Heights Platform How to Use AI in Marketing an Online Business

How to Use AI in Marketing an Online Business

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Lately, AI has become more and more accessible to individuals, solopreneurs and creators. This has opened up many doors, including the possibility of using AI as a marketing tool to promote a business.

In today's article, you will learn about AI marketing, and how you can use artificial intelligence in promoting your online business: whether you are a content creator, entrepreneur, store owner, course creator or coach.

We will also discuss the best ai marketing tools you can use today to grow your business operations and marketing campaigns.

What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing is when artificial intelligence is used as a marketing tool to promote a product, service or business in general.

What differentiates an AI marketing strategy from traditional promotional activities is that artificial intelligence can collect a variety of data about your ideal customers, your business, goals and more - resulting in a more personalized marketing approach.

Plus, machine learning can help entrepreneurs streamline their content creation process, produce more content quickly, analyze customer data, and overall save time and manual effort in their promotional campaigns.

While solopreneurs used to outsource many marketing tasks to a virtual assistant or a whole expert team, not they have the power to use a plethora of AI tools for all these different tasks.

So let's see how to use ai to market a business, and which AI marketing tools you can start using today.

How to Use AI in Marketing for Your Online Business

Artificial intelligence is helping entrepreneurs become more productive and save time and money.

Today, creators and solopreneurs can use AI-powered tools to create content, build a business plan, analyze the customer journey and behavior, and so much more. But how about using AI in marketing?

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Let's explore all the opportunities of using machine learning to promote a business below:

#1: Use AI to Get a Personalized Marketing Plan and AI Business Coaching

When it comes to promoting a business, one of the main struggles of solopreneurs is to simply understand what to do.

How can you reach your ideal customers? How can you gain new clients and promote your products the right way?

This is why many new and even more experienced entrepreneurs resort to hiring a professional business coach, who analyzes their business situation and comes up with a personalized plan on how to promote it.

While hiring a business coach has many benefits, it can also become very expensive, and time-consuming.

Now thanks to AI, creators and solopreneurs can get their own personal coach at no additional cost, with the same results!

So how can you get AI to coach you and generate a detailed, personalized marketing plan for you?

One AI marketing tool specializes in this: the Heights AI coach.

The AI coach is your own personal mentor that works 24/7 behind the scenes. It constantly analyses your current business situation and comes up with a tailored plan for you to grow - according to your own unique goals.

How can the AI coach do this?

Well, each creator who signs up for Heights Platform, gets their own separate AI coach. By living inside your account, the coach is able to check your situation all the time, analyzing your progress, the content you create, new customers coming in and more.

Plus, from an initial chat with the coach, you can communicate your main business goals, current struggles, wins and more - to give the AI coach a better idea of what it should look for.

From this, the AI coach comes up with a personalized business growth strategy based on your needs and goals.

How does the AI coach know what to do?

Other than being AI-powered and having a huge knowledge of business, the AI coach was trained with content created by the Heights Platform team over the years.

Pulling from its deep understanding of online business growth, course creation and community building, the coach provides personalized tasks for every need.

Best of all, this awesome feature is included without any additional cost in your Heights Platform subscription (Pro Plan & up)!

Unlike other AI tools that require you to message them before they can do something for you, the AI Coach from Heights Platform learns about your products on its own and creates new tasks for you every week.

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You can share your challenges, achievements, and dreams with the AI Coach. It will use this information to send you helpful weekly tasks, tips, and suggestions to boost your business's growth based on your specific goals.

Get ready for a weekly dose of personalized guidance! You'll receive step-by-step tasks tailored to help you reach your business goals.

Try the AI Coach.
Create your free account.

#2: Use AI to Create Marketing Content

A huge part of marketing is content creation. If you are a business owner, you know that generating content and sharing it with your audience can make all the difference in attracting interested leads and ultimately acquiring new customers.

However, content creation is time-consuming. Writing blog posts, recording and editing videos, engaging with online communities, and sharing posts on social media is a full-time job.

And, if you are a solopreneur, you are competing with bigger companies and organizations that have whole marketing teams at their disposal to constantly come up with new and fresh content.

Fortunately, AI can help you juggle content marketing and business operations even if you are alone.

So let's see which content creation activities can be simplified with AI, and which AI marketing tools you can start using to promote your business with content marketing.

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Use AI to Write Marketing Copy

Copywriting is all about creating persuasive and high-quality text to promote products, services, or brands. The main goal of copywriting is to grab the attention of potential customers and nudge them closer to becoming actual customers.

Good copywriting skills are vital for any business: great marketing copy can capture attention, build connections, persuade new customers, enhance brand perception, and increase brand visibility.

However, achieving great copywriting can be challenging if you are not a skilled writer, or you do not have the resources to hire a virtual assistant or a dedicated marketing agency.

But the good news is, you can use AI to improve your copywriting skills and make your text even more convincing.

