Heights Platform How to Use AI to Create an Online Course Outline

How to Use AI to Create an Online Course Outline

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If you have already created online courses in the past, you know that coming up with an outline for the course is one of the most important steps as a creator.

The initial online course outline helps you structure the course content in a way that helps students go from point A to B and reach the desired learning outcomes.

Creating an online course outline can be challenging, as you have to focus on including all the most important lessons for your students while keeping the course straightforward and to the point.

What if artificial intelligence could help you generate an outline for your online course?

This is what we will be talking about in today's blog post, so keep reading below to learn how to use AI to generate an online course outline for your next course!

Can You Use AI to Create an Online Course Outline?

Yes! AI can be used in so many fields to complete thousands of different tasks... including helping you with creating online courses.

There are so many popular AI tools that can help you in your business: when it comes to generating text (such as the outline of an online course) the first AI tool that comes to mind is ChatGPT by OpenAI.

If you are planning to use ChatGPT to create an online course outline, read this article from our blog first: Best Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Solopreneur Business [+ ChatGPT Prompts]

This is because in order to use ChatGPT properly, you need to know what to ask it - and how to ask it.

If you are looking for a more straightforward AI that focuses mainly on online course creation, then you can try out the Heights AI.

What is the difference between the Heights AI and ChatGPT?

Well, the Heights AI was built in part using OpenAI APIs. However, it has been trained specifically to focus on helping course creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs launch an online knowledge business - while ChatGPT can answer a wide range of questions over multiple topics.

The Heights AI is an innovative artificial intelligence that helps online course creators and coaches build and scale their businesses - with learning tools such as chat, coaching, a course builder, SEO checked and more!

If you are not a Heights customer yet, create a free Heights to try the Heights AI!

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How to Create an Online Course Outline With AI

One of the many tools available to creators with the Heights AI is the outline builder.

The structure of your course is called the outline (or course syllabus). It's made up of modules and lessons and acts as a roadmap that helps students reach the final goal of your course.

Using an AI-generated outline can help you create your course faster and can even give you ideas for topics or lessons you may not have considered before!

Remember, the most important part of your online course is your unique expertise and knowledge.

You can use the AI-generated outline as a starting point and a source of inspiration for your own creativity.

This AI feature helps you generate a comprehensive online course structure - complete with lessons and modules - in seconds. All you have to do is provide the title of your online course, and the Heights AI instantly creates your course outline.

That's not all the Heights AI can do! There are many more awesome features that can help you build a complete online course in minutes, which we will cover later in this article.

For now, let's see how to create the outline of your online course using the Heights AI.

#1: Open the Outline in Your Heights Account

If you are familiar with Heights Platform, you know about the Climb Outline.

This is where you can get a birds-eye view of all your courses and see what modules and lessons are included in each.

Here you can easily and quickly add new modules and lessons to your courses, and change their order by dragging and dropping them as needed.

You can also get the help of the Heights AI to generate a new course outline for you!

First, head over to the Climb Outline and select Heights AI.

Ai to create a course outline

#2: Type Your Online Course Title

Once you click on it, you will be able to type in the title of your online course.

If you have a definite title for your new online course - that's great. Otherwise, we have another awesome AI tool that can help you generate an attractive title for your course.

Keep reading below to learn all about the other AI features included in Heights.

Ai to create an online course outline

So here you can type in the title of your course or course idea - or if you do not have it yet, simply type in the result (or student learning objectives) that your students will get upon completion.

For example, let's say that we are working on a course teaching people "How to DIY Your First Abstract Painting."

We type the title into the box and click on "Generate Lessons Ideas".

#3: Let the AI Generate the Course Outline

After hitting the button, the AI instantly generates an outline for any course, complete with modules and lessons!

Ai to create an online course outline

If you are not happy with the outline generated by the AI, you can simply click the button again and the AI will create a new one for you.

If you are happy with the lesson plan, you can copy the lessons and modules and start creating your course!

Remember that you are the expert here - so while the AI can be a helpful tool to get you started - it is always better to add your own expertise to the course and make it truly unique.

That's it! So simple!

