Heights Platform New OpenAI Update: GPTs and GPT-4 Turbo [How Entrepreneurs Can Use It]

New OpenAI Update: GPTs and GPT-4 Turbo [How Entrepreneurs Can Use It]

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In the morning of November 6th, OpenAI has announced their latest updates to their most popular AI model: ChatGPT.

During this live update, OpenAI has announced its new model: ChatGPT-4 Turbo.

Here are the main OpenAI announcements:

  • GPTs: your own customizable version of ChatGPT that can perform tailored actions
  • Use multiple tools in one GPT chat
  • New model: GPT-4 Turbo (will be faster and cheaper)
  • 128K context window
  • GPT knowledge is now up to April 2023
  • Text to Speech model in APIs
  • Custom Models for enterprises
  • 2x tokens per minute

lesson imageThe most jaw-dropping feature released with this update is the "GPTs", which allows users to create their own, customizable GPTs assistants!

On top of this, the updated version allows ChatGPT Plus users to use a version of GPT-4 that can access tools automatically and combine them in a single conversation.

Users can now browse the internet, generate images using DALL·E 3 and ask the model to organize data in spreadsheets right from inside ChatGPT, without switching browsers or opening a new chat conversation.

lesson image

So, what does this mean for entrepreneurs? How can you leverage these new GPT-4 updates to grow your business, increase productivity and automate processes?

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This is what we will be discussing in today's article, so keep reading below to learn how the new GPTS and multimodal tools in ChatGPT can be used for different purposes.

Plus, at the bottom of the article, we will suggest a couple of other AI tools that entrepreneurs and creators will love!

New GPT-4 Update: Create Your Own GPTs

On Monday, OpenAI introduced a new feature called GPTs, which are customized versions of ChatGPT tailored for specific tasks or purposes. Users can create their own GPTs without needing to code.

These GPTs can help with tasks like teaching, designing, or aiding in specific activities at work or home.

These GPTs can be made publicly available through the GPT Store, where they can be discovered, rated, and even potentially monetized based on their usage.

For enterprise users, GPTs offer the ability to create internal versions for specific business needs, allowing customization without compromising data security. Learn more about this here: https://openai.com/blog/introducing-gpts 

So, how can entrepreneurs use this new GPT feature to their advantage?

Entrepreneurs can leverage the new GPT feature to streamline repetitive tasks within their business operations. By identifying routine actions, such as sorting through emails, creating reports, or handling specific customer queries, entrepreneurs can program their customized GPT to perform these tasks.

For instance, if your business involves regular data analysis or generating reports, you can train your GPT to handle these tasks efficiently. This automation not only saves time but also allows you to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.

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Another way you could use this is as a chatbot, both for your own research both to chat with potential customers. You can compile documentation, FAQs, and essential information about your company, making it easily accessible through the GPT-powered chatbot.

Employees can ask questions and receive instant answers, improving efficiency and providing consistent information across the organization. This ensures that new hires or team members have a centralized resource to clarify doubts, access policies, and stay updated on business practices.

Entrepreneurs can also create customized chatbots specifically aimed at their customers. These chatbots, based on GPT technology, can be embedded on the business website or used on messaging platforms.

By providing information about products, services, FAQs, and even personalized recommendations, these chatbots enhance customer interaction and support.

They can offer a quick, round-the-clock assistance to customers, providing them with immediate responses to their queries, boosting customer satisfaction, and potentially leading to increased sales and loyalty.

New GPT-4 Update: Generate Lookalike Images

Heights Platform's founder - Bryan McAnulty - was one of the first to receive access to these new GPT-4 abilities and shared on X (formerly Twitter) his experience with generating lookalike images and organizing data into spreadsheets.

He uploaded a picture of a sushi meal to GPT-4 and asked the model to generate a similar image while augmenting the quantity of the sushi pieces.

Immediately, ChatGPT replied with a replica of the image as per its instruction, pulling it from its image generation tool DALL·E 3.

As you can see from the viral tweet, GPT-4 is linked to DALL·E 3 to create the new picture, and it also allows users to download the image it generates right from the chat.

Here is another example of the image-generating capabilities of this update:

So, how can entrepreneurs and marketers use this new capability in their business?

One great way to do this is to generate lookalike images for your content, product showcase and marketing and promotion.

While we already know for some time that AI can be a great ally in generating professional-looking images, until now, it was complicated to generate a plethora of images consistent in style, light, colors and subject matter.

Now, you can simply upload the image you wish to replicate to ChatGPT and get a number of similar-looking (although different) pictures that are in line with your branding and style.

Before AI became accessible to the general public, taking professional shots for one's business used to be a costly and complex endeavor. You'd have to hire a professional photographer, hire paid actors or models, hire a venue to take the shots, and so on...

If you wanted to retake new pictures in a similar style, then you'd have to repeat the costly and time-consuming process.

Another way used to be to purchase stock photography - less expensive compared to the situation described above - but still time-consuming and less reliable.

With AI, you can generate the images you want at any time without spending virtually any money and achieving similar results.

While this can be bad news for photographers and models, it is definitely good news for boot-strapped entrepreneurs who have limited budgets and time.

New GPT-4 Update: Spreadsheet Generation Based on Vision

If you look at the tweet of Bryan McAnulty (Heights Platform's founder) that we mentioned before, we can also see that once GPT generated the sushi image, it was then asked to generate a spreadsheet out of what it could see in the image.

lesson image

Bryan proceeded to ask the AI language model to list the items displayed in the newly generated image (showcasing GPT's ability to view pictures and analyze the visual content of an image!) and generate a spreadsheet with information such as the item's name, calories intake, proteins, fats and carbs level.

