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How to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing Strategy and Content Creation

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If you are running an online business in 2022, you need a social media strategy.

The problem with promoting a business on social media?

It takes a lot of time and effort, and in most cases, it doesn't generate any direct, immediate results.

So why should you bother to create content and post it on social media?

In today's article, we will talk about the benefits of promoting your online course business on social media, why you should have a marketing strategy in place, and how to streamline your social media marketing.

We get it, as an entrepreneur and online course creator, you have a million things on your plate. You need to create content for your online course, manage your clients, answer support questions, think about promoting your business, and so on. How can you find the time to create additional content to share on social media?

If this is what you are thinking, keep reading below to learn our most popular tips to streamline your social media strategy and come up with a plan to produce and post content quickly.

Why Should You Promote Your Online Course on Social Media?

Among other benefits, sharing content on social media to promote your business can help you grow your audience, improve your image, position yourself as an expert in your niche and connect with potential customers.

However, many times, posting on social media is the last thing on the mind of an entrepreneur. There are a few common reasons why creators hesitate to produce more content and share it on social media.

Among these common concerns, creators are scared of offering too much free content, especially if they use that content in their paid courses or coaching programs.

We wrote a whole article about this: Why Creating Free Content Won't Hurt Your Online Course Sales [Plus How to Do it]

Another reason why business owners stay away from social media is the lack of immediate results. Posting a picture on Instagram might get you some likes and a little more visibility, but in most cases, it won't bring you any new sales right away.

However, social media is a more indirect way of acquiring new customers. While you might not get any new sales immediately, you will gain attention from potential customers and be recognized as an expert.

As you grow you will get to the point where those following your posts and enjoying your content, decide to buy from you!

Last but not least, posting content on social media takes a lot of time. Here is where this article becomes helpful. Read below to learn our tips to streamline your social media marketing strategy!

How to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Simply posting random content on social media is not going to help you promote your business. You need a proper marketing strategy in place.

Having a clear idea of your direction with your social media effort is essential to achieving your marketing goals. It will also make your life much easier and save you precious time.

Now that you know all about the benefits of being active on social media and the importance of following a clear structure let's see our most valuable tips to streamline your marketing strategy.

#1: Define Your Social Media Goals

It is essential to know what you want to achieve by posting content on social media.

Do you want to grow your follower count? Gain more sales? More website visitors? Or connecting with potential customers and building a community?

Depending on your ideal goal, you can start thinking about different ways to approach your social media marketing strategy.

For example, if your goal is to gain more followers or likes, you will need to post likable content that doesn't necessarily relate to your business but has the potential of going viral and increasing your visibility.

While if your goal is to connect with potential customers, you need to put more effort into your content and create targeted posts to attract fewer, more qualitative leads.

#2: Focus on a Few (or Even One) Social Media Platforms

Trying to be omnipresent on any social media platform will only be counterproductive for your business.

Instead, pick one or a few platforms and focus all of your efforts there.

Which platform should you choose?

This depends mostly on what kind of content you want to provide, which social media platforms you feel more comfortable using and - most importantly - where is your target audience.

So if you haven't done it already - carry out market research and learn about your customer persona: who are they, what are their pain points, where do they "hang out" online and which social media platform they use.

Also, consider the current trend and what quickly growing social platforms might be able to get you the most organic exposure for your work.

#3: Decide on Your Preferred Type of Content

You will be more efficient in producing content for your social media if you actually enjoy doing it. So a great way to make it easier for you to promote your business is to find a few types of content you feel confident creating.

Do you prefer photos? Creating digital graphics? Recording videos or writing?

This will also help you decide which kind of social media platforms you should focus on.

#4: Pick a Day and Time to Create Content

This is probably one of the most helpful tips to streamline your social media strategy. Instead of always worrying about creating content, pick a day of the week and even a specific time that you reserve for creating social media content.

This way, during this set time, you will focus 100% on producing new content to post on social media, and you will be worry-free for the rest of the week, so you can focus on working on your business.

Our advice is to reserve a set time for this every week. For example, you could decide to reserve two hours each Monday to create social media posts for the coming week. Then all you need to do is publish the posts, which brings us to the next tip:

#5: Schedule Social Media Posts in Advance

There are countless tools out there specifically designed to pre-schedule your social media posts, like Buffer.

If you are not willing to spend money on a similar tool, you can always use the Facebook Planner: it's a free addition to the Facebook Business Suite that lets you schedule posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Scheduling social media posts will help you save time and streamline your marketing strategy.

#6: Repurpose Content

Another way to help you save time is to repurpose content across different channels.

Repurposing content means reusing your existing content or parts of it and repurposing it into a new format (for example, turning a blog post into an Instagram post or a podcast episode into a YouTube video...).

Have a look at your old blog posts and see if you could turn some of them into YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, TikToks or Facebook posts...

Repurposing content will help you save a considerable amount of time while expanding your reach and connecting with different audiences.


Promoting your online course business on social media can help you grow your audience, increase your visibility, connect with potential customers and gain "expert" status in your niche.

We know that producing content for social media can take up a lot of time in the busy schedule of an entrepreneur, which is why the tips in the article will help you come up with a marketing strategy and streamline your content creation.

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