Other Awesome Ways to Use AI for Building Online Courses

As we hinted before, this is not all the Heights AI can do... there are so many more tools and ways you can use artificial intelligence to help you out in your course creation process.

Let's see what they are and how you can use them:

Create a Whole Online Course in Minutes [+ Course Description & Title]

Another way to use the Heights AI (and generate a course outline) is to have the AI create all the elements of your course for you:

  • A course title
  • A course outline
  • A course description
  • Create the course inside your Heights account

When you provide the title of your course, the Heights AI will generate an effective course outline, a detailed course description, and a review specific to your course.

Additionally, it will automatically create the course within your Heights account and even choose a relevant cover image for you.

Heights AI create online courses with AI

We tested this feature in detail in another blog post, so make sure to check it out to witness the magic of the Heights AI: How to Use AI to Create an Online Course [And Scale Your Business!]

Get Coached By AI to Grow Your Business

Starting a business from scratch can be really hard, especially if you're doing it alone without much money or a team. Many new business owners find it difficult to figure out what to do next to make their business grow. They wish they had someone experienced to guide them.

Guess what? AI can help! There's a special tool called the AI Coach by Heights Platform that can be like your personal mentor when you're starting your online business.

AI Coach Heights Platform

This AI Coach is like a helper that uses AI. It's available all the time, day and night, to help you with your business.

Wondering how it works? Well, this AI Coach lives in your Heights Platform account. If you use Heights Platform to build your business, you get your very own AI Coach. It's not the same as what other people have.

First, you chat with the coach to talk about your business goals and problems. Then, the coach looks at your situation and makes a plan just for you. What's cool is that you don't have to keep telling the coach stuff all the time. It can do things by itself. Every week, it gives you new tasks and plans to help your business.

You can tell it what's hard for you, what's going well, and what you want to achieve in the short and long term.

The AI Coach watches your business and gives you advice each week. It knows what you're doing and what you want to do. It makes a plan that's just for you.

The Heights AI Coach is included for free if you use the Heights Platform Pro Plan. This means you can get help anytime, day or night, without spending lots of money!

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Chat With the AI and Learn About Online Course Creation and Promotion

What about having a highly efficient expert coach who is available to assist you at any time, providing prompt responses, answering all your queries, and aiding you in creating the perfect course?

Other than having the AI build a course for you, you can also chat with the AI to learn more about course creation and how to use Heights Platform.

Heights AI's chat feature is a robust tool for creators to receive immediate coaching and support.

You can ask Heights AI various questions such as:

  • How can I promote my photography course?
  • Which business model is the most effective for a fitness course?
  • What is the best content marketing strategy to promote a course?
  • What are the steps to create a mini course?
  • Where can I change my profile picture?
  • How can I efficiently organize my community?

These are just a few examples of the countless questions that Heights AI is capable of answering.

Heights AI online course creation AI

Review Your Website SEO With AI

Another great feature that can help course creators promote their business is the AI SEO reviewer in Heights Platform.

Looking to improve your website's visibility on Google?

The Heights AI has got you covered in the Web Page Builder - a feature in Heights that lets creators build their whole website easily without any code.

With its expert analysis of your website's In-Page SEO, the AI offers customized recommendations to enhance your website's performance and attract potential customers.

After all, SEO is critical to ensure that your website appears at the top of Google's search results.

Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

Try the Heights AI Today!

The Heights AI is a tool designed with creators in mind - and it revolutionizes the process of creating and promoting a course or coaching business.

With the assistance of GPT-powered features, you can receive instant coaching and support on every aspect related to course creation and promotion.

If you're interested in starting your online knowledge business or scaling an existing one, sign up for Heights Platform today to try the Heights AI!

We are constantly working on improving and adding new features to the AI: one of the newest AI features already available for creators is a personal AI coach!

The coach is able to assess your present situation in your business, ask tailored questions, and provide personalized weekly assignments that are relevant to you, so you can take your online course business to the next level!

Additionally, it monitors your progress and suggest new practical tasks based on your objectives, availability, and preferences.

This is only a glimpse of the capabilities of the Heights AI, with much more yet to come!

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