Heights Platform A Better GoHighLevel Alternative For Creators: Heights Platform vs GoHighLevel

A Better GoHighLevel Alternative For Creators: Heights Platform vs GoHighLevel

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Heights Platform is an AI-powered platform for creating and marketing courses, while GoHighLevel offers an integrated solution for sales, marketing, and CRM.

In today's review, we will compare GoHighLevel with Heights Platform and evaluate which SaaS product is best for creators who want to start their online business.

Heights Platform Key Features:

  • All the tools creators need to launch and grow a sustainable online course, community and coaching business under your own brand name.
  • AI features that help you create and grow: Your own AI assistant that can perform tasks for you, an AI that helps you create a whole online course draft for you, and your AI coach that constantly analyzes your business on the backgrounds and sends you weekly action plans personalized to your needs and goals to help you grow.
  • Create unlimited courses, membership sites, challenges, digital products and more without any transaction fees!
  • Offer a fantastic learning experience to course students and community members with gamification features, flexible course structure, launch settings, multiple payment methods, and more...
  • A website builder that lets you design unlimited web pages with an easy drag-and-drop editor.
  • Use the community feature to connect with your members and customers right inside your platform.
  • Unlimited students and unlimited emails in all pricing plans.

GoHighLevel Key Features:

  • Lots of features that may replace a variety of tools, including a sale funnel, survey & form builder, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, product selling, and more.
  • Gohighlevel offers a range of marketing tools and integrations for various marketing needs, especially for agencies and professionals who need to manage leads and contacts.
  • Create high-converting sales funnels and automate them to nurture leads.
  • Option to create sub-accounts for clients and resell the platform by just paying for one agency account.
  • CRM: Easily manage your leads and contacts, communicate with them and book appointments.

Key Features Showdown: Which Platform is Better?

Heights Platform is the best option for creators who want to start and scale an online business selling courses, communities and coaching. It offers practical AI tools to kickstart your business and improve your content, and the platform focuses on offering a fantastic learning experience for your customers and community members. Plus, you get marketing features like your own affiliate program, blog, and website builder.

lesson image

Example of an online course and community dashboard in Heights Platform

Gohighlevel is best for digital agencies and professionals who need CRM software to handle leads and customer interactions while also offering other marketing features like email marketing, social media scheduling, and website design.

lesson image

Dashboard in GoHighLevel

That said, Heights Platform also offers features to manage your contacts and leads.

Overall, if you are a creator who wants to start a profitable online business, Heights Platform is the best choice for you. If you own an agency or you are a professional and you are not looking to sell products or access a community, then GHL can help you manage your clients and handle online transactions.

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Heights Platform vs GoHighLevel: The Basics

Heights Platform is the all-in-one, AI-powered course creation software and community-building platform that offers all the tools creators need to build and scale an online knowledge business.

Heights Platform excels in creating, hosting, and marketing courses, membership sites, and communities. It provides extensive tools for course creation and online marketing.

lesson image

Your Creator Dashboard inside Heights Platform

In contrast, GoHighLevel focuses on marketing and CRM, offering automation and advanced features to streamline campaigns and administrative tasks.

So, what does Heights Platform have to do with GoHighLevel? They are two different software tools with different purposes. Well, GoHighLevel has some course creation and website building, and many creators tried GoHighLevel to start their online knowledge business.

While GoHighLevel is a good CRM software, it does not specialize in course creation, which is why many course creators switched to Heights Platform after trying GoHighLevel.

This is why we are writing this guide: to save you the trouble of trying different platforms before you find the perfect one for you.

Key Takeaways:

Heights Platform is a better GoHighLevel alternative, primarily focused on online course creation and delivery. It is designed for entrepreneurs, educators, and trainers who want to create, market, and sell online courses.

GoHighLevel is essentially a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It's aimed at businesses and marketing agencies looking to manage customer interactions, marketing, and sales processes more efficiently.

Ease of Use

GoHighLevel has a lot of features, and as a result can be extremely hard to use at first.

When you first create a trial, it can be challenging to navigate and find specific functions. The marketing platform is less user-friendly, requiring toggling between different views to access certain features.

While it offers a breadth of features, beginners might find it difficult to get started, as there are no guides readily available to new trials, and you have to search the help portal for assistance. This results in a steep learning curve.

