Heights Platform How to Get AI Title Recommendations For Your Online Course

How to Get AI Title Recommendations For Your Online Course

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The title of your online course is super important.

A good title is what catches the attention of potential customers and instantly lets them know that your course is the right one for them.

A title is the first element that potential customers see when they come in contact with your online course. If your online course title is clear, intriguing and powerful, it will incentivize viewers to learn more about your business, and potentially purchase your course.

On the other hand, if the name of your online course is not good - if it doesn't clearly communicate the result your students will get - they will most likely lose interest in your course and keep looking for better alternatives.

So how do online course creators make sure that their title is perfect and actually attracts potential students?

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There are a number of ways to draft an effective online course title - including asking AI for help!

In today's blog post, you will discover the best AI tools out there for title generation, and how to write an online course title that converts.

Best AI Title Recommendations Tool for Online Courses: Heights AI

Heights Platform has introduced the Heights AI, an advanced ChatGPT-powered AI natural language processing tool, which helps online course creators and coaches to establish their businesses' foundations and reach higher levels of success with multiple AI tools.

One of these tools is designed to help you craft the perfect title for your online course, and it offers recommendations on how to improve your title idea, plus examples of effective titles.

Let's try the title generation tool by the Heights AI.

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First of all, log into your Heights Platform account.

If you are not a Heights creator yet, you can crate a free account to get access to this AI feature and more!

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Then head over to your Creator Dashboard and you will see a box like the one shown above to start using this AI tool for title generation.

Then, simply type your online course idea into the box and let the AI work its magic!

As an example, let's say that we want to create an online course teaching people how to become certified Yoga teachers.

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We typed in our current course title idea, and clicked on "Get AI Feedback".

As we mentioned earlier, the Heights AI is powered by ChatGPT.

So is it just like using ChatGPT?

Not quite.

The Heights AI offers a wide range of Ai features that help you generate a winning course title, build a comprehensive course outline, and generate high-quality marketing content.

What's more, it seamlessly integrates with Heights Platform, the all-in-one online course creation software, allowing you to easily create and launch your course.

But the Heights AI is more than just a text generator or AI writing software.

It draws on the expertise of our team of online course experts, who have created hundreds of articles and content for Heights Platform.

By combining ChatGPT's reasoning abilities and machine learning with our team's knowledge and content, the Heights AI creates a powerful tool that is capable of providing you with all the elements you need to launch a successful course.

One of the best things about the Heights AI is that it has been designed with strict rules and limits that prevent it from generating incorrect answers or hallucinating.

This ensures that you can rely on the tool to provide you with accurate and valuable insights every time you use it.

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So let's go back to our title recommendations.

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Here are the recommendations generated by the AI on how to improve our course title:

  1. Your online course idea is already clear about the result that students will receive. However, you could make it more specific and compelling by offering a course that helps students to "Become a Certified Yoga Teacher in 30 Days."
  2. Consider specifying the niche within yoga. For example, you could offer a course that helps students to "Become a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher in 30 Days" or "Become a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 30 Days".
  3. The underlying value to the potential student could be to "Help Others Live a Healthier Life Through Yoga Practice." You could speak to this by offering a course that covers "How to Teach Yoga for Maximum Health Benefits to Your Students".
  4. A good online course idea can be described in a single line. You could use a short and simple phrase, such as "Become a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 30 Days and Help Others Live a Healthier Life".

You may notice that Heights AI provides suggestions for creating the ideal title. Rather than just presenting a list of options, it offers valuable guidance to assist you in crafting the perfect title.

The artificial intelligence mentions that our original title "How to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher" could be improved in a number of ways.

First of all, the title could be more specific and offer a time frame to let potential students know what to expect from the course. It suggests adding "in 30 days" to the title: specifying a time frame is always a great idea to make a title more powerful and clear.

Depending on the length of your course, that time frame can change.

Next, the artificial intelligence suggests going into even more detail and specifying the niche you focus on. This can help you to attract your ideal customers easily and lower your competition.

Specifying whether the course is about Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga (or any other discipline), is a great way to show up in our target audience's eyes and position ourselves as the best solution for their problems.

The AI also incentivizes us to tap into the emotional motivation of our potential students. In this example - our target audience is composed of aspiring Yoga teachers who want to get certified and start teaching others. One of the possible motivating factors for their choice could be to help their students live healthier life and help them to feel better through Yoga.

So it could be really powerful to add the emotional motivating factor to your online course title.

Ask yourself: why do my ideal students want to take my online course? What is their ultimate desire?

In this example, the most obvious desire is to get certified as a Yoga teacher. But that might not be their ultimate motivation.

Why do they want to become Yoga teachers?

As the AI put it - maybe they want to help others improve their health. But it could be other motivations as well! Maybe they want to start their own business and start making money online.

Maybe they want the freedom that a Yoga teacher profession allows. And many more reasons.

Artificial intelligence can help you come up with ideas for a course title, but you should know your ideal customers and what they truly want.

Last but not least, the AI mentions that a great online course name should fit into one sentence and be short and clear. It then combines all the elements discussed above into one great, comprehensive - yet not too long - title: "Become a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 30 Days and Help Others Live a Healthier Life".

Other AI Tools from the Heights AI

The Heights AI is a multi-functional tool that goes beyond generating AI titles and actually helps you throughout the whole content creation process for your course.

So far, it also has the ability to build an actual course in minutes - and more awesome features!

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You can also get instant coaching and support through an AI chat to help you with course creation and using Heights Platform.

Heights AI online course creation AI

You can ask any question related to course promotion, business models, content marketing, community organization, and more.

An AI coach is also coming soon, which is designed to evaluate your business, assign customized weekly tasks autonomously, track your progress, and recommend specific actions based on your goals, schedule, and preferences.

At Heights Platform, we continually innovate and develop new features to assist you in achieving success.

Heights AI create online courses with AI

There is also a course outline generator that creates an online course outline using AI, and an AI SEO tool that analyzes your website's pages and offers personalized recommendations on how to improve your on-page SEO, so your website can rank higher on search engines - and reach new customers easier!

The AI title-generating feature and all these other AI tools make Heights AI a valuable ally for creators. Its GPT-powered and natural language processing features provide instant coaching and support for all aspects of online course creation and promotion.

If you're looking to start or grow your online knowledge business, create a free account to start using the Heights AI.

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