There are several ways to do this with AI.

Instead of letting AI write entire texts for you, using AI to enhance your existing copy or get inspiration for writing awesome marketing texts is better.

For example, imagine you're creating an ad copy for a new social media campaign.

You've already written your copy, but you feel it could be more persuasive and appealing to potential customers. That's where AI can lend a helping hand!

One AI tool you are probably already familiar with is ChatGPT. The great thing about this AI marketing tool is that it is free to use!

As you can see from the picture above, ChatGPT helped us to enhance our original text in seconds. Now we have a ready-made copy for our ad!

If you want to learn more about how to use ChatGPT in your business, check out this article: Best Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Solopreneur Business [+ ChatGPT Prompts]

The same process can be done with marketing emails, blog posts, call to action, website copy, social media posts and so much more!

Remember that it is important that your copy is original. Thousands of users are already using AI tools like ChatGPT to generate content, and even though the AI generally generates different results each time, AI-generated copy can sometimes sound repetitive, and overall bizarre.

So make sure to use these tools to improve, modify or analyze your current content rather than generate new copy from zero.

Learn more about using AI in marketing in an ethical way: AI Best Practices for Creating Content The Right Way

Another AI marketing tool that deserves mention for generating marketing copy is Heights AI.

If you are a course creator or you are considering creating your online knowledge business, you need to check out Heights AI Chat.

We have already talked about the AI coach by Heights Platform that autonomously sends you tasks to help you grow your business. Here is another tool developed by Heights Platform in the realm of AI:

Heights AI Chat is a tool designed to assist creators in building and expanding their online businesses.

This AI is unique because it has received specialized training from the Heights Platform team, experts in online course creation and marketing, which sets it apart from other AI tools out there.

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With Heights AI, creators can find answers to their questions about building and growing an online course business.

They can create online courses with AI right within their account, effortlessly generate a complete course outline, and even receive feedback on their ideas and more! It's a one-stop solution for all their online course needs.

Heights AI course creation AI tool

Use AI to Generate Marketing Images and Videos

AI can be a great asset for your solopreneur business when it comes to creating images and graphics for your brand.

Whether you need a polished image for your website, social media posts, or your upcoming newsletter, machine learning can save you time by generating high-quality visuals.

Without AI-generated images, you would have to either pay for royalties, hire a professional photographer and models, or take the pictures yourself.

AI-generated images are an ideal solution for solopreneurs who need quick, royalty-free, professional images for their AI marketing campaigns.

Machine learning tools like Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, DALL-E, are able to generate stunning images in seconds, from a simple text prompt.

The AI in these products can produce images in various artistic styles and save creators countless hours that would otherwise be spent using traditional tools like Photoshop.

Other than generating an image from scratch, you could use AI art tools to edit an existing photo or graphic.

For instance, you can use AI to create professional-looking product photos with various backgrounds, especially if you run an e-commerce store. This way, you can save time and money on photoshoots and editing. AI makes it easier to enhance your brand's visual appeal effortlessly!

In the example above, we used Pixelcut to edit the background of an image and generate countless variations.

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#3: Use AI to Analyze Data for Marketing Purposes

AI can also be used to plan marketing campaigns through data analysis.

Take ChatGPT, for example. This conversational machine learning model can perform data analysis in various ways, thanks to its natural language processing abilities and its ability to understand and generate human-like text.

For instance, you can give ChatGPT a dataset and ask it questions about the customer data.

You could request a summary of key statistics, have it identify patterns or trends, or discover interesting insights.

Simply by having a conversation with the AI, you can swiftly grasp a good overall understanding of your data.

Additionally, ChatGPT can lend a helping hand with data preprocessing tasks like cleaning, formatting, and transforming data. Just keep in mind not to provide data that exceed the token limits in the chat! It's an easy and efficient way to make sense of your data.

Other artificial intelligence tools like Obsidian, a note-talking powered app that has a number of free community-built AI plugins (such as Copilot Chat and Smart Connections), are able to analyze huge amounts of text and drive conclusions from it, or answer questions about large data collection.

For example, you could collect all of your marketing content (blog posts, podcasts and video transcripts) into the app and ask it questions to streamline future content creation efforts, and better understand key data points in your content.

#4: Use AI for Predictive Analytics

AI is a powerful tool that can gather valuable data about prospects and customers, enabling it to predict their future behavior and create more targeted messaging.

This customized content can be delivered through various channels, such as chatbots, dynamic web pages, or emails.

For example, by analyzing past customer behavior, AI can determine the right time and content to send emails to your customers and personalize the text with the help of dynamic content.

You can also use AI predictive analytics to better understand customer experience through your website or marketing campaigns.

For example, based on the web pages visited, blog posts read, and emails interacted with, AI can intelligently select the content most likely to resonate with each customer in the future and automatically include it in personalized emails.