Heights Platform is user-friendly, offering an excellent experience with guided steps for beginners, and a modern design contributes to its ease of use.

Key Takeaways:

GoHighLevel is rich in features, but it presents a steep learning challenge for new users, requiring more time to master.

Heights Platform also has many features, but it is easier to use and more intuitive. Helpful videos, guidelines, and step-by-step instructions are provided to creators from the beginning of their trial, and they are always ready to consult.

Course Creation

GoHighLevel, while it allows for course creation, has a less advanced building tool and lacks more specialized course creation features.

Heights Platform online course

An online course built inside Heights Platform

Heights Platform is primarily a platform for creating courses, and all its plans include this feature. It allows you to create various types of learning programs, such as:

  • Self-paced online courses: Traditional courses with lessons and modules.
  • Membership sites: Platforms where access is sold for a monthly or annual fee.
  • Online challenges: Time-limited courses with a specific start and end date. Lessons are released on scheduled dates and have an expiration date.
  • Digital products or downloads: Items like PDFs, worksheets, events, live streams, coaching sessions, etc., accessible to your students.
Sell digital products with Heights Platforms online course platform
A digital product sold inside Heights Platform
  • Online communities: Spaces for member interaction and communication, as mentioned earlier in this article.
  • Bundles of products: A combination of the above products sold together, which can be made exclusive.

Heights Platform has exclusive features like scheduling multiple rolling launch dates for courses or memberships, pre-selling programs, locking course lessons until prior ones are completed, creating assignments and projects, designing and awarding completion certificates, and more.

lesson image

GoHighLevel course builder

These functionalities are not all available in GoHighLevel.

While GoHighLevel has some capabilities for course creation, these are typically not as comprehensive or central to the software as they are in a dedicated course creation platform like Heights Platform. The course creation features are more basic or add-on to the primary CRM functionalities.

Key Takeaways:

Heights Platform is the best choice for creating online courses and digital products. You can create unlimited products and access specialized tools to personalize the learning experience of your students and members.

AI Features

Both Heights Platform and GoHighlevel offer AI tools to their customers but in different ways.

Heights Platform introduces innovative AI features that significantly enhance the course creation experience for creators and coaches.

Heights AI, for instance, is designed to assist in building the foundations of online courses and scaling businesses.

Heights AI course creation AI tool
AI Course Generator tool inside Heights Platform

This AI feature can jumpstart the course creation process by generating course drafts based on a provided title. It offers recommendations, crafts lesson outlines, compiles compelling course descriptions, and even selects an appropriate cover image for the course, all with minimal input from the creator.

Users can interact with Heights AI for guidance on growing their online knowledge business or for inquiries about using the Heights Platform. Plus, Heights AI can make edits to products based on user requests.

Heights AI course creation
AI Chat feature in Heights Platform

Heights Platform also offers the Heights AI Coach, an autonomous AI coach that provides personalized, step-by-step guidance to help creators thrive in their course and community business.

This AI coach learns the user's goals, offers personal guidance, assigns tasks, gives recommendations, and is available anytime. It acts as a business mentor, analyzing the creator's situation and providing a tailored growth strategy.

AI Coach Heights Platform
The AI Coach in Heights Platform

Learn more about the AI tools of Heights Platform:

GoHighLevel's AI features are more "basic" and what you would normally expect from software in 2024.

The platform offers AI features that are primarily focused on enhancing customer engagement and streamlining workflows.

Their Conversation AI provides responses and support to users via SMS, Facebook, or Instagram. It's designed to streamline customer conversations, particularly in appointment booking processes.

Additionally, GoHighLevel's AI features include the ability to generate dynamic email and SMS responses based on custom prompts, gauge the intent of messages, and even translate messages into various languages.

Key Takeaways:

Heights Platform is the only software that gives creators their own AI assistant and AI coach, whereas GoHighLevel has more typical AI features like many other software products.

The AI features position Heights Platform as a cutting-edge solution for online course creators and coaches, offering tools that not only facilitate course creation but also provide comprehensive support for business development​.

While GoHighLevel's AI features are focused on customer interaction and workflow automation, Heights Platform's AI is aimed at supporting the specific needs of online course creators, providing tools for content creation, editing, and personalized business coaching.

