Heights Platform Sell Online Courses With AI in 6 Easy Steps

Sell Online Courses With AI in 6 Easy Steps

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Do you want to start selling online courses, but you are unsure how to do it?

Then keep reading below because today, we will show you how you can use artificial intelligence to create and sell an online course!

Before we dive into the step-by-step process of how to sell online courses with AI, it is important to note the right and ethical way to create course content with the help of artificial intelligence.

The value of an online course depends on your unique experiences and how you deliver your teaching to students. AI can be a great tool to help you speed up the course creation process, get more done faster and brainstorm new ideas.

However, AI should not be the mastermind behind your course content. For a successful online course business, AI should not replace your unique input, point of view and experiences.

That said, let's see how creators can use AI to build their own online courses while still being true to their brand and themselves.

How to Use AI to Sell Online Courses

There are many AI tools out there that can help online course creators build all the content and pieces of an online course.

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Today, we will show you a tool that helps course creators build every aspect of their course business: from idea to outline, digital marketing, and business plan.

This AI tool is called Heights AI, and it was developed by Heights Platform, the all-in-one online course creation and community software.

Here are just some of the few things that Heights AI can help you achieve:

  • Generate an entire course draft and course materials
  • Chat about course creation, marketing and how to use Heights Platform
  • Become your AI virtual assistant by performing actions on your behalf
  • Optimize your website SEO for better discoverability
  • Become your business coach and train you on growing your business and offer personalized advice

Learn more about creating courses with AI:

Today, we will cover most of these features and explain how you can create online courses with AI using this tool in a few simple steps:

Step #1: Tell the AI What Your Course is About

lesson image

When you sign up for Heights Platform (you can start free), you will see a pop-up chat where you can interact with Heights AI.

This is where you can ask questions about creating courses, marketing your online business or how to use the platform.

You can also access other tools from this AI, for example, the Course Generator (as you can see in the picture above from the pop-up).

When opening the Course Generator, the first thing you'll see is a place for you to type in the current idea for your new online course.

AI online course

Let's pretend that we want to sell online courses about drawing anime characters. So this is what we will type here for the AI to analyze.

You don't have to have a winning online course title just yet, because the AI will help you write a better title from the course idea provided in the next step.

Next, click on "Get Feedback" and see the magic happen.

Step #2: Get Your Course Materials & Recommendations

Once you submit, the AI will generate all the details and materials you need to create your course.

The first thing you'll get are recommendations on your course title.

AI online course Heights Pltform

According to Heights AI, our title, "How to draw anime characters," is good, but it can be improved. The AI recommends we go deeper into the title and add more detail.

For example, titles like "How to Draw Chibi Anime Characters" or "How to Draw Anime Characters with Dynamic Poses" could help to target a specific audience and make the course more appealing to our ideal customers.

Another suggestion that AI gives us is to embellish the title a little bit to make it more powerful. "Master the Art of Drawing Anime Characters and Bring Their Own Unique Creations to Life" can be a better way to word the same idea and communicate a clear result.

In our opinion, these titles are a great improvement, although the last one might be a tad long.

So, we will keep the AI suggestions in mind. But for now, let's move on to the next AI-generated content.

Next, you will receive the course outline.

AI online course Heights Pltform

The outline is the roadmap for your online course, composed of a list of lessons and modules that are supposed to guide students to the end result.

Before you start jumping into creating the lessons of your course, it is really important to have a ready outline to help you in the creation process. While you should definitively come up with the content of your course by yourself and add your own unique point of view, AI can help you brainstorm ideas and think about topics to include that you might forget about.

This means you can get your course up and running faster and make it even better!

The next piece of content we get from Heights AI is a course description.

AI online course Heights Pltform

The description of an online course is another important element that influences the purchasing decisions of potential students.

The marketing copy is where people who visit your course page or website learn more about how your online course can help them and if it is the right fit for them.

A great online course description should be able to answer the biggest questions and doubts that your students will have before purchasing and help guide them to the next step.

Step #3: Generate the Course Draft

AI online course Heights Pltform

In just seconds, you already have:

  • A great title for your course
  • An outline to start from
  • A powerful marketing description for your course

All that is left to do now is create the course itself.

Many other AI tools give you the content, but then you have to manually create the course yourself, which can take a long amount of time.

Not Heights AI. With Heights AI, you can click a button and have the AI take all of the pieces it has just created and put them together into a course in your Heights Platform account.

Let's see how it does that:

AI online course Heights Pltform

When you arrive at the last step, the AI will ask you if you want to edit the course outline before creating the course.

Here, you can change the modules' and lessons' names or delete the ones that do not apply to your idea.

You can also do this step later at any time.

When you are happy with the outline, go ahead and click "Build My Course!".

