Heights Platform How to Get Business Coaching For Free By AI

How to Get Business Coaching For Free By AI

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Are you thinking about hiring a coach to assist in growing your business?

While business coaching offers numerous advantages, it can pose a significant cost, especially for new entrepreneurs with limited resources at the beginning of their journey.

What if you could access business coaching for free without any time constraints? Many recommend using prompts with AI, but what if the AI could generate prompts for you?

Thanks to artificial intelligence, this is now a viable option!

In this article, we'll explain how creators can receive free AI business coaching sessions from an AI that autonomously learns about your online business.

Continue reading to discover more about AI business coaching, the top AI tool for implementing this strategy and how to get business coaching for free by AI.

Heights AI Coach: The First Autonomous AI Business Coach

Ever heard about an AI business coach before?

The AI Coach was born from the desire to help as many creators and solopreneurs as possible.

As you probably know already, starting a business is hard and confusing.

New aspiring entrepreneurs desire guidance and support to navigate crucial decisions and achieve early success.

Hiring a business coach or starting a coaching program, can help new solopreneurs feel more secure and kickstart their business.

Yet, the expense and difficulty of finding an appropriate business or life coach can be daunting. The absence of guaranteed success poses the risk of investing significant time and money without assured outcomes.

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For those lacking the resources or time for conventional coaching, we offer an alternative – an AI Coach.

Similar to a human coach, Heights AI Coach examines your business situation and devises an individualized action blueprint. It helps you with decision-making, provides suggestions, and addresses inquiries related to the growth of your business.

The exciting part is that the Heights AI Coach is included free in your Heights Platform subscription, and there are no additional fees for Heights creators!

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Benefits of the AI Coach

Opting for the Heights AI Coach, as opposed to engaging a traditional coach, offers several benefits. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Cost-Free: With the Heights Platform's Pro Plan, the AI Coach comes at no extra cost, presenting a cost-effective alternative to the substantial fees associated with human business coaches.
  • Privacy Assurance: Your business discussions with the AI Coach remain entirely confidential, with the assurance that your data won't be utilized for other AI models. Each user benefits from their own private AI Coach.
  • 24/7 Availability: Unlike human coaches with limited availability, the AI Coach is accessible round the clock, ensuring support whenever you need it.
  • Instant Responses: Immediate support is guaranteed, eliminating wait times and enabling swift resolution of challenges without delays.
  • Non-Biased Approach: The AI Coach maintains an unbiased and non-judgmental stance, fostering a comfortable environment for addressing your business concerns without fear of judgment.
  • Time Efficiency: Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of searching for the right coach. The AI Coach is readily available, saving you valuable time. Moreover, its assistance is customizable to suit your needs.
  • Objective Insights: Powered by a wealth of AI-driven knowledge accumulated by the Heights Platform team, the AI Coach provides well-rounded advice free from personal biases.

Using an AI coach comes with numerous advantages and minimal drawbacks. However, it's crucial to recognize some inherent limitations:

Firstly, there is a lack of a human touch, given that an AI coach is, after all, a machine.

If interpersonal communication is a top priority for you, opting for a traditional coach might be a more suitable choice.

AI coaches obviously fall short in emotional understanding. Unlike human coaches, they lack the ability to empathize and grasp your emotions, especially during challenging moments. If receiving emotional support is a key requirement for you, hiring a business coach may better meet your needs.

Human coaches can establish a personal connection to hold you accountable, a dimension where AI coaches may not be as persistent.

Nonetheless, the AI Coach by Heights Platform takes steps to address this by sending weekly emails, keeping you informed about new tasks and encouraging progress in your business endeavors.

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How Does the AI Coach Work?

The AI coach gains its strength by residing directly within your Heights Platform account, granting it access to your personalized data.

It possesses insights into crucial details such as the number of products you've created, the acquisition timeline of your customers, the success metrics of your program, and areas that may require improvement.

If you're new to it, Heights Platform is an online course software that allows you to create awesome online courses and communities to expand your entire online knowledge business.

With Heights Platform, you have the ability to create and sell courses, coaching programs, challenges, and digital products while growing online communities.

Now, creators using the Heights Platform can experience the perks of their own private AI coach!

This AI coach outshines traditional coaches by tirelessly operating behind the scenes. It consistently analyzes your individual circumstances, offering continuous, 24/7 guidance for growing your business and achieving your goals.

Plus, the coach is 100% private.

At Heights, we prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of your business. When using our AI Coach, your information remains confidential without any sharing between different creators' AI Coaches.

Each creator on Heights Platform has their own distinct AI Coach, ensuring individualized attention and privacy. We do not utilize your data for training AI language models.

Rest assured, only trusted members of the Heights Team have access to your progress. They use this information to provide support and convey feedback to your coach, ensuring personalized recommendations tailored to your needs.

Your personal AI Coach maintains communication with our team to guarantee top-notch recommendations and insights. This collaborative effort enhances your coach's ability to offer effective guidance, demonstrating our commitment to supporting your success at every stage of your journey.

How to Get Free AI Business Coaching

Step 1: Begin the AI Coaching Program

To initiate your AI coaching journey, begin by completing a brief questionnaire. This allows your coach to gather essential details about you and your business.

In this step, you establish the foundation for your upcoming coaching sessions. Share insights into your expertise, current business status, and the goals you aspire to achieve, setting the tone for a tailored coaching experience.

Step 2: Join a Coaching Session

It's time for your coaching sessions! As you embark on your coaching journey, our AI will inquire about your business to understand your goals and challenges better.

Feel free to share your struggles, successes, goals, and aspirations. Heights AI Coach will use this information to send you weekly tasks, tips, and recommendations autonomously.

Unlike some other AI tools that require constant input, our AI Coach stands out. For instance, if you were to opt for coaching with ChatGPT, you'd have to manually input all your business details and consistently request more tasks. However, there's uncertainty about whether it possesses the necessary information to address your queries, and it won't remember past conversations.

In contrast, Heights Platform's AI Coach independently learns about your business, generating fresh weekly tasks while retaining all the information you provide. This minimizes the need for continuous input on your end.

Step 3: Receive Weekly Tasks

After a brief discussion with your coach about your goals and challenges, a tailored plan will be crafted just for you.

Every week, expect personalized advice and a set of tasks designed to propel you towards your objectives.

Step 4: Do the Work and Start Growing

Receive new tasks weekly, aligned with your coaching discussions. Simply follow the coach's recommendations, witness your business flourish, and mark off completed tasks on the coaching page.

Stay tuned for emails written by your AI coach regarding new tasks or upcoming coaching sessions!

Kickstart Your Business With Free AI Business Coaching

Considering affordable options to boost your business? Look no further than the AI Coach by Heights Platform. This cost-effective yet dependable solution stands out in the realm of business coaching.

Traditional coaching often comes with a hefty price tag, and finding the right coach can be a challenge. Enter the AI Coach, providing personalized guidance and support without any additional charges.

This AI-powered mentor is at your service 24/7, ensuring access to valuable insights whenever you need them. It's a hassle-free alternative, requiring minimal input compared to other tools that demand continuous data.

Rest assured, your business information remains strictly confidential, and you benefit from immediate and unbiased responses to your queries.

With the AI Coach, not only do you save time, but you also receive tailored insights to foster your business growth. Get free personalized coaching today!

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