Website Builder

Both platforms offer tools for building websites, sales funnels, and landing pages, with their respective template libraries.

GoHighLevel has a more intricate building tool with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Heights Platform is primarily a course-building platform, featuring extensive tools for creating courses, coaching products, podcasts, membership sites, and communities.

On Heights Platform, you can build an entire website for your own business with unlimited sales pages and an easy drag-and-drop page builder (included in the Pro Plan). Also, on the Heights Platform's Basic Plan, you can build landing pages for your products instantly.

Website Builder in Heights Platform

The Web Page Builder in Heights Platform has multiple ready-made templates you can choose from and then edit by dragging and dropping building blocks or even starting from scratch.

Heights Platform also allows you to build your own affiliate program, let your members and students refer your business to others, and create your own blog!

Key Takeaways:

Both platforms have an easy-to-use and complete website builder. GoHighLevel has more funnel and automation features, while Heights Platform allows creators to design web pages easily and quickly with pre-built blocks (course cards, for example).

Community Building

When comparing the community-building features of Heights Platform with those of GoHighLevel, Heights Platform stands out with its comprehensive and engaging tools designed to foster a thriving online community.

The community feature in Heights Platform is directly linked to the course content, to provide a space where students can share thoughts about the courses, ask questions, gather feedback, and interact with each other and the course creator.

Heights Platform Community
Example of a Community built using Heights Platform

On Heights Platform you can build unlimited free and paid community channels, allowing for significant flexibility and growth potential.

Additionally, Heights Platform incorporates gamification tools, such as customizable points and badges, to enhance student engagement. This feature rewards students for completing lessons or courses, motivating them to regularly participate in the community.

In contrast, GoHighLevel, primarily a CRM tool with some course creation features, might not offer the same depth in community-building capabilities.

While it does include basic functionalities for community and member interaction, its primary focus remains on customer relationship management, marketing automation, and sales processes.

lesson image

GoHighLevel community

Key Takeaway:

Both platforms offer community-building tools.

For creators looking to build a strong, engaged community around their online courses, Heights Platform offers a more specialized and feature-rich environment compared to GoHighLevel.

Email Campaigns

Both platforms offer the option to send email campaigns to your contacts.

Heights Platform offers a robust and creator-friendly email campaign feature that is particularly appealing to course creators.

It allows users to send tailored email marketing campaigns to specific groups of students, with a simple three-step process that includes content creation, audience selection, and scheduling.

Heights Platform supports customization through HTML editing and Liquid tags, allowing creators to personalize emails with dynamic content such as student names or specific course details. This feature is great for engaging with students and keeping them informed about course updates, new lessons, and other relevant information​​.

lesson image

Email campaign settings in Heights Platform

Moreover, Heights Platform automatically sends essential emails like student enrollment welcomes, payment receipts, and bundle enrollment welcomes, which are customizable for a personal touch. These automated emails are crucial for maintaining consistent communication and ensuring a smooth onboarding process for students.

GoHighlevel email marketing features are more similar to professional email automation software, with features like automation, A/B testing, and behavioral triggers.

While GoHighLevel might offer a broader range of email marketing features, Heights Platform's combination of targeted email campaign capabilities, automated essential communication, and a suite of additional features tailored for course creators makes it a great choice for creators who want to build an engaging and personalized learning experience.

Heights Platform: A Better Alternative to GoHighLevel

The choice between Heights Platform and GoHighLevel ultimately depends on you and your needs and goals.

These two platforms cater to different demographics:

If you are a course creator, coach, community builder, then Heights Platform is the clear choice as it specializes in offering a great learning experience for your members, and you get all the features you need to start and scale a profitable business.

If you are an agency or a professional, then GoHighLevel can be the choice for you if you need software to manage your clients, communicate with them, and handle online transactions.

Heights Platform is the better choice for creators and digital marketers seeking to build and scale an online knowledge business, particularly with its groundbreaking AI features.

These AI tools not only streamline the course creation process but also offer personalized guidance and strategic planning, making it an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs.

While GoHighLevel serves well in CRM and marketing automation, Heights Platform's focus on AI-driven content creation, community engagement, and comprehensive business support clearly sets it apart as the go-to platform for creators and online entrepreneurs.

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