At this point, Heights AI will generate a course draft inside your Heights account and will even pick an appropriate cover image for your course page, based on the topic chosen.

AI online course Heights Pltform

As you can see from the picture above, the last course is the one generated by the AI.

We will change the title based on the AI recommendations and adjust a few settings now. But let's have a closer look at the AI-generated online course.

AI online course Heights Pltform

The picture chosen by the AI goes well with the course! As you can see, Heights AI added all the lessons and modules as it generated before, as well as the description.

The course will be ready to go once we populate each lesson with our own unique content.

Crete Your Online Course With AI

Step #4: Create Your Lesson Content

AI online course Heights Pltform

With the framework of your online course now laid out and your course draft ready to be brought to life, it's time to dive into creating your lesson content.

This step is where your unique expertise, experiences, and teaching style come into play. Remember, while Heights AI has provided you with a solid foundation and structure for your course, the actual content of your lessons should come directly from you.

This ensures that your course is not only informative but also deeply personal and engaging.

On Heights Platform, you have the flexibility to craft each lesson using a variety of formats to best suit your teaching style and the needs of your students.

You can incorporate videos to provide visual and auditory explanations, which are particularly useful for complex topics or to add a personal touch. Downloadable files can offer your students additional resources to complement the lessons, such as worksheets, templates, or reading materials. You can add text, multimedia files, and assignments to your lessons.

Whether you're teaching drawing techniques, coding skills, or personal development, the platform supports you in delivering high-quality, impactful lessons that reflect your unique voice and expertise.

Step #5: Edit Course Settings

This part also doesn't involve AI, but it is still part of creating an online course.

Once you have your AI-generated draft, it is time to edit a few settings to set the course as you like.

AI online course Heights Pltform

Here you can:

  • Change the course title and description (we changed the title based on the AI recommendations and added a few emojis to the description)
  • Change the cover image (we liked the image the AI picked, so no changes from our side here)
  • Choose the price of your course
  • Enable the course landing pages
  • Decide on a launch date

And more settings that you can customize. Here is a picture of our final product:

AI online course Heights Pltform

Now that the course is ready, we can start selling it!

Marketing is a big part of selling online courses. If you are unsure on how to promote your course and gain new students, then you will love the next and final step in this guide.

Next, another AI will help you grow your business, make new sales and come up with a personalized marketing plan for you:

Step #6: Sell and Grow Your Course With the AI Coach

Now that your course is ready to launch, it's time to focus on selling and growing your online course with the help of the Heights AI Coach.

This AI mentor, available exclusively to Heights Platform Pro Plan users, is designed to support you round the clock in taking your course business to the next level.

The process begins with a simple conversation with your AI Coach within your Heights Platform account.

Let's try out the coach with our example of the anime course.

AI Coach online course Heights Pltform

As you can see from the picture above, we started a coaching session with the AI, where it asked us about our goals and what we have been working on lately.

By sharing your business goals, challenges, and what has been effective or problematic in your current strategy, the AI Coach crafts a personalized growth plan tailored to your unique needs.

This means you won't be receiving generic advice but rather strategies and tasks designed to leverage your specific strengths and address your particular challenges.

After chatting with the coach, the AI analyzes our progress and conversation and comes up with an actional plan tailored to our needs.

AI Coach online course Heights Pltform

In our case, the coach suggested to start sending a weekly email newsletter to our list promoting the course, hosting live events with our audience, and starting a referral program with our existing students to promote the new course launch.

What sets the Heights AI Coach apart is its proactive approach. Unlike other AI tools that require constant prompting, the AI Coach independently generates new tasks for you each week.

These tasks are not random; they are based on a continuous analysis of your business's progress and tailored to drive you towards your main goals.

Each week, you'll receive actionable recommendations, including marketing advice to improve your course's visibility, strategies to enhance student engagement, and tips on optimizing your content for better results.

The AI Coach reassesses your business situation regularly, ensuring that the advice it gives evolves as you progress.

This means you're not just getting a one-time consultation but an ongoing partnership aimed at constant improvement.

And the best part? Access to the Heights AI Coach comes at no additional cost with the Heights Platform Pro Plan. This means you can enjoy personalized, 24/7 guidance without worrying about your budget.

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In conclusion, being an online course creator is a journey, and with the Heights AI Coach, you have a knowledgeable, tireless companion ready to guide you every step of the way.

From refining your marketing strategy to expanding your course offerings, the AI Coach is your personal mentor in the quest for success in the competitive world of online courses.

Plus, with Heights AI you get the tools to create online courses easily and start selling online in no time.

Try these AI course creation tools for yourself by creating your free Heights Platform account!

Crete Your Online Course With AI