Depending on the type of content you wish to personalize, there are different AI apps and AI-powered features to help you achieve your goals.

If you want to personalize emails and use predictive sending to target your audience, email marketing tools like Activecampaign use machine learning to understand when it is the best time to send an email to your list, based on past interactions, and even allow you to generate automated email marketing campaigns.

If you want to understand when it is the best time for you to post on social media, you can use AI-powered tools like Buffer to predict this, suggest new post ideas and repurpose existing content based on the past user response to your posts.

#5: Use AI to Learn About Marketing Strategies

Another great way to use artificial intelligence in marketing and to promote a business is to learn about new marketing campaigns and make strategic marketing decisions in your business.

We already covered how the Heights AI Coach can analyze your unique business situation and come up with a personalized plan for you to follow. But if you simply wanted to browse new marketing ideas and learn more, you could use other Heights Platform AI features to do so.

The Heights AI also includes a chat where you can ask about anything related to online course creation, marketing an online business, and even using Heights Platform.

The Heights AI chat is a space where you can ask any questions you have about marketing and get instant answers, as well as links to resources where you can learn the topic discussed in depth.

Here are just a few examples and ideas of the types of questions you can ask to the Heights AI chat:

  • How do I promote my photography business?
  • What is the best business model for a fitness course?
  • How do I validate my idea and get feedback from potential customers?
  • How can I build a community to promote my business?
Heights AI course creation

#6: Use AI to Improve SEO and Organic Growth

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of any online business. It encompasses all the activities that result in higher visibility for your website and web pages, and high search engine ranking.

In other words, if you follow SEO principles, your website will rank higher on search engine results for specific keywords. The goal of SEO is for you to show up whenever your ideal customers type a query on Google.

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SEO is complex and time-consuming, making it challenging for many entrepreneurs to become experts in the field.

However, thanks to machine learning SEO tools, creators can better understand how to use SEO to their advantage and achieve the goal of showing up on search engines easily and quickly.

The Heights AI also offers personalized recommendations to improve on-page SEO efforts.

The Heights AI SEO tool works by analyzing web pages and providing personalized recommendations to improve their on-page SEO strategy.

Here's how it generally works:

  1. Web Page Building: First, you need to build a web page inside Heights Platform using the Web Page Builder. This tool allows you to create and launch websites without any coding expertise, using drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed templates.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Analysis: The Heights AI starts analyzing your web page for various SEO elements, such as the structure of the text, heading hierarchy, keyword research ideas, content optimization, internal links, word counts, and more.
  3. Recommendations: After the analysis is complete, the AI SEO tool provides detailed recommendations on improving your on-page SEO. These recommendations are tailored to your specific web page and aim to optimize it for better search engine rankings and visibility.
Ai to create an online course Heights Platform AI

The Heights AI doesn't just stop at SEO. It also offers instant coaching and support through chat, helping you with course creation and utilizing the Heights Platform for your business needs.

#7: Use AI to Connect With Potential Customers

AI can be a fantastic support for your customer service, and connecting with new potential customers!

With AI-powered chatbots, you can offer your customers round-the-clock assistance, addressing their questions and resolving issues promptly.

This not only improves the customer experience but also eases your workload significantly.

For example, let's say you're a solopreneur running an e-commerce store. By using a chatbot, you can entrust it to handle potential customer inquiries efficiently.

The chatbot can provide answers to frequently asked questions like shipping times and return policies.

As a result, you'll have more time on your hands to focus on other important tasks. It's a win-win situation for both you and your customer experience!

That said, a chatbot won't actively promote your business like traditional ads or emails. However, it can still be a powerful AI marketing tool.

For instance, chatbots can guide customers through the sales funnel by asking targeted questions, and introducing new leads to your brand, before you contact them directly.

Grow Your Business With Personalized AI Coaching

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way marketing is done, making it more accessible and efficient for individuals, solopreneurs, and creators.

With AI marketing tools, you can now have a personalized approach to promoting your online business, collecting valuable data about your ideal customers, and saving time and effort in your digital marketing campaigns.

One standout AI marketing tool is the Heights AI Coach, which acts as your personal mentor, analyzing your business situation and generating a tailored marketing plan according to your unique goals.

This feature is included at no additional cost in your Heights Platform subscription (Pro Plan & up), making it a powerful and affordable resource for solopreneurs who do not have the resources to hire a coach, but still want the same results.

AI marketing tools can also help entrepreneurs in content creation activities, helping them generate persuasive marketing copy and stunning images. You can use AI for data analysis and predictive analytics, learn about marketing strategies and improve SEO for organic growth.

Lastly, AI-powered chatbots enable you to connect with potential customers 24/7, offering prompt assistance and guiding them through the sales funnel.

AI marketing tools like the Heights AI Coach open up new possibilities for growth and success in promoting your online business effectively and efficiently.

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