can help entrepreneurs and creators scale their businesses, become more productive, and automate manual tasks.

This new technology can be especially beneficial for solopreneurs, individual creators who start their own businesses online and are the only person taking care of the business.

Solopreneurs are, by nature, the only ones responsible for their business, which means that they are also in charge of all the tasks related to business growth. A solopreneur is not only the founder of a business, he/she is also the marketing manager, accountant, customer support, technician, sales representative etc...

While starting your own course business definitively has its benefits, it also requires a lot of work.

Many solopreneurs decide to hire a virtual assistant to help them with their day-to-day tasks and reduce their manual workload.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, there is a new way to get a helping hand in your business.

Enter AI assistants. Did you know that you could use AI as a virtual assistant?

In today's article, we will share how to get an AI virtual assistant if you are an online course creator.

What is an AI Virtual Assistant?

An AI virtual assistant refers to a software application that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to offer services and execute tasks on behalf of users.

Usually, you can communicate with AI assistants either via text or voice, and the AI can be integrated across a variety of platforms and devices, including smartphones, computers, smart speakers, and others.

By utilizing natural language processing and speech recognition, these assistants are capable of comprehending and responding to human language and voice commands, enabling users to engage in dialogue with the AI.

AI virtual assistant apps are versatile and capable of managing a broad spectrum of complex tasks, such as scheduling reminders, fielding queries, making recommendations, editing digital content, dispatching messages and updates, and controlling smart home gadgets.

You probably are already familiar with a few AI VA tools and smart home devices, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and ChatGPT. To find out more about virtual assistant technology, check out this article of the best AI assistant tools out there: Top 10 AI Virtual Assistant Tools for Creators & Entrepreneurs

Pros and Cons of an AI Virtual Assistant

Before we dive into how course creators can get their AI assistant, let's explore the pros and cons of this approach. Let's start with the pros:

  • Helps you speed up processes: An AI intelligent virtual assistant can perform a wide range of tasks almost instantly, from scheduling appointments to managing emails. This quick response time means that tasks that would take humans minutes or hours can be completed in seconds, significantly speeding up your daily workflow.
  • Helps you save time in learning a new platform: With an AI virtual assistant, you don't have to spend hours or days learning how to navigate a new software or platform. These assistants are designed to be intuitive and can guide you through features and functionalities, making it easier for you to get up to speed.
  • It is cheaper: Hiring an AI virtual assistant is generally more cost-effective than employing a human assistant. You avoid expenses related to salaries, benefits, and office space, making it a budget-friendly option for individuals and businesses alike.
  • No training needed: AI virtual assistants come pre-programmed with a wide range of capabilities, which means they don't require the extensive training that a human assistant might need. You can start utilizing their services right away, saving time and resources. That said, AI still requires context and information to operate properly.

Here are a few drawbacks you need to consider when it comes to AI virtual assistants:

  • Limited capabilities compared to humans: While AI virtual assistants are incredibly efficient at performing a broad spectrum of tasks, their abilities are confined to the tools they are given access to.
  • Lack of emotional intelligence: AI virtual assistants cannot understand or replicate human emotions, making them less effective in situations that require the presence of a human being.

How Course Creators Can Get an AI Virtual Assistant

For online course creators, leveraging AI can be a game-changer in managing and scaling their business.

With the rise of platforms offering AI tools, accessing a virtual assistant that can help streamline operations and enhance productivity has never been easier.

One example of this is Heights Platform, which offers unique AI tools designed to assist creators with course creation and management.

So let's see how course creators can get their own AI assistant to help them create courses, edit content, and grow their businesses.

Step #1: Sign Up for Heights Platform

Heights Platform is an online course creation and community-building platform designed to empower creators to sell information products such as online courses, membership sites, communities, and digital products.

What makes Heights Platform stand out is its suite of AI tools specifically designed for creators.

Among its varied AI-enhanced features are Heights AI Chat, a chat assistant where you can give the AI commands, an AI tool for creating courses, which autonomously constructs all necessary components for an online course, an AI for SEO analysis, offering practical advice to enhance your website's search engine ranking, an AI Coach that analyzes your progress and sends you weekly tasks for business growth, and more.

Heights AI Chat Explained:

The AI Chat within Heights Platform has three main uses:

  1. You can ask questions about course creation and marketing
  2. You can ask questions about how to use Heights Platform
  3. The AI can perform tasks on your behalf
Heights AI course creation AI tool

Today, we will focus on the 3rd capability of Heights AI: where creators can give commands to the AI, and in turn, it performs tasks for you.

Heights AI can modify account settings, publish new courses and products, adjust course pricing, and add titles and descriptions, to name a few tasks.

This feature acts as a 24/7 virtual assistant that not only executes tasks but also provides answers to any questions about using the platform and strategies for business growth, tailored to your specific needs.

Heights AI Coach Explained:

Another standout AI tool within Heights Platform is Heights AI Coach, which is designed to address the challenges entrepreneurs face in managing and growing their businesses.

Instead of investing in costly coaching, Heights AI Coach offers round-the-clock personalized mentorship, analyzing your business to deliver tailored strategies for success.

The coach is connected to your Heights Platform account, and it monitors your progress and asks you questions about your business goals, biggest challenges, and course of action.

After an initial coaching session with you, the coach proactively sends weekly tasks and advice, without requiring constant input from you.

What sets this AI Coach apart is its autonomy and the personalization it offers to each creator on Heights Platform, ensuring privacy and tailored guidance for every user's unique journey.

Create Your Course With AI

Step #2: Open the Heights AI Chat

When you sign up for Heights Platform, you'll see the Heights AI Chat as a pop-up bot on the bottom right side of your screen.

Here is where you can chat with the AI or give it commands.

Whether it's editing course settings, publishing new content, or adjusting pricing, the Heights AI Chat is designed to understand and act on your commands.

This feature is built to function like a virtual assistant, streamlining your workflow and offering personalized support and advice tailored to your business needs.

Step #3: Give the AI Commands

The true power of Heights AI lies in its ability to understand and execute commands, acting as an efficient virtual assistant for course creators.

Users can interact with the AI in a conversational manner, asking questions about course creation, marketing strategies, or platform functionalities.

More importantly, you can command the AI to perform specific actions, such as:

  • "Set the price of my online course to $200 and make it live."
  • "Publish the landing page for my photography course."
  • "Write a description for my Yoga course and use it as its description."
  • "Change my membership title to 'Intro to Playing the Piano'."

After issuing a command, the AI will ask for your confirmation before proceeding and then immediately apply the change requested.

This significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage various aspects of your online course business, making it a compelling alternative to hiring a human assistant.

With Heights AI, creators can devote more time to what they do best: creating valuable content and growing their online course business.

By integrating AI virtual assistants like the Heights AI into their workflow, online course creators can achieve greater efficiency and productivity, ultimately leading to a more successful and manageable business.

Get Your Own AI Assistant With Heights Platform

AI has started in a transformative era for solopreneurs and individual creators, offering accessible assistance in scaling businesses, enhancing productivity, and streamlining operations.

Heights Platform, through its innovative AI tools like Heights AI and Heights AI Coach, offers online course creators all the tools they need to build and scale their business with AI.

These AI technology tools not only automate tedious tasks but also provide personalized guidance and strategies for business growth. By leveraging the capabilities of Heights AI, creators can focus more on content creation and less on administrative chores, making the journey toward a successful online course business smoother and more efficient.

Sign up for a free trial at Heights Platform and get your own AI assistant to help you build your business!

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