In less than a second, GPT abides by its command and creates a CSV file with all the requested information - as well as a handy link from which users can download the spreadsheet and save it on their device.

So, how can entrepreneurs use this new ChatGPT "All-Tools" update in their business?

Well, data analysis and reporting is a big part of any company - even when it comes to individually operated businesses.

Especially if you do not have a large team of employees at your disposal, having a tool that can make data analysis a speedy task is invaluable. More so if it is integrated with a tool already widely used, such as ChatGPT.

Whatever report or spreadsheet you need to generate in your business can now be handled by GPT-4!

New GPT-4 Update: PDF Upload and Analysis

With this latest update, users can now upload PDF files to ChatGPT.

After uploading your PDF, you can get creative on what to ask GPT-4 for help. Here are a few ideas for solopreneurs:

  • Ask GPT-4 to read the PDF and summarize it
  • Use GPT-4 reasoning abilities to ask questions about the content of the PDF (even one that is 100+ pages)
  • Generate an image based on the content of the PDF (ex: a book cover!)
  • Structure the data in the PDF into a CSV file
  • Transform the style of the writing inside the PDF
  • and more...

Many X (Twitter) users already tried this new capability, including Daragh Walsh in the tweet shown below.

He uploaded an eBook PDF onto ChatGPT and asked the language model to read the file and then generate an image appropriate as the book cover.

So, how can entrepreneurs use this new ChatGPT feature in their day-to-day business operations?

For starters, if we take the example above, this could be a great way to gather inspiration for a cover image of your new book.

Next, summarizing the key ideas of lengthy books and PDFs can save entrepreneurs a lot of time out of their busy schedules, making learning new topics faster and more enjoyable.

You can also use this feature to create reports from large data sets and gather key insights about your business performance, customer behavior, industry trends and more!

While up to today, there were many plug-ins and tools that could allow you to do this in combination with OpenAI, now the process of analyzing a PDF got much simpler thanks to GPT "All-Tools."

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New GPT-4 Update: Internet Browsing

That's right, now users of GPT-4 can have the AI browse the internet!

You can now browse the internet through a new beta feature called "Browse with Bing."

To use it, you need ChatGPT Plus. You can activate this feature by visiting Settings, selecting Beta features, and switching on "Browse with Bing."

ChatGPT is still not able to access news outlets and websites such as the New York Times, The Guardian, and other social media platforms like Quora. Plus, OpenAI does not have access to websites with either subscription content or a strong no-data scrapping policy.

Needless to say, there are countless ways you could use this feature in your business.

Our takeaway is to not simply use it as a Google search, as actually googling what you are looking for might offer better, more up-to-date results.

Instead, you could use the browsing features together with GPT's reasoning capabilities to make certain conclusions about the data you ask the AI to search for on the internet.

That said, many users on social media are complaining about the amount of time it takes for GPT4 to perform an internet search and its accuracy, so this feature might become better in the future.

Other Awesome AI Tools Entrepreneurs Need to Know

This latest OpenAI update is pretty great, but what about similar AI tools for business owners? Here is a list of AI tools you should not miss if you are running your own business:

Heights AI Coach [AI that coaches you to grow your business]

AI Coach Heights Platform

The Heights AI Coach, like a human coach, tailors a personalized plan for your business. It assists in decision-making, provides customized weekly tasks, and independently tracks your progress.

The advantage? If you're using Heights Platform, the Heights AI Coach is included at no extra cost!

It lives within your Heights Platform account, accessing specifics like your product count, customer base, program successes, and areas for improvement.

lesson image

If you are new to this, Heights Platform is an all-in-one tool for building online courses and growing your knowledge-based business.

What sets this AI coach apart from other AI tools is its continuous behind-the-scenes work: analyzing your situation and offering guidance for business growth, available round the clock.

Every week, the coach autonomously generates new tasks and notifies you via email about it!

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Heights AI Chat [AI to create online courses]

Another one built by Heights Platform, this artificial intelligence tool is specifically designed for online course creators and community builders.

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This tool includes a "Course Generator" that can create online courses for you: you share your course concept, and the AI enhances titles, creates a detailed course outline, and generates a compelling marketing description - all within your Heights account.

Heights AI course creation AI tool

Heights AI also offers a range of other powerful features:

  • Q&A Support: Ask Heights AI anything about using the platform and creating online courses. It guides you from generating course ideas to marketing strategies, and connecting with your target audience.
  • Personal Assistant: Transform Heights AI into your personal assistant. You can give text commands for various tasks like adjusting course prices, publishing content, or activating landing pages. The AI swiftly executes these commands.
  • SEO Analysis: Enhance your website's SEO with the AI tool. It helps optimize your web pages for better visibility on Google searches. It's also compatible with our web page builder!
Heights AI course creation

Interestingly, the "Personal Assistant" feature within the Heights AI is similar to what OpenAI just did in its new update, where the AI is able to switch between tasks in one single chat and perform desired actions.

The difference is that Heights Platform already had these AI features up and running for all customers since June 2023, while OpenAI released them on October 29, 2023.

If you need more inspiration on how to use AI in your business, check out these articles from our blog:

And try the Heights AI and Heights AI Coach to help you grow your business [free for 30 days]!

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